The Rules and Those who Make …and Break Them

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Sunday December 18, 2011

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It doesn’t matter where you go in those countries ruled by the bankers and corporations. They are up to the same mischief everywhere and where they are being hampered in their rapacious appetites, they are fomenting calculated revolutions, to undermine the competition, or engineering wars against the nations that are not amendable to what they want and they want it all.
It is a calculated certainty on the part of the universe to bring everything to a certain point for the purpose of demonstration. It’s not an accident that things are the way that they are. It is not only because the bankers and money changers want things the way they are, or that they are determined to make things worse than it even looks like they do. They are being driven to accomplish their ends. That is also a part of the calculated certainty of the universe. When you give yourself over to certain passions and ambitions, it becomes a highway that only goes to a certain location. It’s called destiny. When Jerry Sandusky set out upon the initial forays, into a particular appetite, it became a highway and it leads through guaranteed terrain that involves specific graduating steps, into increasingly egregious, risk taking behavior, in locations that provide the maximum potential for unfortunate discovery.
As has been stated here many times, ‘no one has ever taken over control of the whole world’. Everything here is for the purpose of demonstration. That’s been said before too. Everything is under control. That has also been said (grin). All of these have something to do with each other. There are other things that could be said too and somebody will probably say them.
To get a more convincing grip on why these things are true, one has to understand the dynamics by which the world operates. The world is a collection of systems. Things work a certain way, although the appearance and the reality are two different things. For instance, the sun appears to rise but it is actually the world turning. We talk about sunrise and sunset. That’s how we label it. There are rules for the operation of certain systems. Look at electricity or anything else. Look at some of the terms; resistors, capacitors and there are grounding agents and there is insulation. You can extrapolate this out into existence in many ways. Plumbing, heating and pipe-fitting follow rules and so, certain technologies are naturally grouped together as professions. Let’s move into the metaphysical; karma has rules. Behavior provokes reaction. Behavior is typed according to social and cultural demands. All this seems obvious but it also points to much that is not obvious and one is not wrong for speculating that the physical and the non physical operate according to the same rules, which can be expressed by, ‘as above, so below’.
What I am trying to say is that ignorance of how things work has no effect on their working. Saying what is not true does not affect what is true except in terms of the perception of the person employing and the person believing the lie. People lie who know the truth and people lie who do not know the truth. The truth remains and the value of it is enjoyed by those who appreciate the value. The truth tends to appreciate them as well. The universe is all about reciprocity and… “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.
What is, cannot be directly stated but it can be implied, so what I am saying, is that things operate here according to rules, or they don’t function or they function wrong. This all leads to results. The behavior of bankers leads to results. These results are temporary here and there and ultimate and final at some point. The Roman Army was the most powerful army in the world at one point but it is gone completely at this time. One can argue that the bankers simply shifted their attentions elsewhere and have continued to do so and that it will just always be like this. This is like missing the point of greater cycles and specific cycles; like The Apocalypse, for instance. The internet isn’t an accident. The size of the populations is not an accident. The terrible state of things is no accident.
It’s not just the bankers and their foot-pad associates that are up for resolution. Everyone invested in the way things are and in support of its continuance has some amount of feedback coming, as one age is recycled into the next. Everyone supporting the wars is involved in the cosmic reaction to this kind of behavior and it all works like electricity does and Nature also has a naturally occurring reaction the everything we say and do because Nature is an active mirror. It is a reflective, response mechanism.
During the various world wars there were parts of the world that were untouched. Even in countries where a majority of the conflict was taking place, there were areas where little or nothing happened. I’ve been spending time in one of them but not for that reason.
I know this planet to be a testing area, where certain dramas occur and reoccur over and over. Any fool can see this is the case just by giving a little study. If all the parts of it that you can see are consistent and follow certain orders of destiny concerning this, then it stands to reason (and this is a very reasonable and orderly universe) that what you cannot see is consistent and follows certain orders of destiny. It’s pretty easy to see around corners and project all kinds of things. Math does this all day long. Math does amazing things without having the goods for computation assembled before it. It theorizes all over the place with things it can’t see and things you can see hang in space because of it; the same way the planets hang in space, move in space, spin in space and whatever.
Things make sense to those who make sense. Things are clear when they are not clouded by the smoke of desire. This all follows rules too. Where argument and confusion emerge, they do so because those arguing and confusing, have set themselves up as God, in order to manifest a world shaped by their desires. Atheism is a religion. It is the religion of self as opposed to a greater self. Every desire that predominates in anyone becomes a religion. Banks are churches and so are courtroom and parliaments. The priests dress differently but they all want your money because money is God. The reason money is God, is because those worshiping are not impressed with God being Love because if God is Love, they don’t get nearly as much money, most of the time. If God is Love, then a certain behavior is required of you. If God is Money then all kinds of behaviors are permitted to you, because you are God, if you have the most money.
People with objections about the existence of a divine consciousness, invariably are opposed to religion. That is what they are talking about. The corruptions of religion are proof to them that divinity is a fable but religion is only co-incidentally connected to the divine in actuality and real time. In times of darkness, religions are dens of depravity. In a golden age it is different, because perspective, order and restraint are in place. We have not seen a golden age in a very long time. People argue that there can be no divine because of the state of the world (“if there was a God he would never let this happen”.) and do not take into account free will (which they are very big on, by the way), which, in times of darkness, becomes perverse. People don’t know what the divine is. They think it is a bigger them. That is why their religions have to hate everyone they hate and why rules only apply to other people and why all other religions are wrong when, really, all religions are wrong in that they are incomplete as far as they go. This is what leaves them open to interpretation by both of those following and rejecting them because they are incomplete as well.
Everything is remarkably simple if you do not need to employ complexity, to obfuscate your intent and motive. Complexity is for liars, in the same way that most western philosophers and some amount of eastern philosophers are supreme egotists, who know less about how things operate than those who know very little about all the things they ‘professed’ know. Well, they mostly don’t know much now, do they? Economists are like weather forecasters and they both wind up invariably working for Climate Control Central; a division of Globoctopus. I don’t believe in pharmaceutical companies but I do believe in ‘better living through chemistry’.
Everything is going to work out but it’s not going to work out for everyone. You can compute whether it will work out for you, simply by assessing what you depend on and the degree to which you are change resistant. Flexibility is the province of youth, just as the highest rate of learning is the province of children. This all follows rules too and some of us keep our youth and also regain our childlike nature in ways other than the onset of senility. Hardening of the arteries is a feature of age and resistance at a certain level. Everything follows rules and that is why everything is under control, ‘more or less’. We only know a few of the rules collectively, in times of darkness. Another one of the rules is that light concentrates in times of darkness. And so on and so on and so on.
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