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Smoking Mirrors – Saturday December 17, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
One thing I have noticed about panic is that it drains your strength. If you’re in the ocean and a heavy current gets you. If you’re caught in the woods and the weather gets bad, things can happen to your state of mind. You lose your cool and your judgment goes out the window; provided you can find a window in the middle of the woods for it to escape through. Once I was in the woods in upstate New York with a girlfriend. It was winter and we had gone out for a walk in the wild. There was a lot of snow. We’d gone some distance when a heavy snow began to fall. The wind came up and all we had to find our way back was our footprints. They were disappearing faster than we could make any headway. My girlfriend suddenly got very sluggish and said, “I just want to lay down here for a little while” and she proceeded to lay down in a snowbank. I should add that we were on psychedelics at the time, so, you can picture, or maybe not, some idea of how it was.
I pulled her to her feet and said, “You’re not going to die out here”. She was listless and difficult to ferry along but we managed. Somehow or other we got back to the cabin pretty directly. Everything was white, including the air. We were on ancient Indian land in a place called Tonesga; near as I can remember the name, close to Phoenicia. I’m being anecdotal for a reason and roundabout we will be getting to our point.
Nature isn’t something you mess with. More than once I have been in situations, where all sorts of things could have happened. I read a scientific study which said something like, “if all the power goes off in New York City, half the people will be dead in a week.”. I remember reading this study and thinking at the outset that this had to be bullshit. However, as I read the article, I could see how they came to believe something like this. I can’t remember where I saw it now or even what it said. All I remember is that it was pretty convincing. Things can happen pretty quick; much quicker than you might think.
I’ve looked at the news over the past week and I’ve run out of things to say. It goes on and on, running in place. It’s all pumped full of air like Wonder Bread. I remember once demonstrating what you could do with Wonder Bread. You can take a whole loaf of it out of the package and compress it into something about the size of a baseball. They say that “Wonder Bread builds strong bodies 12 different ways”. There are these large industrial areas where they store the flour that they make these breads out of. Rats and cockroaches were feasting on it, excreting into it and breeding in it. What they did was to remove all the vitamins, minerals, every component that made it food, so that the vermin wouldn’t eat it. Then they added it all back in again when they went to bake the bread. They’ve moved on from this sort of thing to ever more devilish applications.
The main holidays of the year are coming up. It’s going to be pretty grim in a lot of places. People get very strange around the holidays. They eat and drink too much and begin to behave badly. We’ve got that ‘desperation on the cusp of madness’ thing warming up off stage. I see all the crazy shit as being very predictable. People are up against the wall and they’re thinking about the guns in the closet. There are a whole lot of guns in a whole lot of closets. They had the biggest day for firearm sales ever, a couple of weeks ago. Manic panic is in the air along with Jingle Bells and Silent Night.
I feel like I was cruising along in a Volkswagen Bug, in a rainstorm, when a great big Peterbilt went by and covered my windshield with mud. I can’t see anything. Of course, I immediately slowed and pulled to the side of the road. The windshield wipers are smearing the mud from side to side and I still can’t see anything. That’s how the world looks to me at the moment. Anything I can say, I already said before and the same indicators are streaming across the LED screen but nothing is happening. There’s a lot of threats and threatening behavior directed at the population by the bankers and politicians through their enforcement proxies. The financial powers of The West are full time messing with The East. They aren’t flinching. They’re staying the course and they keep beating that dead horse, who might well get up and turn into a fire breathing Pegasus named Devadatta, if Kalki jumps into the saddle. It’s not just the Srimad-Bhagavatam that mentions a white horse, by the way. All this stuff is allegory and analogy. It’s not literal.
I can’t talk about what’s going on in the world at the moment. I’d just be repeating myself and I don’t like phoning it in. I was thinking how I should have some topical intent operative but that doesn’t seem so important at the moment. I don’t want to talk about Newt Gingrich or any of the rest of the drugstore cowboys who are soon to reap the whirlwind. I can’t think of anything to say about them or the conditions that they are fostering to the detriment of all living things. I look at them and their activities and my mind goes blank.
I’ve been having extended conversations these days with my invisible friend(s). It’s going on all day long now. Last night, I laid in bed for hours engaged in a back and forth. Then I would fall asleep and a little while later I would awaken and it was going on again. When I woke up this morning it was still going on and I laid there for awhile, pretty much suffused with love and repeating myself over and over, my words simply expressing that. I got my tea and came here to the computer and looked over the news at the various sites I go to and nothing got my attention. It lays there like a lump of fossilized fecal matter in the world’s colon. It’s old shit. It’s the same shit. It’s repeating shit, as the terminally batshit get more and more mentally disturbed. Politicians are groveling like crack whores before the throne of Israel. Something very dark and heavy is hidden behind the curtains. It smells bad and its got complete control over world leaders. All of them are afraid of it. No one in the establishment is speaking out against it. It must be very powerful, seemingly powerful, indeed. It must have that Old Black Magic coming up in buckets from some infernal well.
I can’t see anything out there. I see what’s in front of it but I don’t see what’s behind it. I’m compelled to fall back on the inner sanctuary of my thoughts and the voice in my head. The voice in my head could not be more optimistic and it wants me to get that understood, as a living reality and not pay any attention to the orcs and trolls who are plundering and pummeling at will. The corruption and oppression are unreal. There’s none of that here where I am. It’s all ‘out there’ somewhere.
I was being told that there are some number of remarkable people moving among us and that there was going to be unexpected encounters for some of us. Certain individuals have come down into the mix from more serene and faraway places, in order to be of assistance in this dark hour. Apparently, some of them have a great deal of power and wisdom but they are not traveling with an entourage and you can’t see them unless they announce themselves to you, which apparently they are going to do. I heard a lot about this last night. I was told that there was only so much we could accomplish on our own internally, while seeking to be synced up with our higher self; that we needed to come into the presence of some of these beings because there was a hands on thing that could only happen through a physical vehicle; some kind of transmission from one to the other. That sounds exciting and I know these people exist. It sounds very positive too. Because everywhere else, in every direction you turn, outwardly, there’s just more and more ugly demonstration of the very worst of us, in a dance of violence, like rampaging alcoholics or demented baboons tearing up a stripper’s dressing room. Mean faced men and hard faced women are seething with ill concealed rage. They want to hurt somebody and there’s no time like Christmas for that.
It’s the weirdest thing. It all looks grim and threatening on the outside and …on the inside, without any real evidence, except for feelings and the small voices from another plane, there’s a steam of steady assurance that it’s not going to play out the way anyone thinks and no matter how out of control it looks, it is very much under control. The outrageous buffoonery of the major players is breathtaking. I can come to no other conclusion than that it is for the purpose of demonstration.
Every living thing has a contact with its author somewhere inside. In a moment, the impetus can go out for nearly anything. The ineffable can text message the whole world, marching orders can go out. Major confusion can appear in the minds of those who were so coldly focused and maliciously intense only a short time before. This is something I think about a lot and which doesn’t get mentioned much; how we are all on a hard wired and wireless network and in less time than it takes to write the rest of this sentence, the entire atmosphere can change into just about anything.
I think about the temporal rulership and how countries, with only a marginal connection to each other, all have leaders behaving in similar fashion, except for some rare locations like Iceland and maybe a handful of other places. The exposure of corruption from every theater of existence is epidemic. In the governments, religions and economic sector, there is panic joined with an ever increasing need for control, while control just slips away as the grasping intensifies. It can’t be long now. It’s all held together with masking tape and chewing gum. Meanwhile, that eerie, positive and optimistic feeling keeps motoring right alongside the biggest traffic wreck of the age.
End Transmission.
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