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Visible Origami – Friday December 16, 2011

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Greetings my friends and welcome to Visible Origami. It’s funny about name recognition. It’s actually the reverse of what it implies. You think about Origami, probably more so than Visible Origami, mostly because I often call it just that, but after enough times of seeing the word, Origami, we don’t register the meaning along with the name. The word, Origami, is the label for a process of folding paper into different shapes. My intent in the naming this blog, Visible Origami, is to create a metaphor for word origami and to imply the shaping of ideas from the one, in an attempt to discuss the one by shaping The One into different expressions of itself. Before it is shaped, it is a flat piece of paper with only being but no personality. It is the essence of itself before expression. We can’t define it but when we attempt to, that is Origami. The truth is itself and can’t be defined as it is. We depart from it in the process of explaining it. I hope this was useful (grin).
Most people probably believe that I knew about Smoking Mirrors, the Mayan God before I named the blog. If I have indicated or implied that, I’m sorry. Sometimes I am forgetful about exactly how things come into being. I had wanted to name the blog, Smoke and Mirrors but that was taken. When The Judge, over at Slate, an Alaskan judge, brought it to my attention I was pretty amazed. The cosmos acts on my behalf a lot. I could list more surprising events than this blog posting can contain that have happened over the course of my time and they have really increased in recent years. It is indisputable that the ineffable has business with me. It is indisputable to me that the ineffable has business with you. However, some of you do not see it in operation as much, or identify the workings of it as a negative, because in the particular moment of its operation it appears like that. We have a great deal to do with the meaning of things, by the meaning we give them. Suspending our judgment altogether allows a more unfettered progress. One has to assume, or more importantly, become viscerally convinced that the ineffable is acting positively on our behalf, no matter what appearances may indicate. The ineffable is long term benevolent and if we incline in that direction, so it will incline on our behalf. As Lao Tzu states, “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven”.
We live in a world of Smoking Mirrors but we are empowered with a capacity for visible origami. It’s what we make of what is in front of us that determines what eventually surrounds us and what we identify it as it becomes. Recognizing that we do not know and that we have surrounded ourselves with definitions that become our reality, puts us in a position to have our reality redefined, by the one who does know. The fact is that we do not know. We assume things based on appearances and appearances are a lie, a blind, a kind of negative origami that is hiding something in plain sight but which cannot be seen because it has been shaped into something else. This is how God becomes The Devil and once you recognize what is actually going on, there is no Devil. Even The Devil works for God, he prods us with his pitchfork. We are deceived by symbolisms because it is the nature of the mind to misinterpret them. If one were to say that the mind is The Devil, they would not be far wrong and that is the reason for the processes that have been offered up here in recent posts. Life can be effortless, if we recognize who the prime mover is and that the prime mover moves through us, unless we interpose ourselves in the way. Getting out of the way is Job One. Getting out of the way is the primary posture for receiving inspiration. Getting out of the way opens the door of intuition.
When one gets out of the way, what can happen is amazing and amazing can become routine. If our world is bland and dreary we are responsible. We can’t improve and we can’t change until we recognize that we are the prime opposer. We have a simple task, which is a non task. It is not doing as opposed to doing.
I heard several people say that it isn’t fair and that it can’t be true that free will is nothing more that the opportunity to cooperate or not, as I have indicated is what I believe. It appears that this means we have no real freedom. However, cooperation is freedom and the divine has a whole lot of surprises up his sleeve for those who show a willingness to cooperate in their own liberation, which attends self realization. What would self realization be? It is recognizing that you are divine; that the divine is you at your essential core. It is the resonant eternity within, that is shrouded by the illusion of mortality. No one has to die. Death is just a form of change. If you are in a state of continuous transformation you would not come up against death. Death is what happens when you have become trapped to the point that the prime mover has to free you for further progress. That’s not all there is to it, obviously, but for the sake of the argument being presented here, it applies.
Lately I have received all kinds of commentary from people about what they can’t do about one thing or another. Based on the way they are looking at it they are probably right; based on another way of looking at it they are probably wrong. There are all kinds of ways to get to the same place and although all of them may be workable, some of them are not workable for you. Some of them can well be worse then the present inconsistency. It is key to find the thing that works with the kind of person that you are. Though we are all unique snowflakes, we are also of a type. In astrology, each sign is divided into three decanates. That’s three different basic personality types and something that reveals the ignorance of judging someone simply by their sun sign, not to mention the complexity of the houses and transits, natally and progressed. I mention this because most people have different kinds of measuring sticks by which they seek to interpret what is external to themselves. All of these measuring sticks are limited by the degree to which one does not understand the deeper intricacies of their use. Of course, one doesn’t need a measuring stick when the divine is computing for you. The divine will take upon itself all of the tasks that you will surrender to it. People find this hard to accept for some reason and decide to shoulder all of it themselves; bad idea. You’re carrying all kinds of crap in your knapsack and of course the years will weigh you down because you are measuring things in years, instead of realizing you have forever. That is one of the features of enlightenment; a comprehension of the eternal now.
I bang on about Israel at the other blogs and about all the cannibals and vampires who flourish in Kali Yuga but they don’t really concern me. I just write about those things so that I can stick the spiritual stuff in. They’ve thrown me in prison a few times and tried to make it permanent. They’ve hassled me and shut me out of the playing field with my music and other endeavors but that has changed significantly over recent times and that is probably because I have changed significantly over recent times and that is because the divine is more and more the totality of my times.
It can seem a labor to talk to God initially. There is a resistance on the part of the mind that can’t see it and is obsessed with what it can see, without recognizing the limitations of its bandwidth. The minds major drawback is its restless nature, which is why it is compared to quicksilver. Stilling the mind is the key. Until you do that, progress is impossible, so it is a waste of time to attempt things that require the mind to be still. Every religion addresses this in different ways. Hanuman represents the mind as the best friend. Very few recognize how powerful and versatile the mind is, or utilize it anywhere near its capacity. There are basic things a person has to do first and we try to talk about those things here.
I can’t do anything myself and the divine has been diligent about letting me know that. The divine has gone to great lengths to impress this on me and the result has been that I rely on the divine for everything I can remember to release into its care. If I am successful at what I do it is because of this and this is not restricted to me. Anyone can do it who does it. It is simple but the implications are deep and profound. There is a disconnect in the human mind, which will understand these things but fail to employ them relentlessly and immediately What are they waiting for? That is the question of the moment and the moment awaits.
We are on a journey. We are not employees at a job until we die. We are not citizens of a country. We are not those things that we use to identify our place in the mix. We are eternal travelers on a magnificent quest. We are not mere cogs and ciphers. We are the spirit of the divine on a journey of self discovery. Whether we see that or not does not affect whether it is so. Sooner or later we discover this and it alters our priorities and our values in powerful way and gives meaning to all of our endeavors where before they appeared as drudgery.
The state and conditions of the world are one thing. What we are is another and what we are has everything to do with whatever relationship we have with these states and conditions. The world is not supposed to overpower us and it gets its power to do so from us, in respect of where we find ourselves… when we are not finding ourselves but chasing after pointless amusements or useless things. When we have our priorities together we suddenly find that we have all the time in the world for just about anything. Conversely we have no time for anything. I’ve said all I have to say for the moment. I hope it is of some use somewhere.
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