Voice of the White House November 23, 2005

“With a well-bribed Congress having passed a “revision” of the Federal Bankruptcy Act preventing debtors from going bankrupt from credit card debts, the grateful credit card agencies have now jacked up their minimum percentage rates and we can now expect to see them go much higher. Like the greedy gas industry, they won’t up the rates from 5% to 25% all at once. Like heating oil, gasoline and other controlled and vital substances, the interest rates will creep slowly but surely upwards. Naturally, with the diminution of driving due to the advent of winter and the lower use of gas, the prices of gasoline will quickly stabilize and even drop a few cents. Not so heating oil which will begin the planned creep-up, accompanied by screams of Congressmen who will be flooded with anguished complaints just before the mid-terms and an similar chorus of whining woe from the oil barons who will assure us that it’s all the fault of the evil Muslims but they just have to keep up with prices.

The oil industry, like other gougers, should be subject to a strict, governmental control agency, which will never happen with the greedy thieves now running Congress. Although many in ghettos will freeze to death this winter or die of pneumonia, the current administration is not overly concerned with the fate of poor blacks.

Note, while we are on economic stories, that all the loud bombast from the incompetent Brown of FEMA and the equally incompetent President, about “rebuilding” the Gulf Coast has quietly vanished into the night, just like the billions of taxpayers dollars stuffed into the pockets of Bush friends.

To those sorry creatures who voted for Bush, hoping for a New Christian Nation, much pity should be extended. The rest of us can stop paying bribe money to the government in the form of taxes.”

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