The Crown of Creation and the Da Vinci Toad

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Wednesday December 14, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Deep in the darkling deception, time slams the cell door shut on the moment that has been sliced and diced by the forces of disinfo and misdirection. Most people see a particular invidious foe, sometimes a couple, working a Murphy or Badger game. Actually it is a many headed hydra, whose weapons attack the various body centers; that being their area of expertise. Network TV and reality shows in particular; first born on MTV, where the soul of the music got corrupted, so that the dances would be profane… there is a calculated intent. It is a specific agenda with a particular goal. This same intent is also exemplified in commercials and various media that portrays humanity as a dumb, confused beast, whose inefficacy at everything is cause for humor and ridicule. It is not only warts and all but warts transplanted, to uglify the human being and leech away it’s higher human qualities. The core focus is to cheapen sex into a perfunctory, animal act of submission/dominance, because this provides for the opportunity to be role played into a social submissive, whose sexual pleasure is ‘tied up’ with giving in.
In Hindu tantra, it is a given that the sexual force channeled will result in Kundalini action, after a certain time, which varies depending on the individual. It takes 40 drops of blood to make one drop of sperm and forty drops of sperm to make one drop of Ojas, which is the chemical force of awakening that lights up the festive centers of being. There’s a reason why, in the New Testament, there is so much mention of bridegrooms and brides. It’s about the alchemical marriage. The Hermetic tradition and the Hindu tradition are basically the same. They only differ in the labels; Sattva, Raja and Tamas= Mercury, sulfur and salt. The whole of Revelations is about a Kundalini experience and it’s been suggested that it took place via altered consciousness. “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” is an interesting read.
Anyway, besides all the depraved behavior of those who have been shoehorned into leadership roles by the forces dependent on them to make the wrong decisions; as far as we are concerned, there is a concerted effort afoot to make you feel bad about yourself, steeped in guilt, uncertain and apprehensive in the moment and confused about who and what you are. As has been stated on other occasions, alcohol is the ‘heavy fuel’ that is employed to degrade human behavior and perceptions. There’s no accident in its promotion, as the celebrating and lubricating mechanism for social discourse. They don’t make marijuana against the law for any of the stated reasons. They don’t want people thinking too much and they don’t like the indifference to treadmill imperatives and following orders, which it often engenders. This isn’t pro or con. This is an observation.
In the sixties and a portion of the seventies, our individual and collective identities were elevated; “You are the crown of creation” among many, many other affirmations, like, “all you need is love”. Intelligence services entered the picture and hijacked the music, the same way they flooded the streets with bad drugs. They very much needed to derail the consciousness movement and you hear a lot of commentary in present times about how “we don’t want a repeat of the sixties” and how there is a similar impetus in OWS.
The music has gone from the lyrical and poetic elevations of former times to bling, booty and bitches and ho’s. This is a calculated demeaning of sexual force, with all romance amputated for the purpose of a guilt fueled, control engine. Everything is sex, operating at different levels. We retain the rock, the plant and the animal within us, as well as the potential to be more than human and that comes about through channeling this force. This force awakens the divine feminine, which gives birth to all of the arts and higher states of consciousness that exist at the various floors, which are accessed through the wheels that are the elevator doors into that plane; whatever plane that might be.
It’s quite simple. If you can drag humanity down to the level of the beast within, you can herd it like cattle and sheep. I’m not here to tell people what diet to follow. I’m just here to make observations. Fear is the really big limiter and perversion vehicle of human expression. Animals raised for the dinner table are, generally raised in a climate of tremendous fear. This fear discharges hormones (not to mention the hormones injected), which humanity ingests and that fear gets built into your system. That’s a fact. You can argue about it but it doesn’t change it. You may not like that it is a fact and you may prefer to include the addition of other informations and justifications and there’s always denial but the premise remains.
The fear factor is one of the main forces driving the pharmaceutical industry and they have helpfully made additions to your water and air supply, along with violations of the food chain and just about any kind of pernicious behavior you can imagine from corporations that have no moral compass; none whatsoever. It’s what they teach then at the Wharton Business School and Harvard, where such lights as Alan Dershowitz profess on situational ethics and the protocols of the courtroom, where hired corporate guns sit on the bench and dispense severe injustice for whatever departs outside the approved ethos, unless it’s one of their own.
All this has been in play for awhile, with a specific end game in mind and it would be curtains ordinarily but something mysterious always enters the mix when it gets to a certain point. Short of miraculous intervention by aliens or higher dimensional beings, The Middle East is on the clock and due to explode, probably no later than March but I’ve been wrong before. Hopefully this world changing event, engineered by those who hate the human race, can be averted. Otherwise, nothing will ever be the same again and everything we think and say and do, will be altered and spun out beyond the point of no return. What the ramifications and implication of all that will amount to can’t be determined in advance.
We are talking about very large population centers, all of which, except for the country fomenting it, are mostly Muslim, even in the big supporting guns, at the point where they touch the surrounding environs under discussion. According to the Hasbara and Sayanim cadres, footpadding it through the internet, this has all come about because dedicated Jesuits are sitting in rows and operating their Gameboys, which then remote control particular blameless Israelis the world over. These are the people who prefer that you get your history from people like Dan Brown and his Da Vinci Toad. Ribbit!!!
There are so many vortexes and whirlpools at work that the possibilities of result are endless; the financial centers, the war rooms, the environmental wrecking crews, the private contractors on standby for the police state. What we don’t see are all the heavy bodies emergent behind the mask of the present. Large forces are simmering and shifting, off camera and down the road. Evil chefs are drunk in the kitchen, surrounded by unattended pressure cookers. The political hacks and social maladjusters are all having dinner for one; silly, but not off target in various ways. Off stage there are huge rounds of laughter that have an ominous ring. It’s not really funny and that is probably why there is something suspect in the laughter. There is a hollow, mocking tone in the laughter and you get the sense that it’s not directed at present shenanigans but rather what they are going to result in.
The laughter is like voices in a powerful wind. It has an ancient atmosphere that seems to indicate we’ve been here before, any number of times with the same result. Sands now cover the evidence and mountains sit on top of it. Starships are buried beneath the pyramids. All sorts of things are masquerading as foothills at the bottom of the ocean. Some of the same people are doing the same things and some of them have moved on to other ambitions.
Christmas is coming and so it the anti-Christmas. The teeth of the gears engage and the wheels click in the turning as the solstice arrives, on time as usual. You’ve heard it said that “there is a destiny that shapes our ends”. This would seem to speak to recurrent motivations that always result in the same conclusion. When those who operate the technology have failed to master themselves, things do not come to a good end overall. It’s said that is what led to the sinking of Atlantis. We don’t know for sure, since they burned the evidence at Alexandria.
So it always goes, step by step, hour by hour, day by day; inexorable. Lorries come and go in the chakra loading zones and everyone resonant to the peculiar music of the zone will be dancing with St. Vitus, involuntarily of course. It’s musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Does it matter if you get a seat, in terms of the eventual moment of truth, in respect of the ship? I’m reminded of the tale that Robert Shaw told to Roy Scheider in “Jaws”, about the sailors treading water after their boat sank during the war.
Stay frosty. Stay alert and look out for those close encounters of any kind.


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