The Journey Out and the Journey In

Visible Origami – December 12, 2011

Dog Poet visibly Transmitting (grin)…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Today is 12/12 and seems like a good day to talk about the coming journey and the continuing journey within. I’ve had a rough several days, feeling pressed down on with no escape route (grin). It has eased considerably today. It was attended by a regular stream of misunderstanding, concerning things I said being either taken out of context, mislabeled or not comprehended in the sense in which it was being stated. This happened multiple times over the course of recent endeavor. I do not place the blame on the reader or myself. This had not taken place in any noticeable way in the past and I hadn’t/haven’t changed my delivery system during the time period.
I did notice a tad more abrasiveness on my part in dealing with certain readers whose general approach to things is unlike mine. One of the readers hasn’t been heard from since and it is my hope he can get past that as I have already been apologetic. I am not apologetic toward my reasons for acting out but am apologetic for not exercising a deft hand. I am generally in good spirits and centered. Recent pressure pulses knocked me a little askew. One reader let me know that she was angry with me and tepidly appreciated my apology but offered none on her own (grin) and once again, it wasn’t anything I said that I was contrite about but rather my delivery system. I suppose I was, now and again, like a UPS driver during the holiday season.
Today I am in a wonderful mood. I have been having a lengthy exchange with the medium who communicates with me for the divine. As you know, we can’t communicate directly, until we have gone beyond being human (and that is coming up for some of us) because we would be burned to a cinder. This is one of the things that an active kundalini addresses. As it makes it’s way to the fulfillment of the alchemical marriage ( to use the Hermetic definition of the same thing), it opens increasingly more rarefied levels in which to interact with the angel, or deva that operates in each realm and is personalized for the ray that you are on.
Soon enough, I will be somewhere else, interacting with a number of you. I must say that I am very surprised at the number who seem to intend to join us. If only the people emailing me show up that’s going to be something. You are all going to want to make contact with Amarynth. I might as well mention that last night’s radio show is now available for download at this time.
I suspect that this journey out, which is a part of the journey within, is going to be quite interesting for me, as I hope it will be for you. Like Felix the Cat, I am going to be bringing my magic bag of tricks and hopefully enough is contained therein to be entertaining and useful too. I get the sensation that a good part of this whole endeavor is going to initiate collaborative efforts between us. I suspect I am going to be in a learning phase at times because some number of you are bringing your bag as well. In the meantime we are going to be in The Land of the Mayans and no doubt at one point an excursion will occur. I don’t think it’s an accident that the locale is what it is. My jyotish astrologer (some of you listened to his reading for me) said that where I will find myself- and I can’t remember the month he mentioned but it is one of the months that are in the collective trip of two main locations- is the country I lived in in my last incarnation.
Speaking of astrologers; a couple-few years ago I got the sensation that I was about to pass into a new dimension of being. I became interested in having communication with astrologers in respect of this. I wound up interacting with half a dozen of them and they all told me similar variants, even when two different systems were being employed, which I found very interesting. Then, out of the blue, two different astrologers contacted me in the same day, a couple of days ago. One of them said that he had to talk to me about what was coming up, without being informed of the trip beforehand. As it turns out he will also be in the same country in the next two months. Then, on the same day, a successful musician whom you would recognize and who is now a committed socio-political activist, emailed me saying he wanted to reconnect and could he call me.
This fellow is one of the genuinely decent people I have met. He came to visit me in Italy a few years ago and we spent several days in close interaction that I rank among one of the best of its kind that I have ever had. We all know what it is like to be in the company of someone where the simpatico is off the charts. It was effortless. I am hoping to see him this summer in his environment. It looks like travel is now going to be an ongoing routine for me. That should be something, given that I have spent most of the last 12 years in this room, doing the things you are familiar with. I look back at Poncho who is sitting curled on the couch. We’ve never been separated for more than a few days since he arrived in my life.
I am not, at this time ‘realized’. Most of the readings I had said I would be soon. In the jyotish reading and one other, it came up more than any other feature. I don’t like to project and I certainly don’t like to claim certain things. I don’t like it when I encounter it, albeit at a distance (grin) and it can put people off and that’s not a good thing. I am the beneficiary of the good intentions of one who is fully realized and to whom I owe everything that I am capable of in my own small way. Due to the magnitude of the presence of this being, it is impossible for me to take myself seriously and I consider that one of my most prized possessions. Hopefully, in all cases, those of you who I will met shortly, will consider me a potential friend and welcome associate and colleague and nothing more. Nothing more applies.
It is a difficult art to field the position some people put me in. I know they are well intentioned but I’m just a kind of herald or messenger, bearing something that is the rightful possession of the one whose footsteps I seek to walk in. Some of you are walking in them with me, we are accompanied by an invisible persona who has already been that way before.
Whenever two people or more are gathered (as The Book states) someone exists within the midst of them and that is the operative dynamic that makes whatever we are about, into something more than what we are collectively about. I see walks in Nature; given that that is possible. I see occasional Dos Equis soirees that engage a spirited discourse among equals and I see two ‘Q’ in the same sentence (grin). I see video presentations that are arranged around extemporaneous exchanges and back and forths that have to do with possibilities that can be practiced in everyone’s home environment, using features of their domicile for the practice thereof. I see shared exchanges of those valued informations that each of us has been introduced to or discovered on our way to each other. I see musical moments of collective engagement and that is something I have some awareness of, in terms of engaging each and every one. I see arranged observations of the four planes of being, assisted by the fifth, wherein conscious recognition of the interdependence and value of each is considered. I see informal Q and A’s that employ the agency of something more than those so engaged and I see other possibilities that need not be mentioned now. We are standing at The Magicians Table and the four symbols of the four worlds are present there. In that sense I see some Tarot seminars, because that medium is truly marvelous for certain personality types. Western and Eastern modalities will have their times of inquiry and discussion. We’re not going to lack for things to talk about or do.
I’ve been invited to travel to Panama and possibly Costa Rica but we’ll have to see how that pans out. Open Office likes to give me blue highlights on unfinished words. When I typed ‘out’ it wanted to complete as ‘outrageous’ and… there it is again. Hopefully, I will hear from those astrologers who contacted me or mentioned various things. I feel no apprehensions at all but indications of the meaning of interacting forces and their progressed transits does provoke my curiosity in terms of whether or not I hear a ‘ping’.
I don’t know what to think about all of this. Much of what has happened in recent years and the type of response that these efforts has generated often mystifies me. I hadn’t ever thought in terms of this kind of a thing coming about. It’s the intense resonance that fascinates me. The reader only has privy to the comments but the emails tell yet another story in respect of all this.
If I have offended anyone, either in the further past or more recently, I am truly sorry. I suspect, in some cases it has to do with my being a work in progress and sometimes it did not have to do with me as the author and sometimes it didn’t have to do with the assumed words or events but rather more to do with a misreading of the situation. That is something that can happen with regularity in these times and something all of us should be on the lookout for. Many of us tend to react and respond to things, based on old patterns, where our judgment and perceptions are faulty. It is unfortunate that we don’t maintain a strong sense of presence in the moment, instead of referring back to what may have been or never was, instead of what is. The moment is always trying to inform us and can successfully do so if we are resident in it.
I hope this very personalized posting has some small value in some way. It felt like what I should talk about, as the month winds up or down (grin) and we’ll return to the usual fare when we return to this format again. May the interior sun both warm and guide you to the kingdom within and back-light the world around you, fore and aft


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