Voice of the White House November 21, 2005

“Murtha’s challenge to the Bush Administration to cut our extensive losses in the non-winnable Iraqi war has set fire to a huge pile of deadwood that represents growing hostility to, and utter disbelief in, the current Administration.

From a totally pragmatic point of view, the U.S. has lost the war in Iraq, just like we lost the war in Somalia and Vietnam. Politicians, and some generals, are reluctant to admit their errors, however, so we will see a circling of the wagons, led by the odious and obviously sadistic Vice President, to fight to the end the concept of giving up our senseless imperial dreams.

Bush and his crime partners have ruined the U.S. foreign trade balance, loaded up the American people and their children with an enormous debt, tried, thankfully in vain, to establish a theocracy in the United States, displayed a terrible contempt to the poor and most especially the black poor, gleefully stolen billions of taxpayer’s dollars and given it to their friends, fouled the atmosphere, ruined for decades the reputation of this country as the fountainhead of freedoms and personal liberty, slaughtered God alone knows how many perfectly innocent Arabs in Iraq and ruined many thousands of American military personnel and wounded, many crippled for life, totaling tens of thousands more.

Bush and Cheney and the entire Republican party are nothing but moral bankrupts whose collective masks have slipped to reveal the rapacious, immoral and vicious toads hiding behind them. Think now that we have three more years of meltdown in Washington and think, too, that the Bush people are liable to try to start a new war to stir up patriotism and raise their ruined reputations.

Syria is the logical choice and many here say that the thoroughly evil Mossad is more than likely to set off a bomb somewhere to kill Americans, (as insiders in the intelligence community claim they just did in Amman), blame it on the Muslims and rub their hands with glee while more American lives and money are spent in shoring up their own amoral state.”

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