Mystery Babylon and the Coming Darkness

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Sunday December 11, 2011

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It’s a ball of confusion these days. Despite the manufactured chaos of the near wholly owned, Zionista press, there’s what we see at the blogs here that are the real indicators to me. People want different things, including complicated reassurances. Some people want fire and brimstone at the socio-political (that would be Smoking Mirrors) and cultural (that would be this one) blogs. They want clear demarcations from the metaphysical (that would be Origami). Others, some of whom have darker intentions, while being clueless that many words have more than one meaning, want meaning to be narrowly employed, without the benefit of a wider range. Some want to demand that I accept that the ZioNazi world control agenda and their near total control of the banks and the media be allocated to some mysterious other, who is using them as pawns. They never say who it is most of the time and they never provide facts or provenance, except to say it’s The Vatican or some shadowy Illuminati (check out who is supposed to have founded the Illuminati and was born one thing and then was, allegedly raised as another). This Illuminati is supposed to have infiltrated the Masons and corrupted that organization. So where does that leave us? It leaves us with the same AshkeNazi cabal of world wide slave masters. I can find provenance and historical record aplenty for some version of this but I find jackshit for the secret shadowmeisters and invariably the people who comment on them are anonymous.
An argument can be made for a world wide organization of Satanists but then you have to consider The Synagogue of Satan and you might as well read the book. If you don’t read the book, I don’t want you talking to or at me about it. According to every religion on the planet, there is an enemy of humanity who rules the planet in times of darkness from some sort of infernal region. I’ve never heard that there’s some even darker and more evil source behind this. That doesn’t get said, probably because there isn’t. I do hear and believe that a greater power is behind the whole shebang and that it is benevolent and created the whole dynamic for the purpose of demonstration. It ‘s in your own head and heart where you have to sort all of this out. Certainly there is a mystery to all of it and it is all under control, according to the one who initiated all of the changes in my life that I went through and by now, this is also true according to me. Take it or leave it.
Obviously, Nature, as we experience it and, in some cases (grin) understand it as well, requires a duality of opposites for effective performance. You got night and day; hot and cold, good and evil (which is a relative thing), The Sun and The Moon, well, you can go on and on with this sort of thing and you are more or less aligned in one way or another, dependent on the light and darkness in you. Your fear is generated by your internal conflicts and your freedom from what plagues most people is generated by the degree of your state of unity apart from appearances.
I understand that many of you believe that purple people eaters are behind it all. I recognize that anonymous Hasbara are behind the regular mention of The Pope running the whole show and whatever else you come up with, that takes the scrutiny and heat off of you but it doesn’t wash with me. Prove it otherwise and I will change my mind. Fail to prove it and I will not be moved. That’s simple, isn’t it? Well, be about it and convince me otherwise. I’d also appreciate an explanation for the unshakeable, overall impression that an enormous preponderance of evidence, past and present says that Israel is the present center of darkness and operates through satellite centers in London, New York and elsewhere. Go ahead, I’m waiting. Crank up the woo woo but don’t leave the hard, cold proof out. That’s a basic requirement.
I didn’t set out to prove a premise. I went where the evidence led me. It wasn’t that many years ago when I didn’t know any of this. That always makes me wonder about the things I still don’t know. That makes me open to being shown and I am open to being shown. I’m sitting here waiting to be shown. So show me.
The point of the world around you is to keep your attention on it. This is also why there is the constant threat of loss that attends us. This is why there is the constant pressure to be financially stable and why one is forced into the position of sacrificing their spiritual promise for financial gain. This is the whole treadmill effect. I rejected it and I found sustenance. I’m living proof that you can rely on invisible means that are not appearance based. The rest of the world is living proof that appearances are a lie and a form of temporal enslavement. I am far from the only one who has proven this to be true and certainly not the last. It can be a hard jump initially because your degree of faith in this reality will be tested. You don’t get this without jumping through another kind of hoops.
No one finds anything out, without finding it out for themselves. No one can say what’s out there or in there until they take the risk. That’s why it’s called a leap of faith and all these appearances are operative and in place to keep you on the rails of coming back again and again until you get it. As the website that won’t link to my work, when it isn’t just entertaining and relatively incisive writing states, “No one can serve two masters”, just another ironic reference to a construct that isn’t believed in. You are either enslaved by one or liberated by the other and you don’t make the real connection, until there something beyond appearances linking you to it.
I’m not running around with automatic weapons, or inciting the crowd to rise up in revolutionary fervor and storm the castle. That may well happen on its own. I don’t know what the universe intends, resolution-wise. My situation is to see more clearly and follow the leader. I’m looking for portals and apertures into another state of existence. This world is an electro-magnetic hat dance between a rock and a hard place. If this is where what you find important takes place then you will be engaged in the struggle to maintain and hold on to what is slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) disappearing before your eyes. You will move between feast and famine because that is how it works and how the hook is baited. You’ll rise to the top of the heap and then you will be demoted to the bottom. The whole point of that is to point out the pointlessness of it to you.
The vibrancy and promise of youth gives way to the inevitable conditions of age. Things that seemed important, no longer seem important and things that did not seem important become critically important. The indifference to what you eat, later becomes a bane upon your well being. As the whole world engages in the pursuit and consumption of crap, everything turns into crap, including the one pursuing and consuming it; garbage in and garbage out. Take a walk through the world and look at the inescapable reality of a culture in free fall, all of it engineered by your most remorseless enemies for their own profit and your torment, imprisonment and certain and assured demise.
Madness is afoot, cloaked in relentless disinformation and ubiquitous deception. Everything seems more or less normal and then, quite suddenly, all Hell breaks loose. Then you see that you have been watching it arrive for a long time, while focused on all the things you wanted to be and to get in the middle of it. Sooner or later all of the things being performed abroad begin to take place in your immediate environment; police state modalities, FEMA camps, enemy combatant designations, economic collapse, mob actions and rampaging crime, political correctness insanities that make the system unworkable and give you things like this. Does this all suddenly melt away like mist before the rising morning sun? Is this just a movie that’s come and gone in a couple of hours? It is a movie. Are you in the movie?
Right now isn’t the time for fire and brimstone, or entertaining word montages that may or may not describe the situation but do little to annotate or change it. Right now isn’t the time for Gonzo or Savonarola. Now is the time for alignment and associative identification with you star-ship being. We all have one but the question is whether it’s been tuned up and test driven, or even registers as a possession or an accessory. It’s a personal affair. We’ve been talking about that and related things for some time here. Sooner or later D Day arrives in the form of deliverance or darkness.
Animal Farm has come to town and you can’t be headed the right way if you are going in the wrong direction. You either get more of the same, increasing in degree of impact or you are stepping back and out of the current. The speed and force of the current has everything to do with everything.
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