Intention, Destiny and the Cartoon Dance of the Temporal

Smoking Mirrors – Saturday December 10, 2011

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“Strange days have found us”. 12/12 approaches. I believe everything is mind and a projection and creation of mind, at least as far as the material world is concerned. Ergo, the importance of dates has a relative importance to the importance placed upon it by the collective mind. It’s one of the reasons that home-field advantage has an edge in sports competitions and you can extrapolate a great many things concerning this, that weighs into perceptions, concerned with politics, religion and social order.
It’s been said this is a dream world and it doesn’t take an acute capacity for observation to see that it is so. It’s not just a dream world. It is also a sleep world; a deep sleep world and a world in which some number are awake or partially awake and the percentages of that depend on the impress of material culture on the collective mind. People think with their stomachs and their sex organs and their primary drive is survival, often no matter at whose expense. That is what makes selfishness the preeminent mind set in material culture and also what puts The Tribe in charge of perception, because they believe in nothing but the material imperative.
In times of change from one age to another, material culture goes on the chopping block because the state, status and condition of it is being transformed and reworked, to fit the drive and dimension of the coming age. Also on the chopping block, go those whose deceptive antics have been geared toward the enslavement of their fellows. Right now the entrenched minions of previous deception are en masse trying to jump to the new boat, to give the impression of themselves as the forces of positive change, as they slither and slide, to make the new world conform to the wishes of those who fucked up the previous world. It ain’t gonna happen.
It is truly amazing to me how transparent the lies are and how colossally stupid, genus humanis ordinarius is. There is no question that change is an imperative because the present direction has them dropping down on to all fours within a couple of generations. “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Puke Gingrich now says that the Palestinian people is a myth and there should be no solution that they should all just move to an Arab country. Puke is a catamite of Adelson and a long time butt buddy of Netanyahu. He’s taken a certain stance to make the general impression that he is over the top and that the Israelis are compassionate and fair by comparison; which they are not. They are bloodthirsty killers, who will never budge an inch and who want to drive The Palestinians into the sea, which is why they claim the reverse with everyone else. None of those Arab wars were started by the Arabs, which the world wide Israeli media have convinced the easily deluded, is what happened. It didn’t.
This site has been consistent in not labeling all Jews as bad people, even though the writer has taken a lot of heat for not using his words a certain way and not acknowledging that all Jews are evil. However, with their natural predisposition to the world of matter, in times of darkness, more of them are seduced into bad behavior that any other group of people. It’s that Golden Calf things and the majority of the ethnic labels that are attributed to them are right on and have always been and history proves this because no other people, by an enormous margin, have been expelled from nearly every country on Earth for the same thing over and over. Their behavior in the Weimar Republic and the condition of cabaret society, amply proves that their actions and way of being, was directly responsible for the rise of Hitler. Anyone who studies the times will come to the same conclusion. Judicial.Inc used to have an outrageous and graphic collection of evidence concerning what was going on then.
In the meantime, this writer lived off and on in The Jewish Rockies for twenty plus years, coming and going from Maui and was intimately involved with these people and saw firsthand the good and the bad on a regular basis; was badly victimized by them and considerably helped out more than once. I know I was put in this position to come to the conclusions I have progressively arrived at at this time. Because of my indescribably intense kundalini experience, I was put in various states of sexual awareness and put through chemical bouts with certain substances for the purpose of having compassion for those going through them. As I have stated earlier, sometimes, no matter how intensely we labor or petition for the removal of our shortcomings, they don’t go anywhere because they are in place to give us compelling evidence of our limitations, shared with the body of humanity, so that we don’t get the erroneous and misinformed perception that we are better than others.
Sometimes we encounter those who can present a more elevated and perfected state of being and who then draw a certain kind of attention from others. What we find over time is that they are mostly just better actors and that the hidden flaws eventually reveal themselves over time. I have pointed out now and again that we have 3 faces. The first face is that face we initially show to the world and what we want people to accept as being true about us. It’s what we want to believe we are and hope to finally maintain, each time we present it and then each time fail in sustaining. The second face is the one that reveals itself over time, as circumstances and conditions place us in those situations, where we react according to our mortal template. The third face is the one that reveals itself when danger and or tribulation and trial comes. This is the face that tells you who your friends are.
My tendency is to take people on first impressions presented, to add my belief in them as a supporting energy and then to be indulgent and forgiving as a fuller picture appears. This latter is important because I genuinely appreciate when I am treated in kind. I, one hundred percent believe in, the veracity of what that first link in yesterday’s post delivers. I’ve seen it with my own eyes to the point that nothing I have seen contradicts it in life experience. At the same time, I know it is not comprehensive across the board. I like to call that trust but verify.
There are people who come around here talking that old ‘eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth’ thing, seeking after a world where we have a lot of blind people gumming each other to death. I am not the judge or executioner. That is handled by a far more capable agency and I prefer to be systematically prone to compassion because, ‘there but for fortune goes I’. At the same time, it is my job to call them as I see them and for the reader to ameliorate and annotate as our interplay goes down; hopefully not down (grin).
It’s our shortcomings that remind us to be understanding. Without them we can get the wrong impression about our place in the cosmic mix. This is one reason a sense of humor is so important. It’s also one of the reasons that so many pumped up and pompous, self important types, who only see out and are not inclined to see in, are finding themselves in unfortunate public embarrassments, because ridicule is one of the tools of the cosmos, employed to inform us about what is real and enduring and what is ridiculous and temporary. It is an ancient truth that The Devil, manifesting in human form, through the vehicle of self interest and selfish objectives, fears and flees from ridicule and scorn like no other thing. If you can laugh at the absurdity, you rob the shadow of its power over you. This is a timeless truth, similar to that which states that fear and Love cannot occupy the same space at the same time. They naturally displace each other. This is so. Argue it till doomsday’s break, if the former retains enough power in you to compete with the presence of the latter.
Atheists are quite correct in stating that God does not exist. The one whose presence they are disputing doesn’t exist. That’s a false archetype, miss-labeled and misidentified as something it is not. The God that the atheist does not believe in, does not exist. The God presented by most religions, is a blind for economic power and political and social control. That’s all part of the dream web, which has no greater power than in times of material darkness.
We’re here to find things out and to participate in and observe demonstrations that speak to the effectiveness and emptiness of what we believe to be true at any stage of our evolution. For us, evolution is a progression in consciousness that reverberates and resonates against something that is indefinable but which by reflex, expresses the integrity of the thought and substance we accord with the power to be real. Nothing is real in the temporal sense, because everything is in a state of transition and decay seen through time lapse photography. We are all gardeners, who watch what we have planted appear and grow, without ever seeing it arrive. We observe it increasing in size and presence, while seldom recognizing what it is and what it means, until it comes up against the destiny of its intrinsic composition, as everything must that is a temporary construct upon that which hides in plain sight, inside everything and everyone. We carry our doom and our liberation within us. It behooves us to inquire after what we feed and water, sooner rather than latter.
The example of those cartoons and caricatures that surround us on the public stage, should tell us all we need to know about where that kind of thing leads and it’s for the purpose of demonstration that you see it. Life is a moral tale. We’re all headed somewhere based on our intention. It might be the cemetery. It might be Shambala and it might be something similar or something worse. It’s all there in the intention and it is all exampled and determined and defined by the action of each, based on the intention at work. It’s simple. It’s allegorical and it’s mathematical. It’s what it is and it’s what it’s not, depending on how it resonates with what is timeless and eternal. That is the final arbiter of fate and character is the result of the relentless acting out of intention.
Philosophizing here about what began as a series of observations and experiences, in relation to the temporal, should serve to keep me, yet again off of a certain website (grin) but this is how the posting went all by itself. May this all serve to inform to a greater degree than it obscures. Have a wonderful day.
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