Voice of the White House November 18, 2005

“There seems to be reasonable rumor that the wholesale and barefaced corruption now rampant inside the upper levels of the Republican Party is about to come to an end. Frightened by growing public anger at the huge FEMA ripoffs, bridges to nowhere, insane pork barrel games in Congress, obvious thievery by Bush-friendly contractors in Iraq, certain Congressional leaders, of both sides of the aisle, are holding private meetings concerning taking back the governance of the United States. Recently, several Bush measures were trashed by a new coalition of both parties and this appears to be the wave of the future. Bush and Cheney have so pissed off the legislative branch that they have decided that if they don’t act soon, they will all be in danger of being thrown out next year so watch for Bush to lose on that front too. He has lost in Iraq and there is a strong movement in Congress to cut out losses and run. Let’s hope so.”

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