The Enemy of Humanity is going to their Grave

Visible Origami – Friday December 9, 2011

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This may be the most important thing of its kind that you will ever read. It, perhaps, does not belong in Origami but it will show up in Smoking Mirrors tomorrow, in any case. Please read both pages and be transfixed and in awe of what is unmistakably true. You have only to look around on your own to see this.
This is The Apocalypse. This is the time of revelation and summing up. However true the truth about the darkness may be, we have more to fear from ourselves that we do from Sauronstein, which might translate into the rock of shapeless evil. We are the enemy of our own freedom and would not lose it unless we surrender it. No man becomes a slave until he ceases to be his own master. This means stockpiling cans of worms to make it through a cold and hungry winter.
Ordinarily, we would continue to be the victims of controlled confusion that undermines and defeats every revolution for change that does not come about. As I have said more than once; when the tables are turned, the same people are still sitting there. This will not continue for much longer. That age is dying. It is passing. You might say, “Well Visible, this was happening in the age previous”. I might say, “Yeah, that’s so and some element of the kind is residually with us in any age but so is culling”. This coming age is an age of brotherhood and for that we can be grateful; in all of its implications.
Many of us are cynical and despairing. We have nothing to place our faith in because we are victims of false history. Very little of what we read or have read is real. It is fabricated for the control of the minds and perceptions of those absorbing it. When your initial premise is wrong, all that follows is flawed too. This is why I subscribe to occult history. For those of you who do not possess The Secret Teachings of All Ages, I offer it to you again. There are many sources of occult, or hidden, history. One of them, now long gone, was the library at Alexandria. Careful reading of this link could be an implication that the main clan for historical revisionism was possibly behind this as well. It could well be imagined that quite a bit of damming evidence was stored there. When we don’t know who did it and the blame is apportioned to all of those who are most hated by those who have performed their relentless terror upon the world, it can be surmised that that is who actually did it. At least that is what I think.
The degree of nasty indifference to those serving the country, coupled with the continuous assaults upon those returning from combat, is a wonder to behold. How low can they go, is the watchword of our times. Insult is piled upon insult and each of them are being uncovered in this time. Newt Gingrich suddenly shoots out of nowhere to the top of the heap, based on manufactured polls. No one felt this way before. He was at the bottom of the heap before. Now he is at the top and a more corrupt and despicable character is hard to find, even in a crowd of despicable characters. Is it possible in anyway that he could survive the public disclosure of all of his contemptible behavior across the course of his time in the arena? What does this suggest? It suggests that there is no better way to assure the continuance of Obama that to put this stalking ‘hor’se up against him. The socio-political scene is very much like a game of chess; three dimensional chess. They show you one thing that acts as a blind and a diversion from what is really taking place, which is further hidden by another distraction beneath the primary distraction.
When you read that first link, you can see the intent that is operational in this world. I was stunned by how nearly everything that has been said, over the term of these blogs is mirrored therein. I kept hearing, ‘ping’, ‘ping’, ‘clang’, ‘bong’, over and over again. It is a riveting train wreck of mendacity. The cannibals are at the buffet table of another Tribe celebration of another ruined and destroyed culture. The intent here is to turn the country into a gulag that reflects the return of mass murder, Russian style. It would be a fait accompli were it not for Mr. Apocalypse. We’ve no way of knowing exactly what he intends because he’s playing Texas Hold’em. What’s on The River? What’s running in the deep current?
I look at the faces that appear on the news and they are the faces of corruption, put in place as markers for the moment and where we find ourselves. It’s fitting that Madonna will perform at The Super Bowl. It’s fitting that Newt is to politics what Twitter is to communication. It’s fitting that every important news item, that repeats with the greatest regularity, is all about the tiniest minorities, triumphing over the largest majorities. It is fitting that the world’s most professional and shrillest victims, turn out to be the most relentless and vicious predators. It is fitting that the greatest disasters are performed by the largest corporations, upon the widest reach of the most ignorant of the population. It is fitting that nothing fits, unless it is forced and that the more wrong something is, according to basic nature, the more right it it trumpeted to be. It is fitting that the more insane and unreasonable our conditions become, the more justified and correct they are made to appear, until collective insanity is crowned with the imprimatur of normality; a kid is suspended from school for saying his teacher is cute. What is most surprising is that the principal responsible for it got fired. That’s not what usually happens as five year olds are handcuffed and taken away for sexual harassment and assault.
The government is exposed for giving automatic weapons to drug cartels and then is revealed to be laundering their money, as some kind of evidence gathering and preventive measure. The president of the United States and the joint military arm of the West creates terrible genocidal wars, on behalf of one of the smallest and most vicious nations on Earth, simply because they took control of the presses that print the currencies, which they used to buy up all of the information sources on the planet, in order to carry out unceasing war against humanity. It’s an inescapable fact, routinely ignored by the larger number of the people it is happening to.
Sorry to use Origami for this but things happen according to their own dynamic and I’m just here in the meantime. We are engaged in a spiritual conflict for all the marbles. Some have lost their marbles. Some have imaginary marbles. Some are marbled with interwoven hues of white and gray. The enemy of humanity is the same rapacious crowd of slither snakes who move through the underbrush, striking and biting at will, while injecting the venom of confusion and despair. Their hour ‘has come round at last’ and the jury is out on how the cosmos will handle it but handle it it will. I’m guessing they will finally get the numbers they have been claiming for so long. It is a ‘consummation devoutly to be wished’.
Nothing much will change or be accomplished, until we are rid of these psychopathic vampires who rub together their bloodstained hands with glee. Humanity must awaken and so it shall; unwillingly and uncomprehendingly at the outset but we shall see what the result of that is when the resulting reaction takes place.
Reading the first link in this article had a powerful affect on me. It is the total picture of what’s been and is. This is a dark and desperate hour. Evidence piles upon evidence, while the public operates like a comatose simulacrum of itself, inside a deranged Gameboy. Gleaning what I have over recent hours, I now believe that even the most hideous of tales are true. You name it, it’s in operation.
The important thing to keep in mind is that those of you who are encased in the protective shield of your awareness have nothing to fear but the possibility of fear intruding. You can only be the victim of that which you convince yourself is possible. Don’t go down that road. Every time you see the awful lies that scroll before you as your daily fare, simply cry ‘bullshit’! Recognize that the names no longer attend the copy because it is all them, all the time; them and their manipulated stooges. The traitors to our kind like Hillary Clinton and John Bolton, are in action for the purpose of demonstration. Newt Gingrich has no human supporters of any measure. It is a complete fabrication of those who have preyed upon us for so long.
Monsanto; the massive bad food industries, the medical community, the military industrial combine, the banks, the media and all the rest of them are being outed and convicted across the board. Humanity may have an endless capacity for corruption and confusion but The Cosmos does not. It will right the scales and it will now go turbo on kicking ass and taking names. Watch and wait, stand and deliver. You’ve got magic arrows in your quiver.
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