The Voice of the White House November 14, 2005

“The week, I am presenting a series of resolutions and a very significant report from the United Nations. All of this concerns the on-going Israeli-Palestine problem what has been a source of serious trouble since before 1948. Most people, and <>certainly not<> anyone in the American media, discuss any of the background of this. They would not dare. Although much of the information in the Bunche Report appears to be exaggerated, trust me, I have checked it all out, day by day, at the Library of Congress and any doubter can soon put his or her doubts to rest by easily verifying all of this bloodshed, murder, arson and treachery at any large public library that has microfilmed archives from the New York Times. It isn’t that the truth has been hidden; it just simply is not known.”

Below are a few examples given from the archives by TBR News:

January 10, 1948, Jerusalem. The official death toll in Palestine since November 29 (when the UN voted for partition) had risen to 646.

January 12, 1948, Tel Aviv. Stern gang members looted Barclays Bank in Tel Aviv of $37,000.

February 10, 1948, Palestine. Jewish terrorist groups murdered ten Arabs near an RAF camp in central Palestine A further 23 Arabs were murdered by Jewish groups throughout Palestine.

February 15, 1948, Galilee. Jewish terrorists raided an Arab settlement in upper Galilee, killing 30 Arabs, including 10 children, and blew up bridges.

February 27, 1948, Jerusalem. Two anti-Communist Polish residents of Jerusalem were murdered by Stem gang terrorists who claimed the Poles were “pro-Arab.”

February 29, 1948, Rehoveth. The British Mandate Government denounced the Jewish Agency after 28 British soldiers were killed and 35 seriously injured when a Haifa-bound train from Cairo was blown up. Stern gang terrorists took credit for the bombing of the British train as revenge for the Ben Yehuda Street bombing in Jerusalem.

March 2, 1948, Haifa. Stern gang terrorists detonated a truckful of explosives at an Arab office building in Haifa, killing at least 14 Arabs.

March 12, 1948~ New York An Arab Higher Command paper was issued that charged the Jewish Agency with massing Soviet trained and equipped illegal immigrants in Eastern Europe for war service in Palestine and had “set up laboratories for bacteriological warfare.”

A full list of over 200 hundred such terror related incidents can be found at the address below: