Catching Some Rays from the Shining One Mind

Visible Origami – December 2, 2011

(I’ve not often seen a time like this when I intend to stop writing and can’t do it. I was going to defer anymore posts until Sunday- radio show day- but apparently I don’t have a choice in the matter. I’ve been planning to back off for a day or three here and there because I am at work for hours on the new novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine”, but that is happening anyway the rest of the day, so, I guess that is how it goes for the moment.)
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A little while ago, I offered a technique to clear out the mind of invasive thoughts, for the purpose of revealing the more subtle and submerged thoughts that travel below and for the purpose of emptying the mind so that the furniture can be rearranged because, after all, the mind is a room. The mind is also, relatively awake and aware of itself, depending on whose personal interpretation of mind we are talking about. The idea of a personal mind is a fundamental illusion and one of the mainstays of mortality. There is only one mind. I had this pointed out to me in a lasting and dramatic way on the evening of my kundalini awakening. This was not one of those ordinary tremors where a little smoke belches from the volcano. This was a full bore awakening that endured for approximately three years, more or less full time. I’ve had a few recurrent episodes, mostly in recent times but none of them have ever matched the degree of force of the first occurrence. A full expression of one mind demonstrated, is accompanied by what can be a frightening state of telepathy. I wasn’t bothered by it but the rest of the people in the room were. It’s easy to explain this. When you are in one mind, all other minds are also present and the thoughts are like fishes swimming in a body of water, the totality of which is the totality of the mind.
The body of water may have all sorts of swimmers in it, skin divers, surfers ,boaters, you name it. Their different activities and outfits can be seen as the personality that clothes the illusion of a personal mind. Every personal mind can be defined as merely that place where one contacts the one mind. As long as your mind believes itself to be separate from the whole, you will operate accordingly, just like everyone else. This world of the personal mind is a world of strife and confusion in all of its permutations. It is a world of competitions for the objects of desire. It is a world of intermittent loneliness because you are made aware that you are alone and that is because of the perception of separateness.
People have made mention many times over the course of the blog postings how things get said here that were just recently in their own minds, or how questions that were occupying their thoughts are answered on the very day they were having them. Besides the comments there’s a whole lot of emails that say the same. There is no mystery here. It is only resonance. We are all connected to that one mind so it stands to reason that something like this would occur if the one mind were to be engaged in it. The reader plays into the writer, through a medium of non resistance which can be called a form of telepathy. The writer plays back into the mind of the reader by means of the same process. Let us keep in mind that this does not allocate any special significance to the writer. It just so happens that I made that connection but that’s been done by any number of people and will continue to be. It was bestowed on me as a gift. It’s not something I came up with. You often hear a certain kind of person say, ‘I’m no different than you. It’s just a variant on perception’. It is a mere adjustment in perception. It’s that simple. If you were just to go around as if you were in the one mind at all times, it wouldn’t take all that long to begin experiencing it, depending on the person but… you wouldn’t even begin it in the first place unless you had some degree of closer proximity.
Before I give you a followup technique to the first one, I should lay a bit of groundwork. I should also say that those of you who have been practicing the first technique up to this point, will now be ready to engage in the second technique. If you haven’t been doing the first one and think you will jump right to the second, I have to tell you that is the long way around. It can be done but why make yourself go the other way around the world to get to Kansas City (you are presently in LA) when you can just head directly there? It’s like that.
Okay, of critical importance is THE FACT that there is only one god. Call him Krishna, Christ, Allah or whatever. Call her Kali, Tara or whatever. The two gender possibilities are only the dynamic relationship between what divided into two in order to propagate the universe. You might then also consider things like the first real geometric shape; the triangle (please don’t mention the circle-grin). You can consider pyramids, which have four sides. That extra face is Time and is a key to why pyramids preserve things and will sharpen your razor. This is not the place for that stuff though. I digressed. However it is something to think about later in respect of this second technique. You’ll figure that out.
Anyway, there is only one god, just as there is only one mind. That’s it period. If you can’t get this then please return to your former conflicts over religion and the idea that there is more than one political party in the US (grin). I know that many of you can say, “I know that already”. You might but… then again…; it is worthy of delving into and considering intellectual vs visceral.
If there is only one God then why is that God presenting him/herself, it, in so many forms? Well that goes along with; why are there so many different languages? This is simultaneously to confuse you and to cater to you. In order for the world to be as it is, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, this is necessary. In order for there to be widely variant cultures and widely variant people, there has to be a widely variant world. You’ll appreciate this more once you’ve matriculated to a higher vibrating planet. You don’t really want it to be like the people in “The Island” do you?
The case is that God tailor-made his/herself for you in order to be user friendly. In times of darkness this sort of thing turns into holy wars. You don’t have to be in darkness in a time of darkness though, do you? No, you don’t and you can’t save the world but… if you could (grin), you wouldn’t accomplish it by running around and banging on everyone about the obvious which, to them is not obvious because they are dreaming. That’s what you are up against but… let’s say you come to realize that one mind state. Let’s say that even if, temporarily, you are unable to, you still go around acting as if it were true’, the same way that you enter the Kingdom of Heaven by going around and believing and acting like you are already there. This sends out a resonating vibration that is intrinsically unifying. It also has an effect in the present or AFTERWARDS, when you might be somewhere else but… really, you’re everywhere aren’t you and part of everything?
Once you have gained some facility with the original breath work; casting out every thought that comes into your mind and attending it with light snorts and an inclination of the head in the direction of the side of the nose that is most engaged; understand… this can be very subtle. You can snort with very little effect on the parts of yourself involved and the whole thing can be very surreptitious in terms of the world around you. Once you have gained some facility, you get yourself a picture of God that you like and are attracted to. This might be a little difficult for Christians (grin) but simply picture God in some way that is workable for you. You have to have a picture and even a Major Arcana Tarot will work very well in this respect. It is what they are designed for. In your case you can take The Hanged Man. Others can take an example of that beautiful Islamic calligraphy. You can take one of those posters of Krishna with the serpents behind his head, or whatever you prefer. You can take a graphic of whatever Buddha floats your boat. There are many to be had, like The Amitabha Buddha (this is a kind of Cliff Notes description). Here is an important saying by Gautama Buddha that directly relates to what is going on here; “We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world”.
What you are going to do is to take whatever picture you are led to select and put it on the front wall of your empty mind and ask that personality of God to grant you it’s presence. You are going to ask this deity to visit you; to reveal him/herself, to guide you, to rescue you, to lead you, to enlighten you. You’ll do this in your own words and you will do it every time it occurs to you and you will try to be aware of how often it slips away and how much time passed before you remembered again and you want to seek to be aware of whether someone actually reminded you or you just remembered.
You are going to seek to love this being with your whole heart and mind more than anything else. This is of critical importance because that being WILL NOT show up otherwise. Love is the irresistible force that COMPELS God to appear.
When I lay down at night on my back, I do a particular prayer, which is a collection of requests and I do it as if I were doing it for the first time. Never let yourself fall into the very bad habit of just repeating something when you are talking to God. Keep in mind that God is listening. That is a fact. Keep in mind that every event in your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is a special engagement of God with your soul. When I am finished with my prayer, my heart and mind spontaneously begins to say, over and over again, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you”. It goes on and on. It happens all by itself. Sometimes I wake up in the morning like that too. You can repeat this while interacting with the image you have selected. Become creative about this process. Get inventive. God likes that you are going through the trouble but… it won’t be any trouble at all. You have to see God as a companion in all your moments, whatever you are doing. This will also have a pronounced effect on your behavior. Some of you masturbate. Well, do this then too. You can get sexual about it. I’m not recommending anything like this but… you are doing that sort of thing so, you might as well take it to it’s highest point. Shortly you will find this need diminishing, or God will send you someone to perform it on. If you are in a relationship, don’t have sex unless it is with God because everything is God, one way or another. See this deity in everyone you meet and it could well speak to you and has before already.
I could go on but… this should serve for the moment. You can keep doing the breath thing while you are doing it. Do it with a natural ease. Celebrate it with movement if you like. Take walks in Nature, especially at dawn and dusk and strike up a conversation. Alright then, you’re good to go (grin)
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