A Gay Mafia in the Republican Party?

Opposition to Gay marriage is one of the biggest reasons many people still support the Republicans. The idea of Gay marriage is a monstrous moral abomination and the Democrats outraged ordinary Americans pushing that piece of insanity. The Gay marriage issue is a highly charged emotional issue, and just the sort of thing that Republicans look for, which can keep them in power. Meanwhile other issues like reverse discrimination, the illegal war in Iraq and an eight trillion dollar federal debt get pushed to page two.

Over the last ten years, an increasing number of Gays have turned up at high levels in the Republican Party. There is an organization called the “Log Cabin Republicans” which is openly Gay. Bob Dole angered mainstream conservatives when he accepted a donation from them in the ‘96 presidential election. Michael Huffington, a Republican candidate for Senator in California in the ’90s was exposed as being Gay only after he lost the election. Congressman David Dreyer was outed by fellow homosexuals during his last election, which he nearly lost due to his soft stance on illegal immigration. Are these Gay Republicans who’ve been outed a sign of a much larger problem?

One article reports George Bush’s closest advisor, Karl Rove, has been seen frequenting a Gay bar in Washington DC. Another article reports “The Gay Republican Mafia is evidently in control of the Party, even as they spin hard to avoid the obvious questions. How did so many closeted ‘conservative’ gay men wind up in the upper echelons of the GOP? Should the GOP be called the Gay Old Party now? With gay RNC chairman Ken Mehlman and the latest outing of fake reporter Jeff Gannon, a GOPUSA/ Talon News shill, the issue of Karl Rove has come out as well, so to speak.”

An New York Daily News article reports on how a man linked to Gay prostitution was used by Republican as a phony reporter to ask questions at Bush press conferences: “A conservative ringer who was given a press pass to the White House and lobbed softball questions at President Bush quit yesterday after left-leaning Internet bloggers discovered possible ties to gay prostitution. ‘The voice goes silent,’ Jeff Gannon wrote on his Web site. ‘In consideration of the welfare of me and my family, I have decided to return to private life.’ Gannon began covering the White House two years ago for an obscure Republican Web site (Talon-News.com)… Gannon was also given a classified CIA memo that named agent Valerie Plame, leading to his grilling by the grand jury investigating her outing.”

Even worse, there are plans to change the Republican Party to make it just as Gay-friendly as the Democrats. If George Bush selling us out on illegal immigration isn’t bad enough, there’s more betrayal ahead. A recent article reports “Charles Francis, a homosexual activist and friend of President George W. Bush, regularly briefs Bush senior advisor Karl Rove on his group’s effort to end the GOP’s opposition to homosexuality, according to a National Journal report. Francis heads the Republican Unity Coalition (RUC), a year-old organization that seeks to make homosexuality a ‘non-issue’ in the Republican Party. The RUC has the backing of several prominent Republicans and Bush backers — including senior White House aide Mary Matalin, who is pictured prominently on the group’s Web site attending a 2000 fund-raiser for the Coalition. Former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson (Wyoming) has taken a public role as the RUC’s honorary chairman, chastising Republicans who oppose homosexual behavior.”

Most ordinary Americans don’t have a clue about Karl Rove or Ken Mehlman. Many Americans don’t know that Karl Rove has been frequently referred to as “Bush’s brain.” Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack have been blissfully ignorant of the true nature of the Bush regime. They think everything is being done for sincere, patriotic reasons while nothing could be further from the truth.

One fact that went completely over the heads of most Americans is that George Bush did absolutely nothing to outlaw Gay marriage. All Bush did was talk. Perhaps he didn’t want to upset the Republican Gay Mafia by actually passing legislation himself. He could have had a federal law created in the Republican-controlled House and signed it in to law himself, but he didn’t. Instead, local state Republican workers did all the work to put propositions on their state ballots and Bush stole all the credit.

The truth is that we need a new political party. The Republican Party only pretends to represent our interests. The top level of the GOP is infested with Gays and would shock ordinary Americans if they ever got a close look.