A Child’s Remains And Other Bones Found At Former Canadian Indian School!

Northerntruthseeker – November 29, 2011

Noor, a personal friend of mine who writes Snippits and Snappits brought to my attention some time ago the mounting evidence that the British Royal family, including the Queen of England herself along with many others, were involved in a massive pedophilia ring here in Canada, that involved the abduction and murder of aboriginal children at several Aboriginal schools on Vancouver Island, and elsewhere across Canada.

I put up a previous article, with the following link,  that asked a very hard question, especially for those Canadians that still are madly in love with the shysters called “British Royalty”, if the Queen of England herself was involved in a massive pedophilia ring in Canada that involved the abduction and/or killing of aboriginal children here!   The findings were still coming up with no forensic evidence to back them up at the time of that report…

Well, it looks like some damning proof of the abduction and killing of those Aboriginal children since the time of that last report has finally come to light.. According to this new report that comes from the website: Red Dirt Report, it appears that human remains, including those of a child, have been found at a former Canadian Indian School that was implicated in that massive child abduction and pedophilia ring!  This is astounding to say the least, and I have that full report right here for everyone to see for themselves:

A child’s remains and other bones found at former Canadian Indian school

By Jeremiah Jourdain and Kevin Annett – For ITCCS.org November 29, 2011

 BRANTFORD, Ontario — Archaeological surveys and test digs authorized by we, elders of the Kanien’keha:ka Nation, have been conducted at the former Mohawk Institute Indian residential school since October 1. 

This past week, while on the grounds of the school, our researchers along with Kevin Annett -Rawennatshani, who acts with our approval, have unearthed what has been described as human remains. 

One bone among sixteen uncovered has been identified, through preliminary visual examination by a competent archaeologist, as that of a young child. This bone sample is described by the same archaeologist as “definitely human.”

A test dig in a twenty square foot area on grounds adjoining the former Mohawk Institute have revealed a considerable number of bones, as well as buttons which have been confirmed to be part of the children’s school uniforms. Large deposits of coal were also found associated with these remains, all at a depth of barely two feet. Several of the bones have also been cut up, suggesting that the bodies may have been deliberately dismembered, while other bones were broken.

We declare the area on and near the former Mohawk Institute to be a crime site under our jurisdiction, and we will not allow representatives of the Crown or Church of England, or the government of Canada, access to these excavations because of their complicity in this crime.

These institutions have consistently refused to disclose the evidence they possess regarding the Mohawk Institute and the deaths of children under their legal care, and therefore, we are proceeding to charge these bodies with crimes against humanity in international courts of justice, based in part on the forensic evidence we have uncovered. 

We now call upon our community and the world to rally behind our efforts to bring recognition to the remains of children buried on the Mohawk Institute grounds, and our work to excavate this site. Prior to any possible repatriation of these remains, and because these remains may include children from other indigenous nations, we look to those nations to participate with us in this work and welcome their input, and we urge them to begin their own excavations at local Indian residential schools.

We appeal to other nations to send archaeological and forensic specialists and international observers and peacekeepers to our territory to operate under our Mohawk jurisdiction, to assist with our inquiry and protect the burial sites until the remains can be accorded a proper burial according to our diverse traditions. 

Until these experts arrive to conduct a professional archeological excavation of these graves, we are temporarily suspending our excavations.

As our investigation continues, the bone samples will be subjected to further forensic tests, and this data about the human remains uncovered at the Mohawk Institute will be prepared in a final report to be delivered in the spring of 2012 to human rights courts and Parliamentarians in Europe, as part of a campaign to bring charges of genocide against the Crown of England, the government of Canada, the Anglican Church in Canada and other guilty parties.

The Mohawk Institute inquiry is held under the auspices of the Onkwehon:we (Mohawk) Nation and Kevin Annett (Rawennatshani) of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, who has our full authority and protection.

For more information contact us at 519-757-3624 or at rawennatshani@yahoo.ca or hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com

For more information online go to www.itccs.org.

NTS Notes:  Yes, this is damning evidence against the Canadian Government, and the British Crown indeed.  If these findings do pan out, and it links back to the Queen herself, then the entire monarchy should be investigated, and that criminal institution rightfully called into question….

I will be awaiting the results of the forensic tests for sure, and will be presenting them here once they come to light.  I guarantee the spin doctors here in Canada and in the United Kingdom will be working overtime now in trying to distance the British Crown from this newest evidence.   But the truth must be told, and if the Queen is found guilty of being a part of this murder of innocent children, and brought up on charges, then there will be hell to pay!

I asked the question before if the Queen herself was involved in a massive pedophilia ring in Canada… If this newest evidence proves factual, then the answer may be YES!    The resultant outcry from the public will indeed be earth shattering and may spell the end of that criminal organization once and for all…

*Further note… After originally posting this article earlier today, it just came to my attention that there is a video that has a news conference by the Mohawk people, dated November 28th, yesterday, that explains this newest finding in detail… Here is that Youtube video: