“A Harlot, a Trollop and a Whore”

As readers of the first issue of The Seeker will know, Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit on Princess Diana’s death clearly indicates that it was more than an accident. The former MI6 officer’s testimony to Judge Le Herve’s inquiry into her death is convincing evidence that Diana was killed in a carefully staged operation. And despite being ignored by the “free press” it is nonetheless a compelling insider’s account of a truly historic event.

However it doesn’t answer the billion-dollar question as to why Diana was killed?

Could it be that the Windsor’s wanted her out of the way because she knew too much? Could it be that they feared embarrassing disclosures that would threaten their continued reign? This week former royal valet George Smith revealed that he was subjected to a homosexual rape by one of Prince Charles’s closest aides. Thereafter he says that the Windsor’s were complicit in a cover-up of the incident – whilst Diana in contrast taped an account of his harrowing ordeal as further evidence of the darker side of the Windsor household.

Was this a reason for Diana’s tragic “accident?” Did she know too much about what went on behind the palace’s walls?

Thereafter she is said to have deposited the recording in a mahogany box, along with other incriminating tapes and notes she had made on her life with the Windsor’s. After the case against Paul Burrell was abandoned it was revealed that this was the very box police were looking for when they searched his home during the theft inquiry. Paul Burrell’s wife told the Sunday Mirror: “There was a knock at the door and an officer said, “Lady Sarah wants Princess Diana’s box back and all her private papers.”’

The tape’s explosive content would have been revealed if Burrell’s Old Bailey trial had not collapsed, after the Queen’s belated recollection of Burrell telling her that he was taking some of Diana’s possessions for safe-keeping.

“Prince Charles covered it up when it happened,” the alleged rape victim told the Mail. “He would not have wanted it coming out at the Old Bailey.”

In addition to the rape claim Smith also told the Mail that the tape contained another allegation, even more damaging.

This concerns an incident he witnessed involving a servant and a member of the Royal Family. If aired in court the tape would have had serious repercussions for the royal establishment. And this was the reason, Smith believes, why Britain’s Royalty were so anxious to wreck Burrell’s court appearance.

Were Diana’s tapes the reason for her sudden, tragic “accident”: did she know too much and have too much evidence about the hidden side of the royal household?

In a further damaging development it was revealed that Prince Phillip had sent letters to Diana which were curt and to the point; in one particular letter he is said to have described her as a “harlot, a “trollop” and a “whore.”

Despite his pledge of loyalty and affection for the Queen, she is said to be “livid” over Paul Burrell’s revelations to the Daily Mirror.

She is probably not the only one.

Diana’s family are likely to be seething too. Burrell recounted to the Mirror the last time Diana spoke with her mother, Mrs Francis Shand Kydd, six months before the princess was killed. ‘“I heard her shout ‘Paul, come quick, come quick,” says Burrell. “She was hanging over the over banister, shouting down. According to Steve Dennis writing in the Mirror: “It was not unusual for such dramatic beckoning. But what he saw next distressed him. Sitting cross-legged on the floor of the fireplace was Diana, clutching the telephone to her ear, hunched forward and in tears – “She waved me over with her hand”, says Burrell. “I joined her on the floor, crossed-legged and sat close beside her. I lent my ear as near as possible and listened to the conversation – albeit one-way.

“It was the slurring voice of Mrs Francis Shand Kydd. What I heard was a torrent of abuse, swearing and upsetting innuendo towards the princess and the male company she was keeping. She was using the kind of language you would never expect to hear a mother say to her daughter.”’

Princess Diana then slammed down the phone, telling Burrell, “I am never going to speak to my mother again.”

She never did, six months later Diana was dead.

Burrell’s disclosures were a main news item for some time in Britain, with the tabloids making much of them. But none of the mainstream media has asked whether there was indeed a connection between what Diana knew and could reveal, once she was married to al-Fayed, and her sudden death.

Notes see:

Richard Tomlinson’s affidavit on Princess Diana’s death is a crucial, historic document that clearly implicates Britain’s House of Windsor in Diana’s death.

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On August 24, 2005, George Smith died of an “unknown illness”. Although his death went virtually unreported by the mainstream media, this web site cannot but suspect that there may have been more to his death than simply an “unknown illness”. In short, he may have been murdered to prevent further embarrassment for the House of Windsor, just as Princess Diana had been murdered.