The Zombie Children From Deadweight City

Smoking Mirrors – November 27, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Oh the nausea, the horrific, ‘can’t take your eyes’ off it, slow motion train-wreck of the shiny eyed, zombie children from Dead Weight City. There’s no need to list the many incidents of shopper rage and police over reaction. An old grandfather, was beaten into a bloody pulp, for suspected shoplifting, because he was trying to save his grandson from being crushed. All this and much more, to buy shit that sits in closets or winds up in the landfill shortly after. Several incidents involved video games and the electronics to play them. This is how desperate escapism has become. They don’t register why they need it so bad but that’s why. They want to get away but they don’t know where to go and the ultimate escape hatch is in your head. It’s either violent death or alternatively porn. Ordinary porn is passe. Now we need porn on steroids; pneumatic tits that point straight up in the horizontal, like the nose cones of rockets for the imagination, hearkening back to some kind of messed up breastfeeding thing in the early days.
Ordinary porn is… ordinary, perfunctory, tired and going through the motions. The money shot has replaced whatever it was that we have forgotten, that once took up our time in place of it, just like all those stretches of time that are now occupied by the cellphone. What did we do before? When you go to the forums to read about new cellphones, supposing you need one, like a soon to be traveling (where am I going) something or other, you find that the top concern is whether the phone will play certain games. The game of life isn’t exciting enough? Is excitement really what you want? Watching a movie is different than being in it. Like Bilbo once said in an exchange with Gandalf (I think); paraphrasing… ‘When you read about adventures in books, you always think about how exciting and glamorous they are. You don’t realize that sometimes it means sleeping on an uncomfortable tree root in a heavy rain and worse’.
I’m not down on cellphones or electronics in this information age. These are necessary tools for me; not the cellphone, but even that is temporarily very convenient. What gets me is the hunger and ‘me first, you later, maybe’ mindset and I’m going to get into the why and wherefore of that now but… not before I say a little more about porn and video games. Porn is what happens when you are incapable of romance, either because you are indifferent to it, don’t possess it or are terribly insecure about the vulnerability and honest risk that comes with it. Because of the tsunami of titillation and sensory video coming through the eye camera, or latterly through the hard disk of the brain, innocence is gone. It’s gone in elementary school. Attendant with this is the epidemic of tits in 5th and 6th grade because of the hormones in everything. Perverse as it may seem, a lot of this child molestation and kiddie porn fascination has to do with a drive to recover one’s innocence without being aware of it at all. It’s also about power and being in control because we don’t feel in control and we desperately desire it.
Ordinary porn is ordinary. As the condition progresses you need a stronger hit. This is the same with video games; the kills have to be more spectacular, the villains more menacing, the blood-splatters more convincing. With porn, there are a couple of things going on. One of them is an intentional desire on the part of those producing it to corrupt the human mind and drag it down, into a cesspool of twisted shit and unbearable guilt, for the purpose of enslavement and spiritual death. I don’t need to go into who owns more than 90% of it, or that most of it is done in the US, or that most of that is filmed in The Valley, which is to LA what Brooklyn is to New York.
Now there is this rapidly growing fascination with bestiality and there are videos that involve camels, horses and even elephants, dogs are ubiquitous and kids are watching them and even acting in them and doing it on their own and uploading it to the internet in some cases. I don’t want to go into what’s out there. It’s worse than you think.. Ergo, the powerful drive for innocence in some fashion, however reversed and screwed up it is. A few years ago there was this news article about all these twelve and thirteen year old girls making sex appointments with older men in London so that they could become more empowered shoppers. We already know about rent boys.
The crazed shoppers are simply driven, like the porn addicts, from another energy center in the body. Think of your chakras as the different floors in a building, where the garden area is on the upper floors and objects and actions for various utility can be found from the ground up. Each of these energy centers are like stops in an elevator. When you ‘get off’ (pun intended) on a particular floor, the environment of that floor completely surrounds you. Only the things relevant to that floor are on that floor and it is possible to believe that this is the only floor of the building and… people do. People become fixated on enjoying what is available at different floors without realizing a very important truth. The enjoyment factor intensifies- and that includes all the lower floors that you may or may not visit- on the return trip. What was just ordinary sex on one floor, become divine union on another and the only real difference is who or what you are having it off with. Go read the writings of mystics through the centuries. The Song of Solomon is an example of this. I speak from experience when I say that intercourse on the high end, blows ordinary intercourse out of the water; unintentional puns continuing.
Think about this, the chakras are electromagnetic. Women are magnetic, men are electrical. Truly grasp the permutations of this and you could build a flying saucer, relatively easily, if you had the components. You do have the blueprints, if you know where to look. Da Vinci, Tesla and others have been there to a greater or lesser degree. Leonardo DiCaprio has not been there. The word processing software knew his name. It did not know Da Vinci’s
Certain forces in the external world have generators that operate on the electromagnetic centers and galvanize and excite them. Those most susceptible, become the crazed shoppers or porn addicts or video game junkies, or whatever. In a time of material darkness, the general activation powers are centered on the bottom three energy vortexes. Depending on the relative degree of light and darkness, depends on whether there is, whatever amount of traffic there is, on the upper floors. What happens out here is dependent on who is operating from the manifest version of the upper floors, which is not the same as The Upper Room.
When you feel a pull on some part of your person, you either submit, or you sublimate, or you wrestle. That’s it, baby. The propensity to submission, is the greatest in the collective mind, in times of darkness, the aggregate force of this affects all of us, whether we are so disposed or not and this factors into the general malaise or frenzy, depending on the differing narcotic values. It factors in to the deep sense of personal unrest, the rise of atavistic apprehension, the sense of enforced detachment, alienation, fear, FEAR and on a physically expressed level; disease, violence, punishing acts of deception… you can add to the list and forgive my less than eloquent handling of this paragraph. I just want to get through it. I literally just want to get through it. Now there’s a pun that serves to confuse if anything (grin).
There are steps you can take to counteract these things but most people don’t know what they are or lack the partnership of determination and imagination to create their own, which is altogether possible if you have spent any time on the upper floors. This is why I got/get high. Sometimes, people like me have to get high to blow the carbon out of their jets; to clean the fuel injection system and to lubricate the machinery. In times of darkness the power of what presses us down, is of such an intensity that you need booster rockets to break out of the atmosphere. I’m just speaking for myself and I know that there are some who can manage the whole affair, without this necessity but I wasn’t born into a family of aware Brahmins of the Eastern type and I haven’t had the benefit of surrounding fellowship in a ‘functional’ community of kindred spirits. Call it weakness if you like, or an excess of spirit and impatience. I call it survival tactics and I’m still here and in pretty good shape considering. I wouldn’t be if I was sitting in a bar and a whole lot of people aren’t; see, that’s another feature… offsetting the general trend with a propulsion device in the opposite direction. The one thing a Hermetic Scientist learns is that you have to swim in the opposite direction of the other fish, without running into them.
I could have gotten a little more finely detailed here but that’s what the archives are for. You can’t be comprehensive with three and a half word-processor pages at a toss. I suspect we’ll engage some of this when we see each other shortly, as some of us will. Meanwhile and independent of that, you’ve already got all that. It’s knowing where to look and how to find the visitors center, or information desk that is the problem. Most people don’t know that The Akashic Records are contained in a library quite similar to any library you may have ever been in; “as above, so below”. I tried to briefly detail this in “The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World”.
This is a time of summing up and I can’t say that emphatically enough. It is very personally important; more important than anything else you have gotten up to. Get through the challenge and you have a wide and unhindered skate, as if you had your own Norwegian fjord and with far more entertaining inlets, coves and what have you, which put the secret portals and levels of any video game to shame. You have to become like a postman; through rain and hail, sleet and fog, or whatever the conditions. Get used to it and it’s not that hard. Get committed and it is much easier. Discipline is like a tree at the various stages of its growth and it will definitely shelter you later on. The key is to love it and then it’s not work at all. Loving it may only be a matter of realizing where it leads and… some things you have to take on faith.
So it is for us at this time and it is going to get a lot easier or a lot harder and that’s up to you. Some choices may seem hard but the cost of not making them is a lot more expensive in the long run. Hitch your wagon to a star, you’re a whole lot better than you think you are.
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