Bunker-Buster “Fitzgerald” Zeroing-In Over Bush/Cheney Potomac Cesspool

Alas! The White House basement is no longer a safe haven for BIG Dick or his PNAC counterparts to perform their obstinate covert operations. After years of wreaking havoc upon distant nations and assaulting the American way of life here at home, these spineless sub-level sewer dwellers, this smelly pool of scaly carp will soon be floating to the top of Washington’s reflecting cesspool for all the world to see.

They will quickly surface after special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald does a little grenade fishing in the DC swamp. Godspeed to our hero and his bunker-buster indictments! May his exploding fishing expedition gloriously yield a stringer-full of slimy political fillets!

It is said that everyone is born into this world for a special mission in life. By this measure, Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald is performing his most crucial birthright, his legal destiny, his monumental mission of hooking and snaring evidence against these savage criminals who have perpetrated the most grievous, evil crimes ever committed against the world over.

Just like Archibald Cox had Richard Nixon and Kenneth Starr had Bill Clinton.

In short, we should all consider Fitzgerald’s plight to be our real-meal-deal at truth’s dinner table, a whispering hope that the prevailing perseverance of justice and democracy is still alive and breathing in America. This is not about partisan semantics over political philosophies. This is beyond any bull-crap red or blue color-coated neuroses with the lapdog media diving on their swords to save Dubya — this is a real criminal case against real psychopaths who are really hallucinating that justice will not get served to them for the deadly deeds for which most of us already know they are guilty.

On the contrary, this whole affair is an OVERDUE “international seafood smorgasbord” and Fitzgerald is the honorable host bringing some freshly dipped executive shrimps with yummy subordinate scallops. And I don’t know about you, but while the rest of the world is contemplating coleslaw or potato salad with their feast, I’m simply bringing a hearty appetite, and with much appreciation serving as the garnish on my humble plate.

So when the entrée is served, and we belly-up to the table, we must all remember that these indictments were birthed from the actions of the most shrewd, calculating cabal of hardened criminals at the highest level who, thus far, have stolen the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people worldwide. I know I’m not alone when I say this — I consider the Bush family cartel comparable or worse than Hitler’s secret service throwing Jews in the oven. How can I say this? Well, this hasn’t played-out yet. This 21st century cartel continues to kill, maim and displace millions at this very
moment. And, at least, for just a little while longer, until the meat hits the boiling pot…

Fitzgerald will bring forth evidence of how the Bush administration Lied and forged evidence that duped the American people into waging a pre-emptive war against a country that posed no threat to us — all for the cynical purpose of lining the pockets of their close-knit corporate supporters and direct family business partners, paid for — at our expense — by looting billions from our national treasury.

Best-case dessert cherry — the special prosecutor might prove how the three elections since President Clinton left office was fixed. Or perhaps he will shed some light on the truth of how the Bush crew either had prior knowledge or participated in the September 11th attacks upon this great nation. Bring-it-on Fitzgerald! Who knows what surprises may float to the surface from the deep murky waters of this evil administration after his pole starts to dip.

Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City, Arizona, a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Replies welcomed at vincespainting1@hotmail.com
© 2005 Vincent L Guarisco