The Iconoclast October 24, 2005

The massive storms that are battering the east coast are not the result of “Weather Control” but due, in part, to the warming of the oceans. Also, there is a weather cycle that contributes to this bad weather. Coupled with rising sea levels, due to the acknowledged melting of the polar ice caps and the massive Greenland ice cap, rising seas are a contributing factor to the growing damage from heavy storms and massive and on-going beach erosion on both the east and west coasts. None of this is a mystery; there are reams of serious studies on Google and other search engines, but it seems that a new cult has grown up on the internet that proclaims that all of these problems are due to sinister tampering with the weather by government agencies. Why they should wish to tamper with the weather is never made entirely clear but one can find site after site, breathlessly mentioning “famous scientists” and equally famous “weather experts,” none of whom are known to the scientific world. The official government HAARP project is supposedly a plot to let radiation into the atmosphere to create problems. Since there are no customs officers on duty in the sky, what, pray tell, is to prevent this cloud of radioactive gas from Mars infecting Washington, DC and killing off those who run the HAARP project? None of these plots, to include the burgeoning stories about the destruction of the WTC by a number of fantastic means, none of which happened, is a symptom of the general disillusionment of the public with the truthfulness of both the Federal Government and the American media. Fungus, and that is how one could best describe these weird stories, grows best in decay. And we would request that fierce advocates of weather control, nuclear bombings of Houston, contrails, a huge Chinese army on the Mexican border, the appearance of the Lost Continent of Atlantis in Lake George, the Second Coming, Rapture, alligators in the sewers, microwave tower mind control plots and many, many more entertaining but time wasting subjects not bother to send lengthy, often misspelled and illogical responses . Get a bullhorn at the local sports store and annoy your neighbors at two in the morning like the Blessed Ken Starr who loved to stand in his Virginia backyard and scream quiet prayers to Jesus to help him yench Clinton.

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