Thanksgiving and the Absence of Gratitude and Manners

Smoking Mirrors – November 24, 2011

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(If the love we awaken in other people is an example of our value to life then Nastatia Nietzsche was priceless. She passed to a higher plane just the other day. This should be a reminder of how temporary our time is and an inspiration to do the very best we can. In that sense Nastatia excelled and left a deep imprint on the hearts and lives of those who knew her. Seeing her with the big cats is a touching affair. She was a regular visitor to these blogs and some of you might have been aware of her. She was the recipient of a deep love from Marilyn and Jabari who rescued her from the darkness in which they found her. Rest in the ineffable Nastatia.)


We are definitely in the calm before the storm. When you seek to understand the movements of war you have only to first look at the economic indicators. You can ignore the saber rattling. It’s the markets that you have to watch, because conflict and the deaths of many are their escape hatches into more enuring periods of abuse.
The psychopathic indifference of people capable of things like this and this, tells you that anything and everything is on the table. Now, the people are rising up around the world and the vicious thug, hirelings of the dark side, are performing on video for the startled eyes of an awakening world. Then there is the telling and accidental irony of cosmic humor wafting above the stink of reality; new world is coming, old world is going and the ripping sounds of hard separations and the click of easy release attend the phenomena of transformation. Rise to the call or be jerked from your beds. The decision is in your hands.
Today is Thanksgiving for those resident in the lands torn from the hands of the Native Americans. Despite that, I like Thanksgiving, because gratitude is one of my most valuable possessions. If you do not possess gratitude you are in serious trouble, even if nothing has happened yet, it will. You can count on that. Be grateful in every moment it may occur to you. Let tears brim at your comprehension of how much you have to be thankful for. One of the secrets of gratitude is that those who practice it are given reasons to be grateful. Comprehend this! It is important. It is only fitting that I include my Thanks giving poem on this day; beautifully rendered by the inimitable Patrick Willis.
One of the things you notice in a culture, terminally afflicted by materialism and especially in the latter days, is the absence of gratitude. Gratitude is replaced by whining demands and assumed entitlement. It expresses itself in pushing and shoving, tailgating, car horns and middle fingers through the windshield. The lack of manners is a general condition. I miss the practice of manners as an automatic function of the human state. It’s worse for those who have let them go. Certain things make you human and the lack of them sends you ‘down’ the road.
There are certain inflexible rules to the smooth running of the cosmos. We don’t completely apprehend them in their fullness. It is this partial knowledge that leads to so much confusion in our lives. You may not believe in a divine hand and you may not believe in anything but the meat puppet format. That’s not important to the understanding of what I am saying. You know, somehow, that there are rules in life and I don’t mean the ones the overlords use to steer and control you. Somehow you know there is such a thing as Karma. I watch you wherever I am. I watch how you move and stand and the rest and it tells me things. Humans fascinate me from the standpoint of a cultural anthropologist. I can watch them all day long. There is so much that is predictable and then there is what is not predictable. In times of material darkness, the predictability factor goes up because the chains and leashes that bind people to the wheel are heavier and stronger. That’s another reality or rule that operates in the universe. It’s related to negative electro-magnetism which, if the process were more comprehensively understood could transform this world in ways that beggar the imagination. Heh heh, I almost wrote ‘bugger’. I see so much rape going on all the time that it is a constant feature of my perceptions. I know there are those of you who like rap. My displeasure with it is the overall effect on the society. It is very often a rape soundtrack. It accompanies and juices the act; lubriciously speaking and, yes, I know there’s inspired work in that format, however rare it may be so you don’t have to point this out (grin).
The callipygian proprietor of our collective attractiveness, seems to yearn for the temporary completeness of being filled with something and the world is happy to provide that through its ass bandit reps. The reversed Kundalini accounts for some of this. Kundalini reverses or gets trapped in the elevator at certain floors, when the pull of materialism outweighs the pull of its natural course; quite understandable in these times. Proper operation of the Kundalini allows you to run around with tigers, like Nastatia. In India, yogis at a certain level of awareness and possessed of particular siddhis, frolic with the wild life or simply live alongside them. This is so widely known within that culture, or what used to be that culture before Bollywood turned into Godzilla, that I don’t need to say any more about it.
It’s all about controlling your animal. Once you get to that, well, there you are and a host of interesting capacities are at your disposal. I would think that this would be a much greater attraction than the shit people get all hot and bothered about but, that’s just me. At this time, the animal side is preemptive and that bodes no good for society at large. However, those who have the other side of their nature preemptive can move through any kind of jungle when needed, not that they would choose to be there in the first place but, shit happens and sometimes you do it because it’s the right thing and that includes ‘taking one for the team'; should such a high honor be accorded to you. Of course, you don’t have to believe any of the things I say. I’ve proven them to myself and that’s the important thing. There is that big difference between intellectual apprehension and visceral awareness and it’s a biggie.
I’ve said many times that life is for the purpose of demonstration. Sometimes the presentation of it becomes surreal and absurd, as it is now and very important people are given the opportunity to show their true colors AND make a complete fool of themselves in front of the whole world AND show how inhumane and vicious they can be with such a casual indifference to the act and the consequences …and there will be consequences. It is the most amazing kind of arrogance among the privileged that they believe they cannot be touched and then, out of nowhere… and it’s not really nowhere; they just weren’t paying any damn attention or thought themselves to be behind protective glass, well, good luck with that.
The thugs in Egypt are using nerve gas on the people, while publicly proclaiming they are protecting the people and serving their interests. It’s really evident in the testimony of the Khmer Rouge at their trial; no remorse, just excuses and always inclusive of their acting on the public’s behalf. Denial is an amazing thing but it’s also another thing you can’t take with you when you go (grin).
Yeah, that calm before the storm. As the economic indicators go haywire, the blood quotient thermometer is rising. The shredded flesh barometer, is also showing signs of a high pressure front. People never get as violent and (operating out of reinforced ignorance) insane as when they are protecting something that is meaningless and worthless in the cosmic scheme of things. It’s like jumping into a fire to rescue colored stones that they became convinced were more valuable than their lives. Like I said, watching people is a fascinating enterprise and it involves a great deal of shaking one’s head. Even when you directly point things out to people they routinely continue as they were going. Some years ago, in Nigeria I think, a gasoline tanker crashed and people were out there, with their buckets, going nuts for some gas and then it caught fire and a lot of people bought it in a gruesome way. A few years later, in the same country, wherever it was and… recently, the same thing happened again and people were out there doing it again and then it caught fire again and people got burned again.
The disappearance of manners and gratitude is tied to values. When one’s values become crass and preeminently superficial, gratitude and manners go out the window. They become like homeless beggars searching for a welcoming hearth but there’s no room at the inn. Gratitude should be an honored guest; kind of the reverse of The Rothschilds setting an empty chair for their honored guest. That all comes down to values too. Your destiny and fate are determined by what you value and you are going to be seeing that in spades all over. We’re going to see the worst and the best in us on display with relentless frequency and you won’t have to ask Kenneth what that is.
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Some people have been doing some interesting collaborations and I thought you might like to see them. Here is a lady named Erin Parsley, dancing to a poem. Then there is Patrick Willis and The Level Shift collaborating on another piece. Last week’s radio show still hasn’t gone up and if I don’t see it shortly, I will put it in Dropbox for download, so check this space for details later on. Meanwhile, have a wonderful day!


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