As predicted, Arab League and Turkey reportedly plan no-fly zone over Syria with U.S. logistical support

By Madison Ruppert – EndtheLie November 23, 2011

I have been reporting on the real possibility of yet another foreign intervention under the false pretense of humanitarianism in Syria for months now, and quite unfortunately it seems that I was right.

Indeed I first brought up this issue on April 16th and April 26th, followed by several other articles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) outlining how the West was moving towards yet another “humanitarian intervention” that will leave countless civilians dead in the name of “democracy.”

I have not been the only researcher and writer covering the Syrian debacle in detail with an eye for the truth, indeed Tony Cartalucci of the Land Destroyer has done a phenomenal job of exposing the situation as well.

This issue is one that requires extensive research and analysis, and I highly recommend that everyone reading this article explore other articles of mine and those who cover the reality of the situation like Tony Cartalucci, as without doing your own research you will be easily deceived by the corporate media’s propaganda.

Al Bawaba revealed that anonymous “Senior European sources” said that America will provide logistical support for Arab fighter jets and possibly Turkish warplanes in an effort to implement a no-fly zone over Syrian airspace.

This would come after the Arab League, who has already booted Syria, will issue a decision calling for the protection of civilians in Syria, as was the case with the UN’s resolution to “protect” civilians in Libya.

It appears that the Arab League is opting to spearhead this effort because of Russian and Chinese opposition in the United Nations Security Council.

However, this would not change the real fact that Russia is wholly opposed to any foreign intervention in Syria whatsoever, as evidenced by their move to send warships into Syrian waters.

Unfortunately it seems that some Syrians are actually ignorant enough to call for a no-fly zone themselves.

One can only assume that they have been solely consuming the whitewashed Western establishment news which glossed over the massive civilian deaths in Libya as a result of NATO “protecting” them.

The unnamed senior European sources told the Kuwaiti al Rai daily that the no-fly zone will also include a total ban on movement of the Syrian government’s military vehicles.

Claiming that this would be aimed at curbing the movements of Bashar al-Assad’s forces, they will restrict the movement of all tanks, personnel carriers and artillery.

They claim that the no-fly zone and ban on the movement of military vehicles will cripple the Assad government’s ability to bomb cities and could paralyze the Syrian government forces “in less than 24 hours.”

Al Rai also reports that the Turkish General Staff’s leadership said that they would not launch an invasion into Syria in order to establish a so-called “buffer zone” which Riad al As’ad, the leader of the Free Syrian Army has previously called for.

The Turks have apparently ruled out such an option and informed all of the parties involved with the evolving Syrian imbroglio that they will not be launching such a “buffer zone” mission to protect fleeing civilians for reasons which are not yet clear.

The Syrian National Council, or SNC, which was created in the mold of the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) has explicitly voiced full support for the Free Syrian Army, which amounts to nothing short of an armed terrorist group.

The looming issue is that the countries involved could bring the wrath of countries like Russia and China on their heads for intervening in Syria, and as Assad has previously said, it could very well lead to an “earthquake” in the region if the West intervenes.

Israeli news outlet YNet News said that the plan is already complete and that it will not only restrict the movement of the Syrian military but also follow Assad’s Presidential Palace, military command and intelligence activities.

These countries making such a decision to intervene in Syria while knowing that it very well could spark a larger conflict with Russia and perhaps China is beyond any and all reason.

The United States entering into such a conflict without so much as consulting our so-called representatives is similarly nonsensical and in typical fashion, an affront to everything America was founded upon.

If the plan materializes, which it looks like it will if al Rai’s reporting is accurate, the Obama administration will likely use the same ridiculous justification they used in the case of Libya, claiming that it does not amount to “hostilities” under the War Powers Act.

During last night’s foreign policy debate the Republican candidate Rick Perry supported a no-fly zone over Syria, despite the considerable threats that would arise if we were to assist in such an operation.

Then again, given that Rick Perry can’t even remember his own platform; I don’t expect him to grasp even the most simple of foreign policy matters.

What is even more worrisome is that Russia and China might not be the only ones involved in opposing intervention in Syria.

Indeed in mid-August the spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, Ramin Mehmanparast, warned against any Western intervention in Syria.

“The events in Syria are its internal affair and there is no justification for any foreign intervention as it can only create many problems,” Mehmanparast said during a press conference.

“Western leaders, especially Americans, are used to interfering in the internal affairs of countries and using any pretext to march with their military forces and occupy the country,” he correctly pointed out.

He said that any American intervention in Syria will only serve to stoke the “public hatred” of the United States throughout the Middle East, which is likely the case, even if Washington falls back on the claim that they are only playing a support role just like they did in the case of Libya.

Mehmanparast said that neighboring nations should held in “bringing stability to the region and resolving, through appropriate channels, the problems between the Syrian government and people who have claims,” which seems like a much more logical solution than supporting foreign intervention that will undoubtedly leave countless civilians dead as a result.

Furthermore, an adviser to the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran sees Arab nations “meddling” in Syria to enact regime change and replace Assad with a government that is “submissive” to Israel, according to Bloomberg.

The top Iranian human rights official, Mohammad Javad Larijani, said that the Arab League’s condemnation of Syria didn’t stem from any concern for human rights, seeing as a “good number” of the Arab League nations are guilty of human rights violations themselves.

I find this analysis to be quite accurate, although to be fair Iran isn’t a saintly nation itself when it comes to human rights.

Larijani also made another quite bold statement in saying, “Our position is that all the hands should be cut off from this kind of interference,” adding, “Iran’s future relations with Syria will be as strong as they are now.”

The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, claimed in testimony before Congress, “Syria is essential to the extremely negative role that Iran has been able to play in the region. Take Hezbollah. The transit routes for the arms to Hezbollah are via Syria. The facilitation that Iran gives to Hezbollah to undermine the state of Lebanon, to put Israel at risk, to basically destabilize the region, it comes via Syria. Syria is basically Iran’s only friend.”

As per usual, it comes out to the surface that one of the major driving forces behind the intervention is Israel, as any nation in the region that isn’t wholly subservient to Israel is immediately marked for regime change.

Feltman also alleges that Iran is helping Syria repress the “demonstrations” as he puts it, when in reality they are actually armed gangs of terrorists attacking government forces and buildings.

Mohammad Esmail Kowsari, the Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Majlis (Parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee also issued a grave warning to the United States should Washington decide to play a role in openly intervening in Syria.

Kowsair said that American meddling would cost us dearly and that instead of meddling in Syrian domestic affairs Washington should focus on the demands of the Occupy Wall Street protesters at home.

“Continued foreign intervention in Syria will only make the Syrian nation more united,” Kowsari said.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also condemned the Western interference in domestic conflicts throughout the world, saying that such actions would push afflicted regions and the entire system of international relations into total chaos.

Lavrov pointed out that economic and political reforms should be achieved through peaceful and inclusive negotiations that are broad in scope and include all social groups and political parties.

Unfortunately, the Syrian opposition has declared that they will not have any discussions with Assad whatsoever, just like the Libyan opposition said about Gaddafi.

As I have previously pointed out, it is absurd for anyone in the United States to claim to be against the government attacking armed groups like the Free Syrian Army that are fighting and killing Syrian government forces given that American police assault unarmed, totally peaceful protesters on a regular basis.

The United States has absolutely no right to claim moral authority while torturing and detaining people indefinitely throughout Europe, the rest of the world and in Guantanamo Bay and while our domestic police forces are steadily militarized, only serving the elite and brutally assaulting anyone who cares to express their right to free speech.

UPDATE: CBS is now reporting that the United States has urged Americans to leave Syria “immediately” which could very well be a sign of an impending intervention.

This is exactly what preceded the NATO assault on Libya when the United States shipped citizens from Tripoli to Malta  via a government-chartered ferry.

Turkey issued a similarly ominous advisory, telling Turkish pilgrims to fly back home via Saudi Arabia in order to avoid flying through Syria entirely for security reasons.

The official announcement, released via the U.S. Embassy in Damascus’ website cites a decrease in commercial flights as the reason behind the announcement.

If a no-fly zone is created over Syrian airspace, commercial flights would be severely restricted indeed.

I was also informed by a reader that Zero Hedge has covered a recent STRATFOR naval update which revealed a disturbing movement of a U.S. aircraft carrier.

I disagree with Zero Hedge’s assertion that STRATFOR’s geopolitical assessments are “always controversial,” in fact I would argue they usually tow the government line in terms of the false “war on terror” narrative, and the non-existent threat of terrorism, along with the Western propaganda regarding Syria and Libya.

Nonetheless, Zero Hedge reports that STRATFOR’s weekly naval update revealed that the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN 77) has left its traditional stomping grounds off the Strait of Hormuz.

On the ship’s official website, the USS George H. W. Bush’s mission is described as: “USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH (CVN 77) will be mission ready to conduct sustained Carrier Strike Group operations and all other operations as directed and required by our National Command Authority to support national goals around the globe.”

It usually occupies the highly strategically important waterway between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, the Strait of Hormuz, with the Stennis, but now it has moved right next to Syria.

Yet another grim portent pointing towards the unfortunate and increasingly real possibility that there will be a foreign intervention in Syria in which the United States will play a major role.

Of course it will be under the guise of “logistical support” or a “purely supportive role” as they claimed in Libya while flying the majority of combat missions throughout the NATO bombing campaign that left Libya in ruins only to leave the spoils for the same corporations that backed the destruction.

Yet the USS George H. W. Bush’s goal of being “mission ready to conduct sustained Carrier Strike Group operations” does not reinforce the notion of a purely support role, indeed if the ship’s movement are any indicator, it could represent a much more significant American role in a possible no-fly zone operation.

According to the comment accompanying the entry for the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN 77), it is under way in the U.S. 6th Fleet AOR, which stands for area of responsibility.

The Sixth Fleet is the United States Navy’s (USN’s) operational unit and staff of the United States Naval Forces Europe.

The Sixth Fleet is part of the European Command and Africa Command, so without knowing knowing exactly what Task Force the USS George H. W. Bush is a part of or what their mission is (which is very unclear as of now) we can only speculate.

You can see the STRATFOR naval update map via Zero Hedge. You can click here to see it full size.


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