Male Performance Anxieties

Is Viagra Cheating?

Many perfectly healthy men apparently are using “performance enhancing” drugs, supposedly intended just for “erectile dysfunction.”

Reports include, “It’s like having a jackhammer between your legs” and “You can swing the bat all night long.”

To continue the baseball metaphor, I ask: Is this cheating?

Is it like using steroids to hit a home run?

Should these men be treated like heroes or impostors? Do women feel they have been with a real man or a particularly lifelike dildo?

These drugs completely automate an act that too often is already impersonal and mechanical. Is this really necessary?

A healthy young man of my acquaintance told me that Viagra relieved his performance anxieties.

I don’t think men should feel obligated to perform. It’s NOT the measure of a man. What a quaint vestige from our primate days! We become a man by serving a higher ideal, not because we can keep an erection.

An erection is a measure of arousal, like the needle on a gauge. Ninety degrees suggests acute interest; 270 degrees suggests the chemistry is all wrong.

The woman or the relationship are equally to blame. In my experience, a woman’s response is a major factor for a man. The biggest “turn-on” is love mirrored on a woman’s face.

We need to fix the problem and not mess with our body’s natural feedback. Using a car as an analogy, if the oil indicator is reading empty, do we break it and paste it at Full? Do we want to risk damaging your vehicle by driving on empty?

We live in an age where we are lied to continually. Do we want to lie to ourselves?

A Reader Reports

A reader “Bud” wrote that he took Viagra right after his second divorce: “I found much to my delight that women were easy. Real easy!

What wasn’t easy was that my heart, soul and body were not as easy as most of he women I met. BUT being a “Man” I thought that I “Needed a woman” and further that I “Needed” to please them.

Well the Viagra worked to fix a part of me that was telling me by not working that I didn’t “Need” sex.

Here was the bizarre part, with the Viagra, yes I had a glowing erection, yes I had her all “going” as well, but after even a minute or two of Sex, I WAS BORED.

I mean I was bored, and distracted and found the whole situation meaningless.

So, to counter my distraction I used of course, booze and “perversion”.

I tried to keep my interest in seeing what “I could get her to do”.

The answer was “everything” as modern American women are prone to do. But what didn’t change was the boredom.

I’d rather wanted to listen to music. I’d rather think about how I missed my children. I’d rather take a walk.

And ALL while having this “great “Viagra sex! But it was not great. It actually made me sad!

So actually Viagra was a great wake-up for me, as it helped me become more aware of my body and my needs. Sex just wasn’t one of those needs.”

Sex is Overrated

Our culture regards sex as a mystical experience, necessary for our fulfillment. In the movies, the sex act is treated like a holy sacrament.

Why is this? Modern Western culture is Masonic in character. Freemasonry originated as a pagan sex cult. The “G’ in the emblem stands for Generation (as well as Gnosis.) It engages in phallus worship. That’s what the Obelisk is all about. Think about this next time you see the Washington Monument.

We are brainwashed to think that sex has some inherent value, that it is necessary for our identity, health etc. Are we secretly being initiated into occult Luciferian sex practices? (See “Rejection of the Feminine is Occult in origin”)

Without love, sex is hardly better than masturbating. And masturbating is just another excretory function.

Sex in our oc-culture replaces love and family. The ultimate goal is to dissolve the family and create a society of anonymous mutual masturbators, who cannot bond permanently.

It’s a long time since I read Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” but these drugs remind me of SOMA, a drug used to distract the masses from their slavery.

Biology as Destiny

To divorce sex from love and relationship is unnatural and inhuman. For most of us, our natural development requires marriage and family. This applies to both sexes.

The reproductive act determines a woman’s destiny. If she offers herself to all and sundry, her husband will be another in a long line of casual lovers. She will not be able to create a marriage capable of supporting healthy children.

Similarly, men have been brainwashed to see women as sexual receptacles. “I’d hit that,” young men are fond of saying. Or “Would you do Britney Spears?”

No wonder men and women are confused. So many people are “do” able.

Love humanizes sex. With love, sex assumes its real significance as the sacred ritual of human reproduction. By creating Life, we imitate God.

The man’s semen represents his spirit, his genetic code, and his tie with eternity. Would he entrust this treasure to just anyone?

By receiving his seed, a woman is embracing and nurturing a man’s spirit. She is surrendering a part of herself and becoming a part of him. This unity is symbolized by their children, which represent their organic growth.

Behind the scenes, Illuminati social engineers are working to destroy our awareness of this necessary natural process.

If we keep this awareness, we will seek an appropriate partner and satisfy our spiritual and sexual needs at the same time.

In conclusion, a man should not feel obliged to perform. Instead of using Viagra, he should develop a long-term relationship where performance is not a problem.
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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.