Revisiting Viagra — Jan 6, 2017

"What's in your pants?" (A credit card commercial asks, 'What's in your wallet?')

“What’s in your pants?” (A credit card commercial asks, ‘What’s in your wallet?’)

Since writing this article in 2005, my ideas have changed somewhat. (My latest thinking is in the text in bold.)  I still believe that promiscuity is dehumanizing and unfulfilling.  Sex is an act of possession which should take place in the context of love and a long-term relationship.
But, I underestimated the importance of sex to women, a common mistake in our culture. Women need sexual satisfaction as much or more than men. Furthermore, a man’s ability to satisfy (“possess”) a woman is an important factor in her feeling of “belonging” to him.
In general, I underestimated how much a good sex life can improve a marriage.

Male Performance Anxiety

(from Oct 22, 2005) — By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Many perfectly healthy men apparently are using “performance enhancing” drugs, supposedly intended just for erectile dysfunction.
Reports include, “It’s like having a jackhammer between your legs” and “You can swing the bat all night long.”
To continue the baseball metaphor, I ask: Is this cheating?
Is it like using steroids to hit a home run?
Should these men be treated like heroes or impostors? Do women feel they have been with a real man or a particularly lifelike dildo?
(Do they really care? No, they don’t.)
These drugs completely automate an act that too often already is impersonal and mechanical. (Not necessarily.) Is this really necessary?
A young man of my acquaintance described how Viagra removed his performance anxieties.

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