Princess Diana’s Driver Blood Tests Faked

Late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES’ driver HENRI PAUL was not drunk when he was driving the car which crashed and killed the princess and her lover DODI AL FAYED, writes British newspaper the Daily Express.

Sources close to the current British investigation into the tragedy believe tests results claiming Paul was drunk were faked, and experts claim the level of alcohol showing in the tests would have rendered Paul unable to stand.

Blood samples taken from the chauffeur were thought to have been swapped with those of a suicide victim who was in the same mortuary.

Paul’s parents have issued a statement reading: “We think it is terrible that our son’s blood may have been swapped. Perhaps the authorities thought we would just accept their reports at face value. But we do not.

“With MOHAMMED AL FAYED’s (Dodi’s father’s) help and resources we are determined to carry on the fight to get the truth. We think there is a lot more to this than just a tragic road accident.”

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