Kidnapped journalist freed in Iraq

Earlier today, Iraqi kidnappers released an Irish journalist abducted while on assignment in Baghdad, a British government source said.

Rory Carroll, is reported to be “safe and well”, having contacted his family and spoken to British officials, the source said.

The Dublin-born journalist, who had been interviewing an Iraqi family about the start of Saddam Hussein’s trial before being abducted, was released unharmed.
His release has been given little coverage in the mainstream Western media and contrasts with the Coalition’s treatment of journalist recently. A case in point being that of Ali Omar Abrahem al-Mashhadani, a cameraman for Reuters who was arrested in August after US forces searched his home.

Since then he has been held without charge in Abu Ghraib, until his case is reviewed

The U.S. military has so far refused Reuters requests to disclose why he is being held.