Excerpt from “Autobiography of an Anti Zionist”

My first year of legal training was done in the office of the lawyer Shmuel Tamir. who some years later would be Israel’s Minister for Justice. The reason I chose to train at his Tel-Aviv’s office was that it was famous as the legal centre for struggle against all kinds of corruption and injustices. Tamir was known to the Israeli public as an anti-establishment lawyer, which is why I felt rather proud to be accepted as a trainee after an interview by him. However, despite Tamir’s popularity and fame as an anti-establishment lawyer I would soon discover that he himself was part of the zionist ruling class, and that his work as a lawyer was designed to manoeuvre himself into a top political position within the establishment.

Tamir’s most celebrated case was his successful role as counsel for the defence in Criminal Case no. 124 of 1953 in the Distric Court of Jerusalem, a trial which became known as the Kastner trial. The trial began in the mid ’50s when the Ben Gurion government (zionist labor) instituted a criminal action of libel against a journalist who wrote in his paper that Dr. Rudolf Kastner, a senior government official, and former head of the zionist organisation in Hungary, collaborated with the Hitler murder machine during the 2nd WW. Tamir’s line of defence was to expose the zionist labor party as treacherous, but without hurting zionism as a whole. Tamir himself was a fanatical zionist. The judge found the allegations against Kastner to be true, and he went even further to state – as one of his major findings – that the so called “Rescue Committee”of the Jewish Agency ( which is a top zionist organisation) was knowingly and willingly part of the Nazi murder machine. The judge’s findings infuriated Kastner who at the time was the head of that “Rescue Committee”. Kastner claimed all along that he just obeyed the orders of the top zionist hierarchy in all his dealings with Nazi hierarchy. Kastner threatened to reveal all, and in doing so made himself the target of the zionist Gestapo (Israel’s secret service) and they gunned him down outside his Tel-Aviv home.

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