Saddam, Sharon and the USA

In 1982 after an assassination attempt the brutal ruthless Saddam Hussein had maybe 150 Iraqi men and boys arrested, tortured and killed. For that today he finally goes on trial. In 1982 after very public American promises to protect Palestinian refugees in Israeli-invaded Lebanon, the brutal and ruthless Ariel Sharon coordinated the massacre of thousands of defenseless Palestinian woman and children by the Christian Lebanese Phalange fighting on Israel’s side. Though an official Israeli Commission of Inquiry found Sharon ‘indirectly responsible’ and recommended he never again serve in government Sharon is today the Prime Minister of Israel. More recently in 1988 Saddam Hussein ordered chemical weapons used on the Kurdish city of Hallabjah and many thousands of civilians were horribly killed. But Saddam is not being tried for this more horrendous crime, and that may be because Saddam was not only then the ally of the United States but the weapons he used were purchased from, and the money he used to do so came from, the U.S. and other western countries. Selective crimes and prosecutions make the trial of Saddam Hussein that begins today more than problematical. And what is taking place today in heavily occupied by American troops Baghdad is hardly to be considered justice.

Meanwhile brigades are training in Venezuela, Iran, and Syria for anticipated U.S. attacks if further CIA ‘regime-change’ efforts fail, as they did in Iraq for more than a decade. Two days after he probably watched Louis Farakhan denounce U.S. imperialism in front of the U.S. capitol – along with a far milder and much more diplomatic Prime Minister of Jamaica who himself followed Fidel Castro’s man, Ricardo Allarcon, from Havana – Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe lashed out at the U.S. and Great Britain from a U.N. forum in Rome. Hugo Chavez did much the same from the rostrum of the General Assembly at the U.N. in New York last month. Mugabe’s ruthless and abominable policies in his own country notwithstanding, these are speeches deserving of being read and the underlying realities need to be far more openly discussed and debated.!1.html