Tony Blair – Former MI5 Informant? And Brown?

Scroll down to ‘Comment’ for details on Gordon Brown’s past, indiscretion is too light a term for this. And whatever you call it, like Blair’s time as an informant, it provides the ‘Powers that be’ a handle whereby they can control him with threats of exposure. Ed.

Ex-MI5 officer David Shayler appeared at a public meeting in Bristol last week to promote his latest book.

His address was covered in the local newspaper, the Bristol Evening Post, but thus far none of the national media have reported it.

This maybe because of what Shayler actually had to say. For a start he believes Dr David Kelly was an MI6 agent who was murdered and that Tony Blair worked for MI5 before he became Labour leader.

Unfortunately, Shayler’s exact words were not reported, making it difficult to assess the claim. Luckily, I found a recording of his words…

Shayler was speaking to 9/11 sceptics in Bristol. They showed a video, then he spoke and took questions. The topic moved from 9/11 to the July 7th bombings in London. Shayler suspects the British security services might have had a hand in 7/7. An audience member asked about MI5’s possible complicity in 7/7, and, if so, whether Tony Blair’s government was involved or were kept in the dark. This was Shayler’s response [my transcription]:

Yeah, I mean, I don’t know how involved Blair is – it’s a difficult question to answer. I mean, certainly I know, as I say, the intelligence services do things behind the backs of government, the cabinet and parliament – it’s very easy in this country to do that, as there’s no oversight of the services. And, in some ways, they don’t want the government to know, so, when they are sent out to deny these things, as Robin Cook was, they can do it looking honest, basically.

But I think the only way we can explain Blair’s behaviour is that he is blackmailable by the intelligence services. I know that the intelligence services have files on most of the Labour government because I saw some of the files while I was there. In fact … [inaudible audience interjections, laughter] …Well, one of the things I want to tell you is that – I actually, I didn’t see this myself, I must admit – but somebody who was reviewing Blair’s file, this was when Blair was unknown really, in 1992, not particularly well known, told me that Blair was an MI5 agent. In the 1980s he’d reported on members of CND and the so-called Trotskyists in the Labour Party.

Now, I’ve tried to get to the bottom of this, it’s very difficult. But it would in some way explain why he does what he does, basically, because he’s actually a stooge, he’s one of them, basically.

Shayler may be wrong about many things, but he’s right that the Blair-as-MI5-agent report has much explanatory value. But whether Blair needed to be blackmailed to act for MI5 is another matter – Blair’s naivity, vanity and ambition, coupled with the state of the Labour Party in the 80s – may have been sufficient motivation for him to inform on “left-wing extremists” to his MI5 contacts. (But then that act of informing might itself become a blackmailable vulnerability, so perhaps Shayler’s right after all.)

I dread to think what might be in Gordon Brown’s file.


We received the above from an individual who will remain anonymous. Nonetheless, it is plausible and explains why Blair went to war in Iraq, despite massive public opposition. Quite simply, he was ordered to go to war by those who effectively controlled his political fortunes. Had he not done so his past as a former informant might have been revealed, putting an end to his career in politics once and for all.

As to what secrets they might have on Blair’s likely successor Gordon Brown? We are reliably informed that photos exist of Blair’s deputy with a male prostitute – which obviously also makes him eminently blackmailable and a prime figure for manipulation and thus a suitable replacement for Blair.

Still, Brown may not be the only sexual deviant in the ranks of Blair’s cabinet. For in March 2003, just before the invasion of Iraq, new revelations linking the Dunblane killings with senior British politicians involved in paedophile rings, looked set to threaten Tony Blair’s continued premiership.

However, the Iraq invasion distracted people long enough for secrecy orders to be placed on documents pertaining to the scandal. So that the documents, said to name George Robertson, the current head of NATO, wont see the light of day for another 100 years, long after the offenders are dead. Ed.