Walking with Ganesha in top Hat and Tails

Visible Origami – Saturday Nov 19, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Tomorrow I go away for a few days to complete the next book. It’s done but the last 6 or 7 chapters need polishing and fleshing out. The end is always the most important part of a book, besides the general content and the tone. We carry a tone with us and we harmonize or we don’t. This harmonization is a tricky thing. Harmonization is about the most important point we can concern ourselves with, as we move through the outer world. It’s not just thirds and fifths that harmonize. There are minor harmonies (The Beatles) and unusual harmonies and harmonies of harmonies. Sometimes harmonization is not the best thing you can accomplish, though a temporary form of it, when you are in the ‘getting out of Dodge’ motif, can be very advantageous. Somewhere in the Bible there is a reference to shaking the dust off of your sandals when you leave a city that is not welcoming to the divine harmonization. You don’t want to get along with everyone but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the appearance of it. We endure and put up with a lot of things because of a fear of the unknown. That usually implies that the assurance of trustworthy guidance is unknown too.
In a little over a month I am going away for a much longer time of several months or so and spanning several continents. It’s a wing and a prayer sort of a thing. I expect I’m going to meet a couple of shamans but that’s not the intent of the trip, that’s just one of the inevitable features. I’m taking the trip to take care of some business that is now coming into being; to see what’s out there and to see what’s in here. I’ll be meeting with whoever wants to meet with me, in those places close enough for them to get to. That won’t be the U.S. proper because there is nothing proper about the U.S. anymore. It’s looking more and more like The Hindenburg and bears similarities, such as a whole lot of hot air and a dangerous combustibility.
I’m off in search of community possibilities, concerning a community, I may or may not spend a great deal of time at but am determined to see happen and I’ve been told that’s okay. There are a lot of good ideas out there but they don’t all have the imprimatur of the invisible on them, for any number of reasons and timing can certainly be one of them. It’s possible that simply not asking the ineffable in the first place is reason enough. I try to run everything and anything I’m headed to or passing through, by the ineffable. It’s okay to take this to the total extreme, depending on your understanding of what that implies. Some people might get frozen in their footsteps and that’s not desirable but… ironically, in some cases, it is definitely preferable to their continuing on, only they don’t know that yet but they will and this is another curious thing of which we are all familiar; we know when we’re going the wrong way, often even if we’ve been deceived about it because something doesn’t feel right. We soldier on (I believe that is the correct term) and battle our way for the purpose of self will run riot, for the purpose of satisfying some imagined need, for the purpose of proving a point (many have died on behalf of this) and there’s seldom any real purpose behind any of it. This is why doing things for and in the name of the divine is the way to go. You summon the divine to your side. If you don’t do that then the divine lets things take their course, so that you can learn the needed lesson and also because God likes to watch. He wants to see what happens. Of course, being God he can immediately compute all possibilities and well, that’s just one way; my point is that God hides things from himself for the purpose of his own or her own entertainment.
Those who do not think that the divine has a sense of humor, of quick and abiding presence, are possibly those who also do not know that this is a divine comedy. One of our biggest and most costly mistakes involves the personage or appearance of the divine in the way we interact. You could say God dumbs down and that wouldn’t be too far off; God dumbs down to be with us on our level, according to how we see any of the units of the family and other relationships outside of it. Think of your mother. God is just like her in her finest hour, all of the time. The same applies to your father. The same applies to your brothers and sisters. Think of your best friend and that single most important quality they possess, which is that they understand you. The divine is just like that in their finest hour all the time. We set God at a distance and that is a bad mistake. We set God so far above us that we counteract the possibility that God can be just as simple and otherwise as we are and anyone we know.
When God speaks with me it is in a certain language. It includes slang, territorial dialects and, on occasion, profanity as punctuation. The divine is a regular guy. Get used to it and see what happens and this brings me to the technique I gave out yesterday and the burning need to clarify a few things and that includes diet as well. I’ll get to that in a moment. The divine is a clown sometimes and sometimes a character from a Broadway musical. The last couple of times I was down in Italy, as a result of Ganesha showing up in the Spring before last, when I nearly breathed my last (nobody but me will ever know how close I came and I probably dropped 30 pounds in five weeks, grin), Ganesha would usually make an appearance, when I went to take Poncho for that round walk that leads over the dirt road that passes through the olive and almond orchards and comes over to a concrete driveway that ends at the end of a certain field and then I hop over the stone wall back into our property. Anyway, Ganesha started showing up in a top hat and tails, with a cane that he twirled around. He’d do back-flips and all kinds of things and we would talk and he would reassure me about the appearance of what I have been striving for and waiting for for lifetimes but… as I’ve mentioned several times before, the divine has his or her own sense of time. He would counsel me on procedure and also let me know that I was being looked out for and not to concern myself with that. In any case, the top hat and tails was a riot and of course he had all kinds of jokes that would crack me up. Sometimes at the tail end of a K session, as I lay in bed, the divine shows up as a standup comedian and might have a straight man or two around and I start laughing so hard in my bed for some time that sometimes I can barely catch my breath. I need to communicate to you the humanness of the divine in his/her relationship with us. The divine, in all likelihood will not appear to you as he/she does to me but there will be similarities.
The technique I gave out yesterday is not something you do for the rest of your life, although you can, do it right and the rest of your life could go on forever. It is not necessary to snort, so that things expel from your nose. I can do it all day long without that happening. It’s just short bursts of breath, which are like unto a hand pushing something or someone through a door. It is necessary to do this until you gain emptiness and that may not even take a long time for some of you. It’s at that point that you always focus on the divine and the presence of the divine and open to it in whatever way suits you best. You might have to bring yourself around to this state a few times but the divine will appear one way or another at some point and you will have the assurance of that connection. None of this contradicts what Homer was saying yesterday about loving everything as an extension of the divine. In fact it is all about this. This is not a philosophy. This is not a commitment to a particular practice for an extended period of time. Some of you are confused about what is going on here and quite possibly that is because I wasn’t as clear as I could be. It could well be my fault, which doesn’t mean what I am saying here is going to make it any better (grin). Should I encounter some of you I will also be glad to pass on a few other things that have been of benefit to me.
Look people, trouble is coming. You don’t want any part of that. How do you avoid it? There are various ways and this is one of them. Nature abhors a vacuum. Once you push all the junk out of your head and your mind gets used to being in that state, someone is going to show. If you are calling out to your ‘higher self’, there’s a good chance that will show up. It happened to me and I am not The Lone Ranger. Consider also that if you are headed (allegorically speaking) for a certain city for a certain reason, what you are after is not the only thing you will find there. There will be all kinds of variations on a theme and all kinds of possibilities, as is the case with the result of this practice and it is also one of the keys to telepathy as well. I’m giving this out because I’m not always going to be around. That’s why I’m called Les Visible. Now there are those who don’t care one way or another whether I am around or not and some who would prefer I left as soon as opportunity provides (grin). I can understand that, though why they come around here anyway is a bit of a mystery, well, not really.
Since I do not take myself seriously in terms of my personal importance, in relation to that which I find important, I can talk a certain way… because even if others don’t understand where I am coming from all of the time, the divine does and that is all that counts because a lot of what gets said here are depth charges, for all of us, me included. I don’t want to feel that I didn’t leave you with useful things. They have proven useful to me. See this technique as a foyer of sorts that’s all. It is an insistence on presence. Where you go from there, once the connection is made is something else. The key to anything of a higher nature has to do with the condition of your mind. If the contents of your mind are battling with the most desired occupant well, you got a problem and until you fix it, you got a problem.
Now, about diet and soybeans and all the rest of that, sure, diet requires a certain amount of attention and being informed. Meat is a corruption and it plugs you into certain things that I prefer to avoid and I don’t eat what I wouldn’t kill so that leaves me with fish at the moment. Meat corrupts in your system because of the much larger length of your intestines, as compared to that of an animal carnivore. The relative distance is significant. However, some people can assimilate this and some people need to continue at it for a time for various reasons. I just don’t do it myself for very good reasons,one of them is all the animal, fear hormones. I don’t need that but… there’s a whole lot of reasons I don’t need to get into at the moment.
The most critical thing to be aware of concerning diet is to bless your food and offer it to the divine and turn it into prasadam. This is a lot more important than organic vs commercially farmed or anything else. Yes, anything else is important but not nearly so much as offering the food to the divine and engaging in transubstantiation. I’ve eaten tofu for decades and it’s been fine with me. You can find something wrong with anything if you want to and get bogged down in the details of this over that, until you don’t know whether to shit or go blind. Bless your food and be filled with gratitude. Do this first and worry about the rest of it later. I’m aware of the intricacies that get mentioned here by a number of people. They just aren’t important to me because the divine decides all those things for me. I’m a simple person and getting more so as there is less and less of me, thankfully. Bless your food.
End transmission…….
If you get the idea that you would like to get together in the deeper southwest in a month or two, let me know or make it known at www.lesvisible.com and we’ll see about it.
There will be a radio show Sunday night as usual, I’m going to get right on that because I’ll be gone tomorrow. Erik the Good will be posting your comments during my absinthe (grin) so don’t be shy. Have a good day and I’ll see you next week, if there is one.


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