The Highway of the Thresher with the Rotating Teeth

Reflections in a Petri Dish – November 18, 2011

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(I had intended to write a piece in consideration of the gay phenomena and, indeed, began it and got halfway through it, only to discover that it requires a deeper consideration on my part to effectively present it. My main focus is on the metaphysical aspects of that and other attendant venues of the times. We already know about the political hammer and tongs and who sits almost exclusively on the boards of all of the major organizations. I’m going to demur for a week or so and let the piece simmer and set. Then we’ll slip it into the oven and see if we get a souffle or a Crème Brulee and whether or not I should have diversified and used a blow torch on the latter. I see a very clear explanation for the whole matter but I tend to look at things metaphysically and I am certain some of what I will say hasn’t been said before; at least I haven’t seen it in my travels through the word jungles of the world; later for that.)
I haven’t had much to say about Occupy Wall Street, which may seem surprising, given that it dovetails as a social and political phenomenon right into my sweet spot; to use a baseball phrase. The truth is that I don’t know what Occupy Wall Street is, although I am continuously astonished by how dead right all of the unofficial spokespeople and mysterious organizational planners are, in going about what they say and do. I don’t pay a great deal of attention to Little Georgie Sorrows and his worldwide webathon to make the world safe for Zionism, managed revolution and mind control. He’s a sick fuck from Hell, if only due to the bodies littering the highways of his global peace initiatives and color coordinated shark scarf agendas. Little Georgie and his rap partners are the great whites that prowl the oceans of the human condition, seeking whom they might devour.
I’ve said it again and again and will say it again; everyone is here for a particular reason in this time. That means the good guys, the bad guys and the overwhelming percentage of either or, still more or less unconscious of what is going on around them. They are unconscious, due to programming and appetite. Some will awaken as the months go by and some will sleep until they are awakened by the rude hands of cosmic agency, which has been left with no alternative.
A great many of us who danced to The Beatles and hit the highway of life in search of something more expansive and unshackled, were born with Uranus in Libra. This was one of the major players in the eccentric nature of the sixties and seventies. It was about personal freedom and it was also the seed impulse for sexual experimentation and those alternative practices that have emerged in a big way since.
Uranus went into Aries in March and is going to stay there for much of this decade. Uranus is the planet of revolution, among other things and Aries has more bikers and road warriors born under that sign than any other. Of course, there’s a lot more to Aries than this and there is always the higher octave of a sign; for instance, unevolved Scorpios are symbolized by a scorpion and evolved types by an eagle. This is because the sexual force, when brought to a certain level in the consciousness, attended by changes in the body, grants vision in all its applications. You might equate it with the opening of the third eye as well.
I’m not going to get too deeply into the astrological aspect of all of this, cause my good friend Michael Rivero might not want to publish this if I do (grin). However, let me say just a few things about the science before I go. None of these so-called divining sciences are absolute and completely comprehensive. They are indicators. A lot has to do with you and that is why a sage mind once said, “a wise man rules the stars”. This is true. Astrology is only as effective and precise as the person applying it and there are any number of people who attempt to read fortunes with The Tarot, instead of changing their fortunes through focused meditation. There are a lot of people who pick up the newspapers and look for their daily astrological prediction, without tumbling to the fact that it applies to over half a billion other people. Astrology gets a bad rap due to the ignorance of the people using and abusing it, on both ends of the equation. The people getting their read on it from the mass twitter mindset are getting garbage and engaged in wishing and hoping or fear and trembling. Why people do not take the trouble, as I and others have, to actually study the operation of cosmic forces before they have an expert opinion is beyond me. One would think one would want to know something about a subject before spouting off. It’s like the people who drink and haven’t taken drugs, who are certain they are bad for you. Certainly pharmaceutical drugs are often bad for you, but as someone who has regularly taken forbidden comestibles for over forty years, I beg to differ. I’ve got a PHD and an MD in that (grin). As my good friend Mark Twain was fond of saying, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
My purpose in bringing up astrology is simply to state, beyond question, that cosmic forces have arranged themselves in a certain order and what is happening bears out the informed interpretation of that. Certain conditions are going to be present and fixed. What is not fixed is our response to it. Here is a little exercise that will assist anyone; atheist or believer or the wider uncertain. Cast out of your mind every thought that enters into it. Do this for a few days, you can still manage what you are engaged in usually. Accompany this with a short outward burst of breath through your nose, as if you were snorting. See what happens. I have just given you the key to something indescribably profound, with tremendous ramifications. That begs the question; how many will actually employ this? That is why I say, “we are the problem”, not all the shit that surrounds us and we have access to the power for change beyond what anyone can imagine. We are the thing that power expresses itself through, if we allow it and have come to a state where we possess the qualities necessary for the demonstration.
Many of the people at Occupy Wall Street are there because of an internal urging that they may not fully understand, including what planetary combination of forces is behind it. Some are being compelled out of their former existence because of a basic personal honesty, like that retired Philadelphia police captain. There is going to be a whole lot more of that and some of it very surprising as the forces of epiphany hammer on the door of ordinary denial. The brutal attacks on members of the armed forces who have been attending Occupy gatherings is going to set off a tsunami of response from that community, juxtaposed with the poor opportunities for employment on their return and the constant attack on promised and assumed services and… there having been lied to all down the line.
It’s going to get nasty shortly and people are going to get killed and that is going to ramp up the entire spectacle. It can’t help getting nasty, baring mysterious cosmic interference, because of the psychopathic nature of those opposing the need for legitimate change. However, these ass-hats are going to be swept aside as the tide continues to swell. The pepper spraying of an 84 year old woman has been seen around the world and the picture tells the tale of premeditated intention in respect of the act.
Absurdity is the final destination of the machine robots and vicious, insidious legislation, in order to populate the already constructed internment camps, on US soil, for the purpose of stifling dissent and as an opportunity for various corporations to make a few bucks, is being pressed into existence by some of the usual Zio-Nazi psychopaths like Chuckie (from the horror movie of the same name) Schumer; congressional Zio-weasel Lehtinen (who is also pushing for the rapidly and magically reproducing hollowcost survivors and she’s also a Scientology tool) and Hell-Bitch, Jane Harmon. They intend to railroad this through to the desk of who else? Smoking Joe Lieberman of course. These are some seriously nasty customers and the cosmos is constructing an industrial can of Whoop-Ass for them as I speak. Never fear that all is as it should be in consideration of all the things that should not be. One day they’ll all be hanging in the smoke sheds of Satan, being turned into still living, human jerky for his occasional snacking; “Um-mm hmm schmeckt gut”! Then I think he farts but I’m not clear on that yet.
I suppose this could all be seen as threatening language but I myself have no intention of being engaged in anything like that. I don’t have to be and I don’t eat jerky, unless it’s made out of tofu, which I do intend to manufacture in my soon to be constructed Tofu Factory concept as soon as the money is right. I’m going to get into explaining all that at the Les Visible blog shortly, just in case any guilt ridden multimillionaires are cruising through this article.
I guess what I am trying to communicate here is that none of us should worry about what may or may not come. Life is a terminal exercise in most cases so, spend it on something that counts. See it as an investment in the First International bank of Karma. See it as a punctuation point on a life well lived. See it as proof to yourself that you know there is more to all of this than you will ever get and the intention is benevolent. Too often we have faith in all the wrong things. Fear is a form of faith. Think about it. As I have mentioned once before long ago, we’re too much caught up in the shadow play on the walls of “Plato’s Retreat”. It’s time to stop shadow boxing. It’s never time for confrontation, except in terms of the unassailable truth, meeting up with the transparent and insupportable lies that it eats for lunch.
All of this is for the purpose of demonstration. Life is for the purpose of demonstration and based on the game of Hide and Seek, which the cosmos constructed for its own amusement. Play the game with passionate abandon or become fully absorbed in the stillness of a gameless state. Don’t get caught in between because that is the highway of the thresher with the rotating teeth.
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