The Iconoclast October 14, 2005

“Falsehood is an amorphous monster, conceived in the brain of knaves and brought forth by the breath of fools. It’s a mortal pestilence, a miasmic vapor that passes, like a blast from hell, over the face of the world and is gone forever. It may leave death in its wake and disaster dire; it may place on the brow of purity the brand of the courtesan and cover the hero with the stigma of the coward; it may wreck hopes and ruin homes, cause blood to flow and hearts to break; it may pollute the altar and disgrace the throne, corrupt the courts and curse the land, but the lie cannot live forever, and when it’s dead and damned there’s none so poor as to do it reverence.” William Cowper Brann

The Wild Hair of Reality Hurts

Now, not only shaken White House staffers but the media itself are beginning to voice their views on the obvious disintegration of President George W. Bush. For some time past, he was the subject of much Internet musings about his medical problems, about whether or not he was drinking heavily from time to time or his apparent inability to speak a complete sentence without issuing a stream of malapropisms.

Even low level staffers and junior members of the television media are now aware that the President is slowly disintegrating before their eyes as the tide of public opinion has turned against him.

Bush has never been a gentleman and often used foul language to people around him at the slightest provocation. But when the tide was running for him and the far Republican and Christian right, he occasionally was good natured, and tolerant of his staff and the press but now that, in his eyes, he has been “betrayed” by what he thought were worshipful Republicans and the Evangelical set, Bush is coming apart like Woodrow Wilson after his stroke.

He is incapable at this point of leading anything, including himself, and God help all of us if China were to threaten a war with us over Taiwan. Bush has lost the support of the military who see him as a fool who has dragged their men into a quicksand swamp that threatens their own reputations and has heightened their concern for the welfare of their men. The fanatics from the right are attacking him over his foolish choice of Harriet Miers as a Supreme Court justice. Meirs is in fact, is nothing more than a sycophantic personal lawyer who obviously thinks Bush has sunshine streaming from his raddled fundament.

Bush was successful for so long because of the exertion and abilities of his staff but now that his own incompetence has emerged in full view because of his bewilderment and loss of command over the massive destruction of New Orleans, loyalists are pulling away from too close a contact with him.

Soon enough, he, a soon-to-be disgraced Karl Rove, and a Tom DeLay, under criminal indictment, will huddle together somewhere, drinking Jim Beam and blaming Democrats, traitorous Republicans and evil secular humanists for their humiliations. The thought that they themselves are responsible for their downfalls will never occur to them.

But in the meantime, no one with any experience of governance who is personally aware of the pending disaster, as Bush crumbles day by day, feels anything but the greatest concerns over the question of who is actually running the country.

It certainly is not Bush, DeLay or Rove and it is obvious that Congress itself will be forced to stop dealing with crooked lobbyists and voting to build bridges in the desert and work with each other to run the nation.

If they do not, we will soon be annexed by Mexico.

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