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Smoking Mirrors – November 14, 2011

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After the Franklin Scandal and the Portuguese pedophile scandal and The Dutroux Scandal and The French Pedophile Scandal and the U.K. Pedophile Scandal and the world wide Israeli sex trafficking trade of all sexes and ages and many more too numerous to mention comes the Sandusky sex ring for underprivileged old, rich white men, which also includes a murder. It also gets much darker than that and even darker than this. We can factor in the abuses of The Catholic Church, which requires no links because if you don’t already know more than you want to about this, then you don’t want to know in the first place. If you have six months of spare time in this Free Range Apocalypse you can go here for a primer.
Since I’ve done a lot of your research for you, I’m just going to state some things and you can take it or leave it. I’m also going to hypothesize a bit, extrapolate a bit and theorize a little. I find it interesting that any number of people don’t believe in God but most everyone believes in the devil; you may have gotten the idea that the biggest coup the devil ever pulled off was convincing people that he doesn’t exist. I don’t know if that comes from Angel Heart or The Usual Suspects, probably the latter. However, it’s my considered position that most people believe in evil and it does have to have a source.
I don’t need holy books to detail and delineate the phenomenon for me. It’s right in front of my eyes. Of course, it could be reasoned that I only see it because of the evil in me and like most things, the truth lies somewhere between any two or more conflicting opinions about something. I tend to believe that the truth is at right angles to everything else. My opinion is that the devil does and does not exist but that it doesn’t really matter for my purposes because whatever that force is, it has no power over those of us that can see through or past it. I have seen both of the two cosmic forces resident in individuals in my travels. I’ve been right up against that. I’ve been in the company of realized beings who were the hosting mechanism for The One and I’ve been in prisons and maximum security facilities for the criminally insane and had lunch with serial killers and people who have done things I don’t even want to talk about here or anywhere.
The reason the Sandusky affair went on for so long and nothing was done about it, is the same as The Dutroux affair and for the same reason that the higher ups connected to The Franklin affair and all the rest of them never got dragged out into the light of day. It is because these things go all the way to the top and involve members of governments, religions, law enforcement and every other endangered infrastructure that now trembles on the verge of collapse.
There is no observable reason why the Sandusky cluster fuck was allowed to continue after being seen in action on various occasions. There is no other conclusion to be realized other than that any number of names mentioned and yet unmentioned were in the thick of it and if they were not players they were constrained by blackmail or some other powerful force that could not be opposed. Consider the issue of a long standing and well known institution of higher learning and how easy it would have been to have dealt with the matter long ago. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to follow the logical neural pathways of this situation.
Israel is one of the main players in all of this and their residents and dual nationals the world over control the global porn empire and their members sit on the boards, in a controlling position, in every major alternative sex organization there is. Sometimes it is exclusively them. This is fitting given their allegiance to the Prince of Darkness and why they are referred to as The Synagogue of Satan. We’ve all heard about the empty chair at the Rothschild dining table, set for Old Scratch; so named for those who have an itch. They’re not exclusive in these things. They have associates and enablers but they’re at the top of a small handful of the major players.
As I have stated on many occasions, the whole purpose of founding Israel was to create a sovereign state in which an international crime syndicate could operate from. This is why the sex trade there meets with no opposition. It has government sanction. Keep in mind that besides the things you do know there are far more horrible things that take place that you do not know about. Between Israel, The Vatican and a couple of global organizations with centers around the world, you have pretty much covered the gamut of those involved.
I have also mentioned any number of times that when an avatar is arriving, to set the tone for a coming age, all that is dark and dreadful is pushed out from the inner planes, where the enduring spiders operate and manipulate those on the physical end. What this results in is the wide spread performance of evil on the physical plane prior to the arrival of judgment. It’s a cyclic thing and it happens like Spring follows Winter.
I’m not writing this today to give you more bad news and to depress you; quite the reverse actually. For those of you who believe in a resident deity, you are aware, more or less of what scripture reports concerning these times. Therefore you require only two things, faith and endurance or, you can replace ‘endurance’ with ‘long-suffering’. Maintain these two states and you are home free. For those of you who believe only in the cyclical nature of conditions and events, simply observe that they are in operation and you’ll be wherever you are and whatever happens, happens; probably not as comforting as you would like but, conversely, you have the illusion of personal control and that’s more important to you than submission to something you don’t understand. For those of you who think you’re just a meat puppet, my suggestion is that you get in touch with whoever is pulling the strings. If you think that’s you then you have nothing to worry about according to you, so it’s all good, sort of.
I want to bring up the nine dead Gulf of Mexico whistleblowers and all those dead microbiologists. This should clue you in to why Congress, The White House and many another agency is in lockstep with the terrible trends of the time and why they lie, steal and murder, without any seeming sense of conscience or regret. I could bring up Senator Paul Wellstone, Ron Brown and Vince Foster but I see that I already have. Those who haven’t totally bought into the horror and horseshit are either in real fear of their lives, or being blackmailed for acts committed on junkets to Israel, or some other location where they were so stupid they didn’t think they would be video-taped. The penis does not have a brain and neither does the one carrying it, when the white cobra rears up and spits into the swollen darkness. I don’t want to seem racist by leaving out the other dicks of different colors but I’m dealing with primary mass here.
For some reason, I’m not feeling any fear whatsoever. This either means I have nothing to fear or I do but it’s handled somehow. I’m mentioning this to convey to the rest of you that all of this comes down to which basket you put your eggs in and to let you know you can’t have one foot in one room and one in the other because it can be problematic if someone goes to shut the door. Keep in mind; what is more powerful, the sun or the darkness it dispels? On the one hand, of course the sun is, depending too on how close or far away you are. There are places in this universe where you can’t see the sun, then again, you can just close your eyes and if the warmth troubles you you can pull a Gollum. That’s a personal consideration. Remember this… if you are traveling away it takes a very long time at any speed to get that far away from the sun, which means some people have been traveling in the wrong direction for an extended period. Can you turn around and go back the way you came? Of course you can, as long as you are still able or present.
It doesn’t matter if you die. How many people do you know that got out of here alive? Some of us do but unless you are working full time on that, which is the only way it happens, then you are looking at an appointment in Samarra sooner or later. What matters is what you died for and also what you lived for. Why is it that it never seems to dawn on most people that their lives can be lived for a higher purpose than submission to the wrong forces or the practices of consumption and procreation? Doesn’t everyone look around and see examples of lives being lived? Why don’t people study old people? Why don’t they go to retirement homes and holding facilities (sorry about the term) and observe? It’s the power of the dreamscape people. It’s the power of the collective dream upon the individual mind. Break the spell. All of these bad guys are under a spell. We are residents in an ongoing and ubiquitous magical war for the harvesting of souls. You can see this mathematically and even as a materialist, relatively speaking, if you know how.
I’m not concerned with how many people believe or scoff at what they read here. I’m already gainfully employed but no one of any stripe can argue away the incrementally approaching unknown and unless you have an answer for that, I suggest you get busy finding one. It is never prudent to enter into a space you know nothing about, without some kind of a map or an idea of what awaits you. I’m not clear on most of the features that are in place there but I’ve got a good idea of how to enter into it; make the right kind of friends on your way and leave good footprints.
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