Well then, “You’re nothing but a Pack of Cards”

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Saturday November 12, 2011

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Well, surprise, surprise! Nothing happened on 11/11/11. However, as Cool Hand Luke would say, “Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand”. Then again, all kinds of something might have happened but we just don’t know about it. The point of my mentioning this goes to what I have been saying lately about no one being able to predict anything. This is the irony of The Apocalypse. While an unveiling, uncovering and awakening is definitely taking place, our ability to see into the future and to compute and predict is becoming more and more cloudy and off into left field. In a cosmic sense, I take this to mean that we should pay more attention to our own internal concerns and less attention to the world around us, unless you are crossing the street or smoking a joint in public; that’s mostly for you Crown Colony residents (grin). I don’t smoke pot so, don’t go there. Of course, I would if I felt like it but it doesn’t do for me what it does for you. I’m monogamous these days in terms of comestibles of that order. Of course, that means, it is less available due to my location than anything else is. There’s a term for this condition that is something like Murphy’s Law but I don’t know what it is.
I made that little digression for a reason. I usually have a reason for the things I do. They may not always appear rational to others but that’s not my concern. My concern is how it impacts on the invisible because everything visible comes from there. Most of us, who are not in some kind of Karmic groove, notice that repeating difficulties and conditions that return from the past, consistently show up in the moment. Another feature that runs along with this, like a partner in crime, is what happens when you try to change yourself. Ordinarily things run along in your resident personal pathway, like they generally do. For whatever reason, you decide to change yourself, quite possibly because of the way things tend to run along in your ‘resident’ personal pathway. Maybe if you alter the resident, the scenery will change and life might gain more meaning and contain more joy. As you attempt to do this, you find that all of a sudden, your circumstances and all attendant features becomes complicated, difficult and resistant. It’s always hardest when you are trying to change. Some of us are not trying to change and that brings me to the point of this posting.
Ages come and go and because they are a little over 2,000 years, maybe 200 more years (which I consider the period of actual change between one age and the other), we don’t notice the transition, except in critical phases because no one we are presently familiar with (of course, I don’t know that and present company excepted) knows anyone who is living beyond the ordinary span of human life. Those who can and do, have to disappear themselves at intervals and then reappear again. This coming age is unlike the last several because this is the end of a 26,000 year grand cycle and the beginning of another.
We don’t even have a record of much beyond 4,000 years, or two ages. I mention this to give some idea of just how important this period of time is. That is why so many people are here at this time. Everyone wants to be here but most of them forgot why, once the world got their attention.
Big Change is coming, probably because “Small Change got Rained on (grin)”. Nations, cultures, financial processes, laws and most manifest things are resistant to change. One of the reasons why bad people put so much effort into making bad laws is that they require more than that amount of work to undo them and just as much to amend them. This is one of the primary considerations of those who make laws to advance their own interest, as opposed to serving the interest of the community for which they got into that position to do so. This is why the rest of you can Bend over and Wait.
We have mostly noticed how what looked like it was coming, has been taking a lot longer to arrive than we thought it would. We have mostly noticed how events like the big false flag and the pending attack on Iran, as well as other anticipated occurrences, have not happened already, like many of us expected them to. We have also noticed how immediately discredited, recent smaller false flags have been, at least as far as those of us not getting our news entirely from the crass media are concerned. This also emphatically implies that those in positions of power and influence around the world, are also increasingly aware of what really happened. It is becoming more and more difficult for the bad guys to effectively justify their actions. Occupy Wall Street is a global reaction to the result of our collective access to information. Given that this is an apocalypse, that is going to increase and increase. Our awareness of what the world is engaged in and our awareness of our own inner workings and composition, are going to be in simultaneous operation; whether you like it or not. It’s better to embrace that with ardor and gratitude, cause it’s coming no matter what and it is already in process inexorably.
This is the difference between ease and difficulty and the reason we have difficulty changing ourselves, is because of our level of commitment. It’s not just that our circumstances become difficult, it is that we are resistant to the very thing we are attempting to accomplish. This is because the subconscious has its own take on things that the conscious mind is unaware of and that is who needs to be impressed in order to achieve effective change. There are timeless and ancient ways to make you subconscious your best friend, instead of your most consistent enemy. As Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us”.
The world leaders and the bankers and all of their underlings and operatives, also came here for this period to play their roles. This got chosen for them based on previous behaviors. Your position in the mix is also dependent on that. Wake up and smell the bodies burning. What are they burning with? Desire; the quality of which determines the amount of smoke in your mirror. This is one of the major keys of existence. Buddha said, “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire”. Desire is also the agent of cosmic will. Friend? Enemy? It’s your call. If you can’t resolve this personal matter, you will be unsuccessful at everything outside of you, or partially successful due to the inconsistency of your effort, by degrees expressed in results.
What is extant in Israel and within the minds of her ‘conspirators’ around the world, is a unique capacity to accomplish certain things based on an ancient understanding of how the world works, which is the key to manipulating it. Just because you don’t see it, which is the purpose to begin with, unless you have those special sunglasses, doesn’t mean it isn’t in full time operation. As the song says, “What’s puzzlin you is the nature of my game”. You get born as a member of one group or another and certain abilities are inherent. How they are put to use is another thing and it is why I don’t wholesale groups of people. It stands to reason that in the Kali Yuga the percentages in all groups would slant toward the negative depending on ‘the degree’ of their innate focus on the material world.
Because of this you can say with uncomfortable assurance that someone is out to get you and because of one’s own internal confusions, the critical truth that someone very much wants to help you gets missed. Because of the times and because of intrinsic human nature, we tend to see the negative first, which is why we so often miss the windows of opportunity. When you begin to learn to look at every problem as an opportunity for gain of some order, you have arrived somewhere that we all really want to be. It’s as simple as understanding the potentially amicable relationship between your two parts.
Let me get back to that practice of ancient arts by the enemy upon your perception of the world. Right now, subliminal advertising is going on everywhere any of us may happen to be, in the world of artifice; cities, towns, living rooms and sundry. These applied magics can work in two ways, so there are good guys and bad guys, but this is the Kali Yuga and so naturally most of the time, all we see are the bad guys and this leads to us often labeling the good guys as bad guys. This is a set trap, or, think of it as a minefield and each wrong step leading to an explosion of confusion. You wouldn’t be confused if there wasn’t so much smoke being generated by your desire body, which is being consciously manipulated by applied magics. This is why historical revisionism and fabrication are so important. This is why telling you what is bad for you is good for you is important. This is why healing is not the primary consideration of allopathic medicine. This is why war is presented under the guise of patriotism and legitimate threat, when it’s nothing more than a business modality.
The problem with our situation and the difficulty of change, is all based on our personal investments and belief structure concerning what we want and who we think we are; “better the devil you know”, so to speak. Nothing is more dangerous and inconvenient to the goals and desires of those manipulating us than a simple awareness of how things really are. This negates the influence. You don’t even, necessarily have to do anything, all you have to do is be aware. That is the intention of The Apocalypse and why it is your friend, unless you are working against the interests of humanity and then, then it is definitely not your friend and why it has an ominous tang to it. You should not have this sensation. You should look at it as a reunion with a long absent loved one. The cosmos is positively operative on your behalf if you are operative on its behalf and what goes around comes around.
Consider the line from Alice in Wonderland, “You’re nothing but a pack of cards”. That is relevant and powerful as an observation and an awareness. It’s the difference between realizing you are dealing only with a shadow and not substance. Fear is what makes a shadow larger than the thing that casts it and fear originates from confusion in this case. I think we’ve covered enough ground for the moment. It’s a beautiful day outside today and perfect for a walk with the dogs in Nature.
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