Voice of the White House October 3, 2005

This part of our weekly website originated from an article sent to us by an outraged low-level staffer inside the White House concerning the President’s seizures and other problems. It was met with great interest and loud denunciation. One White House employee wrote that while some of the reportage was true, the rest was not but others with an intimate knowledge of what we called the ‘Monkey Palace’ wrote to basically confirm the truth of various issues.

The original writer eventually decided that discretion was the better part of valor and retreated into silence but by the time he did, a number of other sources had come forward, all of them on a regular basis. One was with the Department of State, another with the CIA, a third with the Department of Justice, yet another with the Department of Homeland Security and the last two were a Washington-based newsman and a Beltway attorney. Their material would be put together on a regular basis and rewritten for publication.

This column has caused spastic colon amongst both the self-important bloggers and government officials combined but is has a large number of readers.

Now, it has been decided to change the title of the article and let one person, with access to the same sources, actually write the entire column. The name will be changed from ‘The Voice of the White House’ to the ‘Iconoclast.’

An iconoclast is a person who, according to the dictionary, is one “who attacks cherished beliefs , traditional institutions, etc. as being based on error or superstition.”

In 1895, a newspaper appeared in Waco, Texas, published by a certain William Cowper Brann. It was called the Iconoclast or breaker of idols. Brann took on just about everybody, including Pentecostals, Baptists (whom he said weren’t held under water long enough) the British royal family, assorted bigots, crooked politicians and other fools. It was Brann’s attacks on corruption at Baylor University that was his undoing. He was shot in the back by a director of that institution. Although returning the fire and killing his attacker, Brann died and the Iconoclast died with him. Herewith a quote from Brann that is as apt today as it was the United States of the 1890s.:

“Falsehood is an amorphous monster, conceived in the brain of knaves and brought forth by the breath of fools. It’s a mortal pestilence, a miasmic vapor that passes, like a blast from hell, over the face of the world and is gone forever. It may leave death in its wake and disaster dire; it may place on the brow of purity the brand of the courtesan and cover the hero with the stigma of the coward; it may wreck hopes and ruin homes, cause blood to flow and hearts to break; it may pollute the altar and disgrace the throne, corrupt the courts and curse the land, but the lie cannot live forever, and when it’s dead and damned there’s none so poor as to do it reverence.” William Cowper Brann

The Iconoclast – October 3, 2005

The President, who must be breathing a sign of relief now that the dangerous media is going back to explore, for the three thousandth time, the Vanishing One in Aruba, a boating accident in New York and a man who fell off a tour boat some months ago, has shown his great political skill and understanding of the public psyche by appointing Ms Harriet Meirs, his White House Counsel, to sit on the Supreme Court.

Never mind that Meirs never tried a case in a court in her life, she is one of those spiteful toadies that worship Bush and do exactly as they are told. Meirs was Bush’s legal support in Texas and obeyed Bush and Rove to the letter by covering up Bush’s disgraceful Texas Air National Guard records (which showed drug and alcohol problems compounded by lengthy absences from his mandated duties.) I predict the White House will not have an easy passage of la Meirs with Congress, a Congress that is becoming increasingly restive under the many and very serious errors of omission and commission that Bush and his useless political cronies have been wallowing in lately.

‘Brownie’ is the quintessential poster boy for the Bush administration in that he is arrogant, spiteful and a bald-faced liar. There are a number of serious Federal investigations going on, very quietly into the enormous and badly-concealed FEMA fiscal scandals in Florida, Louisiana and now Texas, in the wake of the increasingly violent hurricanes. A source inside the Department of Justice has seen some of the preliminary findings and they stagger the imagination. They’re tantamount to Bush and his wife and sluttish daughters walking into a bank at high noon, without masks, and shoving shotguns in the faces of the tellers, telling them to fill up the bags.

The roster of those involved in kickbacks, fake grants and outright theft reads like a Who’s Who of Republican officialdom in Florida and, to a lesser degree, in Washington.

Now, it is being strongly rumored, ‘Scooter’ Libby is going to fall on his sword to cover for Fat Karl the Eunuch, the actual leaker of the Plame information. Bush can do without Libby but if Rove went, Bush would buy a case of Jim Beam, hole up in Crawford and go back to drinking like he does when no one can see him.

While numerous bloggers concentrate, as some of them are clearly paid to do, on malicious and mysterious weather control that causes hurricanes or the disappearance of a Bad Seepage, Ohio teenaged cheerleader (who actually ran off with her 40 year old boyfriend) they might have more effect if they paid some attention to serious matters.

When we are not being enlightened by their UFO stories and ancient voter fraud legends from the Cleveland administration, the authors of these screeds are bespangling their daylight hours, scribbling nasty notes about ex-girl-friends on lavatory walls.

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