Lost in the Libraries of the Dead

Visible Origami – November 10, 2011

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Scoffers are a dime a dozen and in an age of doubt and materialism they attach themselves to the ships of our industry and aspiration like barnacles, which they resemble in more ways than one. There is a very interesting quote in The New Testament that states, “faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN”. That goes along with the idea of precipitation. Everything that we have on this planet. All of the items and environments are the result of precipitation, which first emerges on the plane of ideas, moves then into the plane of plans and blueprints, then into the formative plane of action and construction and then the next step is the thing itself. We all engage in this in our own lives, individually and collectively and bring about conditions and situations for which we are altogether responsible. There’s nothing wrong with the magic. It’s the magicians that are the problem.
Depending on the connection established by the practitioner and the aggregate of virtues in the practitioners possession, on that the speed of actual manifestation depends. There are some among us, very few, who can do these things in a very short time. It’s like when you see a portion of a film speeded up to show the progression of a day in a minute, via the change from light to darkness, the clouds whipping across the sky, or the cars moving so fast they are only blurs. The rest of us have to operate in degrees of real time or even less and quite often don’t get what we visualized in the first place for a variety of reasons. I don’t get into the applied end of this because I figure I’m going to get what I am supposed to, via the cosmic visualizer, so I visualize that.
The practice of visualization and applied magics are something I may or may not have engaged in in former times, with or without some form of success. Very few of us are called to operate with oversight in these areas and when we imagine we are called we are, more often than not, used as object lessons, primarily for ourselves. I’ve given a great deal of time and study to this field of endeavor and not just in this lifetime. I’m more of the Bhakti infused, Allah Akbar school, with no particular denomination because all religions are constructs built upon what can’t be comprehensive ever. The time comes when the road appears that moves into the mysterious and the door closes behind you, although your footprints might remain, if that makes any kind of sense.
If one does not have faith in god and seek god’s advice and direction, one is certain of getting lost and will become more lost and stay lost until one comes to such a state of desperation that they have no choice but to call out to God and then, depending on the circumstances, it can be a long walk home for the prodigal. Prudence insists that one does not come to such a pass, although it is my considered belief that all of us become lost at some point because God likes to play hide and seek. The whole point of existence in the first place is this. God separates into everything in existence and then, through the time continuum, goes about collecting it all back into the ineffable. It is the very lucky, fortunate for god’s own reasons, or wise who get it in gear the moment the understanding comes upon them to meet the master halfway. One part of the divine is the manifest plane, including those portions hidden from the sensory operative eye. One part of the divine manifests as living things and one part of the divine remains apart. This description is more simplistic that it really is but it will do for the benefit of those actually interested in truth, however relative is may be at the level we are operating at here.
A great teacher told me that you must ask God for his qualities. He also said, “get wisdom, steal it if you have to”. The new age pundits and marketplace aficionados are all about how we can do all of these things on our own. It might look like that but that would only be for the purpose of demonstration to the effect that it is not true. You get lost and have to wander through the libraries of the dead searching for what isn’t on the shelves. It is the library of the dead anyway, isn’t it? I seem to remember something about ‘search for me among the living’ and ‘let the dead bury the dead’. We’ve heard these quotes so many times over the years, when we were so many different people that we don’t consider that they might mean something deeper and more revealing than what we used to get back when we were more into concealing. This is a primary consideration that ought to be near number one on everyone’s list of things to consider; ‘what am I hiding from myself’? This gains a super nova importance in the time of The Apocalypse, when uncovering and revealing becomes a cosmic dynamic instead of an occasional personal epiphany. Everywhere is potentially the road to Damascus these days, if you happen to be in the mood.
I’m not saying that the other paths are not effective, through time they have proven to be, in other times. These are not those times. Whatever you need from those other paths is automatically conferred as the result of awakened Love, which contains all of these things within it. This is just my take on it as it has been transmitted to me and that’s all dependent on how close to the tap I am. We’re all closer to that tap than we think but we don’t accept that and operate as if it were true. Faith is required because we can’t see it and that is the plane that scoffers operate out of. If they can’t see it it isn’t there. Obviously they haven’t studied the frequency of rays and what they do, or any number of ‘in your face’ realities that can’t be seen but actually can be seen by relationship to the seen and by inference accordingly. However, if you don’t want to see then you won’t, unless, of course, you are in the time of The Apocalypse, when you will see whether you like it or not and if you don’t like it you aren’t going to like it. If you do, it’s going to be a wonderful thing, exponentially firing on all cylinders.
We don’t only have believers and scoffers. We have the indifferent and the specifically obsessed with any one of the numerous distractions that have appeared in this time for that very purpose. Essentially we are engaged in a war for souls and The Synagogue of Satan has its preeminent power of the moment to work at effecting the downward pull of the DE-evolutionary spiral. That’s why their control is so great in all of the areas that affect the senses for the purpose of misinformation, lies and the arousal of dark passions. As I have been at pains to state, this does not include everyone from any particular genetic code; especially so, since these malefics are not even representative of the code they present themselves as but are like a masking virus, such as we have seen appear in recent times; nor are even all of them representative, which makes for a sticky wicket in terms of sorting them out, which is not my job in any case; let God sort them out; to borrow a portion of a quote from times past.
The ill-doers hide among the clueless, whom they arouse in their own defense, while they practice their arts surrounded by human shields. The truth is concealed in the midst of ancient lies that have endured through the length of an age or more but the truth has its own way of exposing itself to the righteous seeker, once the motive has reached the level necessary to ignite the process. The whole process is effected by the angel in charge of it. The job of angels is to engage in the varieties of the expression of the will of the divine. They are extension of the divine, which they represent. They come from The Devic Realm. Devas are angels. You hear people talking about wanting to be angels and obviously they are unfamiliar with the higher destiny of the human being. The Devic Realm is a great place to visit but you don’t want to stay there, given what is possible for you.
The amount of what we can discover on our own is very limited. The amount we can discover through the intuitive connection is without limit. The amount we can accomplish on our own is very limited. What we can accomplish under the aegis of the angelic extensions is without limit. You’ve heard it said that none of us have seen god at any time and that is because mortal eyes cannot perceive it. It’s kind of like you can only see so much as you are now but there is no telling what you might see when you no longer are as you were, once you become what you are and you can’t get there on your own. It’s something that descends when the right part of you rises; possibly the way yeast operates for all I know.
We’ve been wandering all around the point today and that is because the point can’t be expressed in words. It can only be inferred. The good news is that the historical record tells you that incredible individuals have walked here. You have the record of what they said. You have the record of what they did and whether it is analogy or fables, it indicates something. The symmetry of the cosmos indicates something . The urgings of your own heart indicates something . The strange coincidences, ironies and moments of inexplicable protection indicates something. Everything indicates something if you are in the mood to have it presented to you and if you are in the mood to comprehend it. Nothing indicates anything otherwise, except blind faith and random occurrence, regardless of how untrue it may actually be. It looks real to the people that believe in it and the ease of belief in the seen is far greater than the demands of belief in the unseen, especially when it is tested for the purpose of increasing the faith so that you can get into the position to reap the substance of things unseen.
Some portion of this is true, insofar as it can be relatively inferred. Some portion of this may or may not be true but still indicates something that is as true as your capacity to believe in it and some of this may well be nonsense but that is the totality of what you get from the world itself in its adapted form.
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