The Trivialisation of the Wasted Mind

Reflections in a Petri Dish – November 9, 2011

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(I started another Petri Dish 3 days ago, by this time it seems I should begin another; the mind moves on and it wasn’t all that good anyway (grin))
Let’s talk about the trivialization of modern life and what it results in; results that are horrific beyond imagining in some cases. Let us consider that those under the spell of the trivial and superficial are only a short walk off a busted pier into psychopathy. My suspicion is that the reader will be able to make this great cognitive leap on their own to see the implications and possibilities unsaid. If not it will probably get discussed here or in the comments section.
Today (and on many days) while driving to an appointment and back (or somewhere), I was struck again by the amount of people walking around with a cellphone in their ear. Not so many years ago there were no cellphones. What did people do then, play pocket pool? You can’t drive by a bus kiosk without spotting a gaggle of teenage girls, thumb shagging their cellphones, while bouncing one knee over the other in a combined cyborg masturbation event. The phone isn’t imbedded in their head yet, like something out of a Hellraiser sequel but it will be, count on that. With very few exceptions I’m on the phone long enough to take care of whatever business got me there and then it’s Hi yo Cisco!
With alarming frequency, ‘for those so engaged’, you hear about this fellow or that lady stepping off the sidewalk with their earbuds in place and getting transubstantiated into a composting potential. I don’t know if transubstantiation works in reverse but just about everything else does so, I suppose you can turn gold into shit as well. This happens to people driving too, when the music, earbudded or speaker rendered, drowns out the sound of car horns, human screams and certainly farts that may take place inside the auto but this does not affect the smell. There’s a message to be had here and once again I trust the reader to make that great cognitive leap.
People play video games on their phones and computers and arcade machines and this is accelerating exponentially so that for many people it’s all there is to life and most of the video games have to do with killing people, creatures, whatever. Some portion of these people go on to be drone operators, while themselves being drones of a type. When you kill someone on a screen it isn’t real but something is, though it may have been lost in the translation and experience a long time ago.
Porn and the engagement with it is so widespread at every level of society that most people would be awed by the pervasiveness of it, that is, if they weren’t watching it themselves, which they probably are and therefore- and there’s another message here- wouldn’t be that aware of other people doing it. I like the human form and can imagine appreciating an artful rendering of an ancient practice but what porn I have seen in former times is banal, perfunctory, gross and poorly performed. Why? Because it is a trivialization of something that can’t be really enjoyed because some part of ourselves knows about the sacred mystery of the whole affair. A great many people don’t have much awareness of this, except for the guilt, which is how the subconscious reacts to the trivialization of this ancient and beautiful art. Insecurity in the performance, premature ejaculation, the inability to kiss and so many features of this unfathomably intricate and yet stunningly simple process, all come out of the trivialization of it, which might have come about due to desire instead of love but if you can’t master your horse, that is what you are going to get as well as all of those other things that happen when you and your horse are not effectively communicating. Some may dispute some portions of what I just wrote but that is because I don’t have the time and space to get more deeply into many of these things or I would be writing for a long, long time and it wouldn’t be a blog posting in any case; would it?
Trivialization and being desensitized have a symbiotic relationship, once again something is moving in reverse. Both of them are two of the main conditions of our time. Human life is cheap and we’ve become desensitized to that. Sex has more to do with dominance and manipulation than whatever the heck it might have once been a medium for. This extends into every other area of life. What else accompanies all of this? Bad diet does. Next time you have rusting contacts on your car battery, pour some Coca Cola on it. I won’t go near commercial soft drinks and you shouldn’t either, especially now that it comes in those plastic bottles. This is the number one cause of the negative feminization of the male principle. This shit messes up your hormones. I’m not sure you can make new hormones but then again, you can just step on her foot.
Trivialization and desensitization make it possible to not give a damn about other people dying for the forces of the marketplace. They also make you incrementally and lately, more rapidly accomplishing it, with no real limits on degrees of. I suspect that if things were allowed to continue as they do, you could see a human being drop down onto all fours in the space of a lifetime. It’s one of the things to also keep in mind if you are what you eat and you consider reincarnation. Does this mean I might come back as vegetable? It doesn’t work like that but otherwise it does and it’s something to keep in mind when you feed on the direct next or previous life form. The food of the gods is what the person becoming one has for lunch and dinner.
These things also lead to not giving a shit about how you affect other people and why shoving, pushing and panic are epidemic. While I’m on the subject from several angles, let me say that I have no prejudice about people with extra weight. I’ve known heavy people who move like a dancer and whose energy is not compromised by it, nor is their attitude. When I talk about obesity in the occasional humorous way (although some might not be laughing) it has to do with contemporary indulgences that are ubiquitous and it’s no surprise that Mississippi and Alabama are numbers two and one respectively. I can’t explicate and apologize in every post for lack of comprehension on the readers part, or lack of detail and fuller explanation on the writers part. However, let me say that I don’t really mean to hurt people’s feeling unless a transforming motivation is the result. Anyway, enough of that. I’m trying as best I can.
I don’t wear jewelry. I try not to eat bad food and the only time I have a cellphone is where I live when there is no phone due to the extreme financial slamming I take there. I try across the board not to engage in any of the things mentioned and many not mentioned here today. I know this is the case with many of the readers too. In a connected digression I must say it is odd to hear from so many readers how they don’t have the pocket change to buy my book. I’m talking about twenty people or more and how many didn’t write in to tell me this? I’m not trolling for bread or the book either. By now the majority of the readers know where I’m coming from. I’m just surprised to hear it for myriad reasons, which I once again expect the reader to make the cognitive jump for the understanding of. I am sorry for those readers, the good news though is that we gave away half of the book and if you come around here on a regular basis you pretty much get whatever the book had to say.
Many of you need to become more prosperity conscious. I’m not talking about chanting for a new car or excessive possession of the very type being presently exemplified by the worst among us and proclaimed from pulpits of new age snake oil sales people in whatever version they may have which is directly linked to their own prosperity. I’m talking about an abiding confidence in the beneficence of the universe. You may not immediately see a connection between this latter part of the posting and the early part but it is there so make that cognitive leap.
Trivialization, desensitization and all of their bad relatives spells the death rattle of the culture; make no mistake about it. It is happening right in front of your eyes. What is not happening in front of your eyes are all the good things taking place off the radar, in the human heart for those open to it, in the dawning of the mind for those open to it and in some cases emergent in widespread movements, compromised and non compromised. So, we are seeing some of it but not what is also following in its footsteps. It is all collectively individual as well. The world is moving in two separate directions, passing each other by on their way to the bridge of destiny. The thing about the bridge of destiny is that it is reached on a winding road surrounded by dense forest and you don’t see it until you are right on top of it. Ironically the sign that says, “bridge is out”, in the cases where it applies, is often obscured for some reason but the signs from earlier back down the way they came, were plain to be seen but obscured for other reasons having to do with powers of perception and the cloaking force of desire, depending on the level of purity and impurity demonstrated by the attendant smoke.
The trivia and banality of network TV needs no delineation or examples. The contents of the general conversation require none either. The tightening of the screws of endless laws prohibiting free speech, behavior and thought itself, is apparent and directly tied to these concerns as well; make the cognitive leap. The Dead Sea salt beauty care manufacturers are deeply employed in all of these things, while carrying out production in Palestine and pretending otherwise, while also pretending to be those people and there’s very little beauty in any of it but a clear message for those not suffering from brain fog. We’re all working for someone and you can track it back and up or down the line to specific forces that make the expression of what they represent, in archetypal essence, self evident, depending on whether any particular self is evident and depending on what is or is not mistaken for the self.
Leave good footprints and make them count; cave, cave deus videt. Know thyself and thou shalt no longer be trivial.
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