Voice of the White House September 23, 2005

“’Don’t pay any attention to it,’ the Rove Spin Doctors say, ‘it’s just the usual blogger crap.’ They are speaking about the growing stories concerning Bush and his renewed drinking problem. The National Enquirer, Queen of the Supermarkets, has done a relatively accurate story about this and now it is spreading.

Living and working in DC subjects all of us to great tsunamis of rumor flooding back and forth across the town from restaurant to club to bar. This story of Bush getting back on the bottle again is not new and Google has over a million articles on the subject of Bush’s boozing and probable coke use.

I, personally, have never seen Bush drunk but having had a seriously alcoholic sister (she died from it eventually after long years in a hospital with a failing liver) I have some firsthand experience with chronic boozers. Everything I have heard here in DC and everything I have read, aside from hate blogs, indicates that Bush had a serious binge drinking problem and quit cold turkey. He has no AA support system and it is my opinion, and that of other reputable doctors, that such people are very likely to go back on the bottle again under conditions of unexpected stress. That, I am afraid, is what Bush is going through right now.

His immediate staff, which has to be very loyal to him, according to Bush’s demands, protects him from the press and the public to an even greater degree than the Secret Service detail protects him against the many death threats that pour into the White House.

I don’t like Bush but to be fair, this is a subject that has a Scots verdict of ‘Not Proven’ attached to it. Many savvy and very experienced pros here believe it, but no one dares to talk about it because of the savage vindictiveness of the present administration. My God, the White House is full of raging queens, all of whom worship Bush, and yet we have the most hypocritical religious nuts you ever saw here.

This one is developing legs but Bush’s poll numbers are rapidly approaching very low two digit figures so he might well end up in Bethesda drying out. Look for “taking a series of tests for potential skin problems” to be posted by the asssucks in the Rove office. If that happens, you don’t have to watch him puke during a press conference or try to punch out a questing reporter.

Bush is not a pleasant man sober but drunk, many who have seen him that way years ago tell me, he is a vicious, mean drunk of the type that hits his wife with a leather belt across the face or gets the crap beaten out of him by spitting on a construction worker in a bar.”

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