Voice of the White House September 19, 2005

“The two talking points amongst the Bush loyalists on the staff here are FEMA and the race problem. FEMA is thoroughly corrupt and what went on in Florida last year and what is going on now in New Orleans could explode in their faces. Billions have been spent and millions have been funneled back in kickbacks to the high and mighty of the Republican party, both in Florida and in DC. The fury raised by the gross incompetence FEMA showed in a non-election year towards a city full of poor blacks cannot be overcome by Hollywood-type TV productions a la Karl Rove. Bush has his house nigger to stand beside him on the podium but it doesn’t fool anyone. Rove’s tricks are getting a bit old these days.

There are polls paid for by Republican loyalists that show a small drop in Bush’s popularity and then there are the real polls that show a disastrous tanking. The Bush people think that North Korea will cooperate on the atomic business but the intelligence agencies are dubious and Iran has in essence told us to piss up a rope. Bush is so shook up at the NO responses that he is running around like a small child who just got caught putting mama’s cat in the dryer. “The frog made me do it!” is the type of response or, more accurately, “Brown who?” Just like “Ken who? after Bush’s Enron cash source dried up as the result of criminal swindles. Wait until the FEMA Florida scandals break wide open! They’ll be passing out Expedia trips to Brazil and Pakistan like free chewing gum.”

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