Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/11)

Vigilant Citizen – Vigilant Citizen November 1, 2011 

The “Pics of the Week” series ended last month but that does not mean that pictures with Illuminati symbolism stopped being released. NOPE. The agenda is still being pushed, notably in the fashion and music industry, so here’s a new series keeping an eye on pop culture: Pics of the Month. 

Fashion photoshoot by Terry Richardson featuring a symbol most of us know by now. 

Here’s Gaga entering the Jonathan Ross Show with a one-eye thing-a-ma-jig (felt like using that word) and a ram. 

A memorial for the Battle of Britain in Brussels. I wonder who they fought for. 

More pictures revealing blatant symbolism (at least for those who know) can be found at source…

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