Voice of the White House September 14, 2005

“When he is not making useless and cosmetic trips to New Orleans for photo ops, the President is literally screaming with rage in the West Wing because the media has dared to criticize him, has forced him to fire the worthless head of FEMA (a political friend and supporter) and also because he is very obviously has lost any black voter support and, not unsurprisingly to say, is losing a great deal support from the Christian Right because of the media-fueled condemnations of the total lack of Government response to the Katrina disaster.
Forced to eat crow over Brown, and savagely attacked in what he thought (via Rove) was a docile and controlled media, Bush, who is not rational at best, has been demanding a “whole new ballgame” from his aides, one of whom gave me a memo containing so-called “talking points” for selected staff leaders.

· Since blacks will never support him, they want to find “any means necessary” to exclude them from voting rolls, mainly by passing a Federal law that no one can vote without possessing, and showing, an official photo ID card, be it a driver’s license or a State ID card (which will be made expensive and hard to get)

· Also ex-convicts, called by Rove as “a potential Democrat recruiting base” will be prohibited in voting in any Federal election, now and forever.

· Turn all Federal and state welfare programs over to the private sector.

· Establish a “Volunteer Corps” of professional paramilitary units such as Blackwater Security ( a ripe bunch of chubby, vicious, ex-military and sacked dim-wit and sadistic cops) that will act as “support groups” for State and local agencies in case of further national emergencies. They can rob, loot and pillage and the Army and civilian authorities will not be held esponsible, just like their Presidential-sponsored and protected role in Iraq, where they behaved like drunken SS men in a Jewish ghetto.

· Reinstitute a ‘limited draft’ to restock the badly shopworn and depleted current active military. Recruitment of volunteers for the Iraqi bloodbath has fallen to next to nothing.

· With a new army,launch preemptive strikes against putative “nuclear enemies” of the United States. Top of the list is Iran who dares to defy Bush and is selling huge amounts of their oil to the PRC, one of the Bush people’s most perceived enemies. (The Chinese have warned Bush that they will use nuclear weapons on us if we interfere in any Chinese military action against Taiwan. Bush takes this as a personal insult and threat and when this happens, he demands the denigration and destruction of the source, be it a television commentator, a newspaper or a public figure. Or, to our peril, an aggressive country with nuclear weaponry and the ability to deliver them to the continental U.S.)

Bush is, in my opinion (and the opinion of more than a few here inside the Beltway) a national disaster rivaling Katrina and, in his death throes, will take down as many of whom he perceives as his opponents as he can. At the present time, considering his plummeting polls, (which is causing him daily spastic colon attacks) this will certainly mean most of the United States (except for the Bible Belt freakos and proto-fascists), Chavez, Putin, North Korea and many others.

On a less serious note, someone sent a big box of free toilet paper to the White House recently. Of course the Secret Service X-rayed it to be certain that it was not just another explosive device…(17 this year alone) and guess what? The picture of our Glorious Leader was imprinted on every segment! Naturally, the order came to destroy this and find out who was printing it, for the purpose of punishment. So far, the bumblers can’t figure out who sent it or who had it made and about twenty rolls vanished before they could be officially burnt. No doubt they will be put to good use. The President may not meet his Maker but he certainly will find yesterday’s dinner.”

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