Voice of the White House September 11, 2005

“One of the most hypocritical things I have been witness to here in the Monkey Palace is the way in which Rove and Mehlman have been going after the black vote. Neither of these two creatures like blacks and have both said so on many occasions, equating blacks with the evil rap music, drugs, ghettos, welfare moms and significantly lower IQs.

No one here has, to my knowledge, ever used the dread “nigger” word but there are all kinds of other nasty phrases like “economically and intellectually deprived” used as masking words when the subject of blacks is discussed.

Given the fact that the President does most certainly not like blacks and views them with contempt (although one of his “good friends” at Yale was a black drag queen), this chasing around trying to cinch up the black vote is hilarious.

Rove wants to have a massive, unbeatable Republican voting majority that will keep the GOP in power for decades. They deliberately pandered to the nutty Christian Right and certainly got their vote in the last two elections (although disillusioned defections from that sector are mounting daily) and Rove, looking at the demographics, decided to go after the black vote.

They initially had a very modest success but the recent events in New Orleans has scuttled that barge and sent it to the bottom of the Slough of Despond. To my mind, and from the mail coming into the White House and the GOP’s private polls, the American public, and certainly the black community, saw the total abandonment of the poor blacks of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina by the federal government as obvious, though unspoken, racism.

Also, as I have repeated before, rich developers are lusting after the land the black’s homes are located on. They reason that since blacks are poor, most of them are on the welfare rolls and their homes are little better than African-style sheds and the only thing of value here is the land they sit on. Ergo, get them out of NO, condemn the houses most of which are rental property anyway, and then rebuild NO again but without all the poor blacks.

“It ought to keep the crime rate down,” Rove said recently, and “Let Houston find out about that gang,” another staffer said at lunch on Friday.

There is no chance that the Big Easy will be abandoned. It is too important as a port through which vital oil and Midwest produce flows to turn it into wetlands. Get rid of the undesirables and rebuilt it much better and more efficiently than before and everyone, but the poor blacks, will be prosperous.

I might mention here that Anderson Cooper of CNN is one of the most currently hated persons in the White House. He dared to stir up trouble on the boob tube and they can’t shut him up because he has become very popular and his mother is cubically rich so they can’t threaten him with economic punishment as they do to everyone else that dares to block, or even question, the Rove Machine.

Mehlman has said terrible personal things about Cooper, which, coming from Mehlman, is the height of hypocrisy.

I think there must be something in the water here that brings out the worst in second class types. I know very few active politicians here that are worth a pinch of sour owl shit. Most of them are chronic liars and thieves and there are a large number of perverts among them.

Can this be the true manifestation of The Moral Majority?

GOP? How about ‘Gross Old Pervs?”

If the blacks are smart, and most of the ones I know are not stupid, they will organize political action groups and work for a candidate that does not secretly wear KKK robes to bed.”

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