Is Israel Behind the Rocket Attacks From Gaza?

Desert Peace – October 29, 2011

The timing seems to say YES

Israel got what it wanted from Hamas a week ago when Shalit was sent home….

Israel will do everything in its power to prevent Palestinian Statehood…

Israel must also try to justify its continued attacks on the civilian population in Gaza …

So the circumstances also seem to say YES.

The following video published at HaAretz shows Gaza ‘militants’ preparing to fire rockets at Israel…. The IDF watched, captured it on video and did not try to stop them? Isn’t that a bit strange? It really makes one wonder if this is nothing more than another Israeli false flag attempt to ‘con the world’.

Israel has already lost its credibility with much of the world, hopefully they will see these recent incidents as part of the lies spread by zion to prevent the inevitable Freedom and Independence FOR ALL OF PALESTINE.


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