Here Come the Lesbian Rangers!

University students continue to face a bizarre government campaign to
make them homosexuals.

Last week co-eds at the University of Winnipeg were invited to
participate in a lesbian “Reorientation Week.”

They were asked to become “rangers” with the “Lesbian National Parks and Services,” the brainchild of local “performing artists” Shauna Dempsey and Lorri Millan. (See poster below)

This is the lesbian equivalent of the university and government hiring
two middle-aged males to recruit co-eds to go camping and have sex.

The two womyn had a “field office” in the university art gallery,
staffed by a university employee in ranger uniform. They took part in
pancake breakfasts, barbecues and interviews on campus radio.

“Here you will encounter new, even life-changing lifestyles and ideas,” their brochure said. “These may challenge you in uncomfortable ways.”

The university art gallery, the Manitoba Arts Council and the Canada
Council, sponsored this spectacle to the tune of (I estimate) $10,000.

This doesn’t include thousands of taxpayer dollars already expended on
their promotional video and “Field Guide” which includes examples of
lesbian “flora and fauna.”

Their message: “Homosexuality is natural. Question the heterosexual
model. Heterosexuality is a social construct.”

When I went to university, students learned to question authority.
Today, they learn to question their gender.

Does the LNPS actually exist? This is social engineering masquerading as art, propaganda disguised as self-parody. It is a shock tactic.
Eventually the outrageous becomes accepted. Often, what happens in the
imagination later occurs in reality.

The Lesbian Rangers don’t actually work in any parks. But the artists
claim to have hundreds of junior members called “Eager Beavers.”

Their video (online) is full of such double entendres and sexual innuendo. The two “bush women” leave “no stone or lesbian unturned.”

It’s a “lesbian-eat-lesbian-world.” Knots are practiced in various
bondage positions. Their website is called “finger in the”

Yet, in the video, they fine a heterosexual male $100 for wearing a lewd T-shirt (“Blow me”)and intimidate him when he protests. He is
reprimanded for “threatening the lesbian environment.” Rangers are urged to make “citizens’ arrests.”

Lesbians are just a few grants shy of having a paramilitary
organization, a cross between the Girl Scouts and Hitler’s Brown Shirts.
Its function: Persecute heterosexuals. (see my, “The Dawn of the
Feminist Police State”

In the “video”, they “rescue” a straight female from drowning. She is enchanted by her hairy-legged saviors and “sees the world through brand new eyes.”

Lesbian Playground

If the University of Winnipeg is an indication, universities are
playgrounds for lesbianism. It makes sense. Enrollment is already 2-1

In June 2001, the University of Winnipeg made headlines when high school students attending a summer art history course complained they were shown lesbian porn and instructed to use zucchinis instead of seeking male companionship. The instructors were not removed.

The following year, the “Women’s Center” sponsored an event where co-eds had casts made of their breasts! Imagine if heterosexual males sponsored an event like that on campus.

Each February, the gay-dominated student council presents a “Question
Your Gender”

The “Sexual Harassment Officer” stated that the university takes a grim view if only one student is made “uncomfortable.” Apparently this rule only applies to the discomfort of feminists, gays and lesbians. Victimhood is just a guise for an aggressive destructive ideology.

In Women’s Studies courses, co-eds learn to be feminist “change agents” and harass professors who step out of line. Women’s Studies originated in the training schools of the US Communist Party in the 1940’s. The Rockefeller Foundation sponsors Women’s Studies. If you Google “Rockefeller” and “Women’s Studies,” you will get 73.000 entries.

Why is This Happening?

The Rockefellers have supported Left and Right Wing, Communist and
Fascist causes for almost 100 years. The principle is
divide-and-conquer. They are the American agents for the London-based
banking cartel that is establishing a world dictatorship to translate
their monopoly of credit (they create our money from nothing as a debt
to them) into world institutions of political and social control.

They now direct government and education through their sponsor-ownership and control of most politicians, parties, cartels, business councils, professional associations, think tanks, foundations, university endowments, mass media, intelligence agencies, secret societies and organized crime. Yes Virginia, the planet (at least the West) is a pathetic one-horse company town.

I have no problem with lesbians, many of whom are my neighbors. They
seem to be nice people who just want to lead their lives in peace. But their activists are funded to depopulate and destabilize society in advance of “world government.” Their message is that lesbianism is not a developmental disorder but a natural alternative for women.

Unfortunately many ex-lesbians disagree. In her book, “Restoring Sexual Identity” Anne Paulk surveyed 265 ex-lesbians like herself and conducted numerous personal interviews. She found that, to cite a review, “same-sex attraction is seldom really driven by sexual needs; it is driven by an unconscious desire to be loved and to trust another person. It is also frequently driven by a desire to reconnect with the feminine but in the wrong way.”

“Childhood trauma, poor self-image, anger at men, poor relationships
with either or both parents, and pro-homosexual media propaganda are
several key elements in women developing an attraction to other women.”

In the “classic development of lesbian attraction,” these women had a
home with a domineering, critical, detached, or weak mother; and/or a
home with a father who was detached, critical or abusive.”

“In many cases, the mother was viewed as weak or was cruelly dominated
by her husband. Seventy-five percent of the women viewed the male as a
more favorable role model for their lives–with a rejection of their own gender and pursuit of male characteristics.”

“An astounding 90 percent experienced some form of abuse themselves.
This abuse was not just sexual but included emotional abuse (70
percent), sexual (more than 60 percent), and verbal abuse (more than
half of those surveyed.) ”


As far as I could tell, University of Winnipeg students mostly avoided
the Lesbian Rangers. But there are many feminist or lesbian professors
who are harder to avoid. They make their dogma of male oppression of
women (i.e. divide men and women and conquer) a prerequisite for a
passing grade.

Let’s not mince words. Orwell’s “1984” has arrived. The government and
universities are foisting a developmental disorder caused by
dysfunctional families on our children.

Dempsey and Millin try to be campy and nice but they are really
obnoxious hypocrites. Like fellow lesbian Irshad Manji, they are New
World Order “change agents,” cultural agitators highly paid to subvert
the young. Destruction of the family is a main tenet of the Illuminati’s Communist Manifesto.

The LNPS motto is “Treat a Lesbian as you would like a Lesbian to Treat You.” I ask them, do they want to be treated like they are treating straights? What if straight society launched a comparable campaign teaching them that their deepest life desires are not natural but a “social construct”? Do they want to be converted?

It’s ironic that they refer to lesbians as an endangered species.
Heterosexuals are the real endangered species. They are the ones who
conceive and nurture the young in nuclear families. And when they
disappear, so will the human race as we know it.


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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.” His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.