Marching to the River on the Tree of Liberty

Smoking Mirrors – October 28, 2011

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When the corporation police shot the veteran in Oakland, I saw my Fort Sumter moment. When I said they let the barbarians through the gates, I was talking about all the soldiers coming back from the neo-con wars. The use of the word ‘barbarian’ is a metaphor, or an analogy, because they are not barbarians, they are we. The not so few, the brave and the awakening dread of the American Marching Band but they are more the universal soldier, double twisted into what they didn’t want to run into. Sooner or later the off duty cops are going to be buying drinks at the American Legion.

The Vodaphone union is going down one street and running into The OWS at the other and it is all coming back on the bankers. It is all coming back on the money men who fuel BP – Monsanto, Rio Tinto and United Fruit. Can I get a witness! We have the address. We have the mass rage, let’s pop the ramparts and hit the main stage. Move over congress or you can bend over a Page on the rail at the gallery watching and listening.

We got welfare mothers and unknown lovers who made them that way because they had the back streets for their bedsheets   and now they’re on two feet coming up on Wall Street. Can you hear me. Can you hear me. We are marching. Marching revolution. We are moving. Move on over we’ll see you in the rubbish seats when they tan the leather for the seating chairs of the new world order.

Can I get a witness!!!

They went to Oakland the high rise brokeland with an open hand and the cannistered the marine. It was a drop shot from a corporate cop. Is that all you got. Is that all you got.

We gonna take the Washington monument away from the government and stick it in the Martha Washington monument a five trillion deep penetration hole of Halloween debt made up by vampires and werewolves who ripped it and… sucked at it and we have the evidence. We have the evidence. We have the evidence. Yes we do.

We are a marching band of everyone at hand across the global land where Zioniza put its kosher flaming brand on all the cattle on the land and they make it with the dead sea salt children. They make it with the dead sea salt. Baby it ain’t your fault. Just blame it on the Palestinians. Blame the Palestinian people of the book. You thinking god is dead wake up you sleepy head. We are marching and god is you cause we are god

We are the real police. We are the people. We are the real police. We are the people. Better run and hide, Mr. .Noahide because I’ve seen your eyes and they are lying. They are lying. All aboard the Armageddon train. No we are not insane. We are marching.

We are marching to the hill where they pour swag and swill as pigs delight in doing don’t they? We will not call you that but it’s pretty much where it’s at and I suppose you are about to start explaining how come you work for them when you signed on for me is that a breach of contract or a faulty decree. What I see is mercenary downing to the very last penny. You say you haven’t got any well then we will search you. We will feel you up and down and turn you all around cause you’re in Bangkok. Their kind of Bangkok because they are banging with their cocks on your prosperity

All kinds of dimes are trolling the seine on the river to nowhere and the levees are rising. It ain’t Spain. The wind is sealing the Katrina revealing under the abutments of the Madrid Line and they are not having a fine time with the Monte Chirsto getaway on the long gone hoping for a change is gonna come when you bet on the come when you bet on the come when you bet on the come

They say terrorists don’t have money but nobody does the sick frottage better than the ones who throw you in the blender and sooner or later they will hang from their suspenders and love lies bleeding in the alley with your pension an did I mention! Are you in suspension? Then I guess it adds another demonention to the queen of England turning off the lights on Downing streets rent boy party favors for the city boys who are working on both sides of the street. They do it sideways no time off Sundays they get two Tuesdays to show their relief.

Behind the backdoors, what are you in for it is always closure and closer to the place where they dispel belief. I think you’re gourgis in your distress. I know that you distress me honey. Do I get a camel to ride?

It’s like lightning and I hear it thundering like a new born princess in a place to believe. I have your attention? Change your connection. You still have the time and the sisters ride free.

We are marching! Oh no  we’ re dancing We are marching with the river to the tree of liberty. 

Beamed from the Saucer Pod By Visible on Friday, October 28, 2011


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