Blind, Naked and Clueless

Smoking Mirrors – October 24, 2011

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Certain people keep wanting to tell me that dealing with and getting rid of the obvious bad guys will do nothing in terms of changing things because the really bad guys, who are different from the obvious bad guys, will just use some other pinheads to do their work and that I shouldn’t be so hard on the transparently obvious bad guys who are not really bad guys but just dupes and that their definite association with every bad thing going on- all the wars and the banks and the media, publishing and you name it-  is just me being deceived into thinking this is the case, when it isn’t.

Recently a certain individual, who is a member not only of this group but a citizen of the worst country on the planet, said that there is no conspiracy among his people, that’s delusion, and that all of the really vicious neo-cons that are directly and irrefutably engaged in the usual ‘protocols behavior’ are simply misguided and the inference is that they wouldn’t even be engaged in such things, except that some really bad guys whom neither he or anyone else can definitively name, have forced them against their will to be bad guys. This is so ludicrous that it makes my head spin but what really makes me dizzy is all the people, whose heads are spinning at a much higher speed than my own, are telling me that the article referenced is actually true on some particular minute point and I should ignore anything else because, after all, he is right about the newspaper, or he is right that some, tiny, hardly worth mentioning point is also true and I should ignore the glaring evidence of all the really major statements that are the elephant’s ass on which these tiny fleas are attempting to feed.

I’m a practitioner of Shiatsu and various body work, with a certain degree of awareness, manifest and intuitive about human health, according to certain Asian modalities, as well as a practitioner of certain defense techniques that have to do with deceiving your opponent concerning your response or, alternatively, using your attackers force against him; “Here, let me help you along in the direction you were headed in”. This isn’t a broad statement that implies that I am any good at these things. All it is saying is that I’ve put a lot of time into them and they influence how I see what is in front of me and how I gauge what is hidden from me, according to what is not hidden. For some freaky reason this seems to work, or it has so far.

What I am saying is that, regardless of whether these unfortunate, manipulated miscreants are clueless dupes of some arcane and unidentifiable cabal of nameless individuals, or a pathology that disguises itself as something else, or a muscular distress whose cause is not the painful right arm but actually the trapezius muscle on the other side, or the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the offended side and open to Trigger Therapy or any number of approaches, or someone who wants to throw a punch because that’s how they handle not being understood in what is clearly stated in their blood rampant coat of arms… I’ve seen it before and I’ve seen it enough times that I either have to believe what I see or accept that it’s really my lying eyes. The latter, I think, effectively makes me someone’s bitch and sexually I have no problem with that if I think it’s going to give someone a finer and more complete release (grin) but I’m opposed to it in any other scenario because it doesn’t compute and I fucking know better and even though I don’t know much, there are some things I have a passing familiarity with so just hand me that bowl of garlic, mashed potatoes and shut the fuck up; sorry about the language.

Maybe they are just innocent lambs that somehow got tricked into causing wars and economic distress that they would never, in a million years have gotten up to on their own. Maybe they aren’t obviously heading up all of these corporations, banks and every other thing that no one else gets to touch in a decision making capacity beside them. Maybe the flat out factual association of them, with this and whatever, is a blind and I am blind, or too stupid to see it but… I’m comfortable with the hope and desire that they get exiled, quarantined, hauled into the docks and sent to prison or dealt with in an even more convincing manner. Maybe I lack compassion, insight, a greater awareness of cause, application and circumstance but I’ll take it for now because, if that is the case, then we can deal with whatever else crawls out of the woodwork later to take their place.

I didn’t come here because of Karma. I came here on my own to be useful in this time. I might not be 100% at it and I probably do make mistakes from time to time. I may be hearing voices that only exist in my head but they have been very, very right so far so… I’m going to have to go with what I got, to the point that I speak to you today.

Yes, it’s a big world and room enough for all kinds of secret societies and groups that have wormholed their way into hard to get at locations. Conversely, I have studied these societies and groups for a long time and in the interim I have yet to see or have named for me any specific illuminati or high mucky mucks from more or less hidden regions. Nothing is hidden, especially now and all of them take their marching orders, no matter which society or group they belong to, from the manifest and non manifest center of darkness that is having its power shut off now. I don’t care who they are or how well they hide. Their moment of full exposure and disclosure is at hand and you will find that I am likely more compassionate that most, in respect of that but it doesn’t change the necessary needs of the rest of us to be free of them; period.

People want me to dislike everyone in seeming power everywhere because they all have to go. These are the very people who wind up sitting with Madame Dufarge in the ring side seats for Madame La Guillotine, doing needlepoint and knitting. All leaders are not bad. They are what they are by degrees. You try running a country and let’s see what you wind up doing. The people who think they know so damn much about everything are the people who have never been in a position to be faced with the hard choices.

Everyone tells themselves that if they had all that money and fame they would do things differently and since they have never been there, they don’t know the kind of power that money and fame do possess. I have a passing familiarity with that and power too and I will tell you; don’t go believing what you would do until you get there and see what effect it has on you. You will likely be surprised. Some rare individuals can handle this sort of thing because these things are not essential to what they do. However, for most people, these things are essential and that takes precedence over all of their enlightened protestations prior to their actually being there. You want real misery? Ask for these things but forget to ask for the ability to let them go at any time for the greater good and that includes your own. There’s nothing like attachment to kick your ass six ways from Sunday.

It doesn’t matter who these bad guys are or that my particular bad guys have been at it for the length of this entire age. It doesn’t matter what we plot and dream about from our stations of impotence. What matters is that it does get dealt with and it will and not by our hand, except incidentally. Spare yourself the pain of being an expert and the even more unfortunate condition of presenting yourself as one. None of us knows shit or, inversely, you can say that shit is pretty much what we do know. A greater hand than our own is attendant in the festivities about to occur. If you are called then, tally ho! “They also serve who only stand and wait”. I believe that was Milton, who wrote it when he was going blind, possibly his towering intellect was part of the problem. Stay small kiddies. Be an ant. Be smaller than small and mayhaps you will encounter the pinpoint of light that reveals itself to those who understand how blind, naked and clueless we really are.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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