Tending the Mind Garden in the Kali Yuga

Visible Origami – October 23, 2011

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The mind is a garden and it is as ordered or disordered as the consciousness which attends it. This is the Petri Dish (this is not Petri Dish but as I mentioned yesterday, I realized I was not writing a Petri Dish), not meant for metaphysical considerations but… how do you avoid that when every physical condition comes out of the invisible, whether it is emotionally or mentally charged, it is precipitation out of unseen space. The conditions we encounter and live in come from the collective state of our hearts and minds and whatever may influence them. This is why, when a culture is degenerative and materialism preempts the pull of the higher aspirations, we wind up surrounded by shit. It can be hard to get and expensive shit or it can be cheap and easily acquired shit but it’s still shit. The point of all the shit is to take our minds off of what is important. I’ve said it before and I will say it again because it needs repeating. When the world has fallen into shit worship; granting obeisance to a fecal god that is the offspring of the mind of Freud and those who are amused and fascinated by scatology, it doesn’t take long before two whirlpools begin to spin. One sucks downward and one sucks upward and you are already and always closer to the pull of one more than the other and that is determined by where your treasures lie; most of the time your treasures lie.

This is the point and purpose of your present manifest world. It’s got nothing to do with what forces win or lose here and it’s only peripherally connected to bankers and Satanists; armies and police forces, politicians and religious demagogues, merchants and advertising, entertainment and media. These are the mechanisms of distraction that exist to show the power they possess over your attention and the degree of your fascination and fear. These are the incidentals that perform and play into the disorder of your mind garden.

We are serious gardeners. We are weekend enthusiasts. We are indifferent poseurs or we have entities that take care of that, the same way that people too busy to attend to their own affairs, employ people to do what they consider beneath them and who eventually wind up the victims of their own inability to correctly valuate and prioritize. Your life is a reflection of the state of your mental garden. This is why certain disciplines have always been considered critical to ones best interests. The forces of distraction already mentioned are employed by ‘something’ to keep you from attending to the most important essentials.

The nature and direction of your thoughts, emotions and behavior come directly out of the state of your mental garden. If your mental garden has become overgrown and looming then there are large growths that cast even larger shadows and fear is a resident in the garden. Some people have bodies buried in their gardens. They get up and walk in the night; in dreams. Hopes and all manner of past imaginings are buried there. Resentments and memories are buried there. Both resentments and memories sprout into fantastic foliage that bears little resemblance to what was planted. If the garden is overgrown then only the more hardy and relentless have any hope of survival. In this sense the negative has a distinct advantage and I leave the reason for that to the mind of the reader.

Please consider the appearance of an ordered garden and how easy it is to locate and identify things. Why are so many gardens disordered at this time? Look at the world around you and you won’t have to speculate long. The world outside is a projection of the world within. How much of the world outside is resident in the world within? What is going on in your head? You see, even if the world has been turned into a giant marketplace and a buzzing hive of chattering cellphones, in syncopation with car horns; subliminally invasive microwave towers, AM radios, televisions and a host of other intrusive trivializations of our deeper and essential being; thereby obscuring it and distorting our awareness of it, it all depends on how you attend and order your garden.

When the mind has the power to render sensory input as irrelevant to the one interpreting it, your values do not get skewed and compromised by the meaningless presence of shit in surround sound. I’ve mentioned Alice Bailey’s ‘Light on the Soul’ before, though I have referred to it as Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms. For anyone who doesn’t understand meditation, I recommend a reading of this book, as well as Raja and Kriya meditation for their basic simplicity (in my view) and their relative lack of organizational corruption (in my view), though you might not know it from the different factions of The Self Realization fellowship sniping and yelling at each other in recent years but… that’s how it goes in a world of confusion during this point in the Kali Yuga.

I look at meditation as a way of gaining a grasp on the comprehensive state of your garden. It allows one to penetrate into the ground of the garden and study what is seeded there and the composition of the ground. Focus, concentration and related fixed and sustained observation are like a trowel in your hand. When you are studying the world within, at first it is blurred and wavering, as well as subject to the ongoing assault of the incoming senses in concert with internal static. It takes between two to six weeks of consistent meditation of at least 15 minutes twice a day to begin to see the benefit of it. Most people can’t do something like this for any amount of time or consistently enough to see much of anything. It’s much easier to go to the gym 3 times a week or any number of other related endeavors. It’s much easier to watch TV and listen to music but… there’s only a superficial difference between TV watching and meditation. Think about it.

Most of the things we should be doing are no more difficult than the things we shouldn’t be doing. It just looks that way. You might say that it’s similar to having someone else masturbate you rather than expend the hand and attention time on your own. I realize this may be a jarring or unpleasant analogy but it is not incorrect. Since most of the populace is masturbating one way or another most of the time, it’s just a matter of switching the process over. I assure you if you get deep enough into meditation it has a truly amazing super sexual aspect. Read the reports of mystics and saints. It’s all sex. It’s only the level of expression and the imagery that is different. It’s all about union (what is the definition of yoga?) and the losing of oneself in the beloved. In temporal intercourse this is temporary, which is why the French call it ‘La petite mort’. Internal intercourse is not nearly as temporary and can become lasting. You also don’t have to take a shower afterwards.

Discipline is one of those things that is hard to get into but which contains benefits incalculable. A point comes when you can’t break your own discipline because it is rooted like a tree, in your mind garden. It will protect and shelter you and depending on the tree, feed you as well. If you have the time, I would recommend a retreat or relocation to a reputable ashram for a period of time. If you’re like me, you can bristle at the bullshit and power games that are often an integral part of any ashram but that’s just another one of those things we have to deal with in these times. Turn off your mind and focus on the positive that will be there

Everything in your life depends on the state of your mental garden. You must attend to it or it will attend to you in unpleasant ways. Disease and disharmony come out of an unattended garden. Most deaths are stress related because most secondary maladies come out of it. The rest can be attributed to bad diet and lifestyle and often those come out of stress too because stress will make you not pay attention to a great many important things. I’ve lived at full tilt rock and roll for extended periods in my life but I always had the love and friendship of God and I generally ate good food. There’s more to all of that but time and space constraints prohibit that at the moment.

Surely there are useful items and food for thought here. Hopefully even enough to justify  my having written and you having read this (grin). Take it for what it’s worth and use it or not, for what it’s worth.

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I have to mention the soon to be released “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World” now, which contains about 30 chapters of information very similar to what you have read here today. The person responsible for monitoring the contributions of all of the people who helped to bring this book into being had to go to a certain amount of personal expense in order to make the book possess a high end appearance. I’ve seen it and the amount of effort and expense that went into the book pretty much blew my mind. I didn’t expect anything like this. I won’t mention the person’s name but certainly that person can appear in the comments section and hold forth should they be so moved (grin).

Anyway, it was my position to charge 10 dollars for the digital book and I should point out that I donate between 30% to 50% of whatever I make to the formation of a community to exist in the aftermath of whatever occurs when the shit hits the fan; given this I believe I can reasonably expect the reader to also be considerate in respect of the expenses put forth to make this book what it is. Once the expenses are amortized the digital book will revert to my intended price and a hard copy will follow, once the capital to do so has been realized by digital sales. I would find it hard to believe that all but a very small few do not possess the price of the book, as it will exist, for whatever time is necessary. Three chapters or so of the book will very shortly be online at my website and that will be posted in the comments section when they are ready for view. Thank you for bearing with our inexperience in these matters. My next novel will follow soon on the heels of this release and if I do say so myself, the following novel contains things that I do not believe have ever been presented in this format before. I write real life events into a fictional setting and say things that are sure to draw the ire of those convicted by the information contained therein.

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