Anachronistic Strokebooks and the Pipes of Dread

Reflections in a Petri Dish – October 22, 2011

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(I got halfway through today’s posting and realized I was writing an Origami. That’s been happening lately when I get to the Petri Dish, which is supposed to be the most rant disposed of the blogs. I’ll try to start over and post the other tomorrow.)

Vladimir Putin, leaving for a visit with the Chinese, just told his generals to prepare for Armageddon. Vlad would know. Since you can enter the Gates of Hell in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York City, Washington D.C., LA or London, maybe the Gates of Heaven do open in the east. It’s been rumored for some time that Shambhala, as well as the Western Pure Land are located somewhere in or around Mongolia and that the former will become visible in the final days.

I’ve no illusions about the people running China, given Tibet and other things. Then again, I don’t know. I don’t care for the Dalai Lama but I don’t really know. I’ll admit to an admiration for Putin but, once again, I don’t know. I do know that Israel is an enemy of humanity and a curse to those deceived into a relationship with this vile aggregate of poisonous snakes. I know that the government of America and the other Crown Colonies are jail house bitches for Israel. I know the overall intention of Israel, Zionism and the historical and ongoing putsch of this demon spawn is to plunge the world into a sewer of rotting materialism and Kafkaesque scenarios that seek to make Orwell’s visions a reality; corruption, perversion, impoverishment, enslavement, torment and death are the order of the day for these bipedal Moray eels. We are long past the point where any other perception, description and definition can compete with the transparently obvious.

It goes without saying that soon, if they plan to survive, Pakistan; Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and others will have to join with Russia and China to protect themselves from the Christian fundie robot armies (public and private) of the Satanic, Zionist rulership of the west. It’s a disturbing trend when the state of the world begins to resemble scripture, however misunderstood and perverted it may be. My opinion is that true and vibrant scripture is written on the human heart and that the only connection worth having is a direct connection and not what is contained in cathedrals, Halloween outfits and anachronistic stroke books for pedophile priests who can’t see Satan on the dais, tapping his hooves to the pipes of dread. So it is with all of the churches of this world; edifices of presumptuous vanity to the glory of worshippers, whose own will preempts their better interests. Nature is the proper vale of appreciation, not the pseudo-morph of a strip mall world, where Big Macs and fries follow the brief litanies in the dog kennel pews and kiddie buggering sacristies, where dark things go bump in the dead of the night. Nature has been raped and shaped into one of Pinhead’s attendants and a deep anger is burbling below the tortured and twisted flesh.

I have been at pains to explicate that good and evil, reason and madness, are matters of degree and that balance is the key. The problem inherent is that one can only see so far behind and so far ahead and so when balance goes missing, we have only the immediate ahead and behind as a reference and cannot know how far afield from the mean we have actually gone. Nature is the active expression of the cosmos in reaction to imbalance. In the human body it manifests as disease or inharmonious distress. In the greater world it manifests in all of the unfortunate conditions we see around us, whether that be the draconian and desperate conditions of altered Nature, or the arousal of the elements, in force upon those who have finally become too separated from the whole to be tolerated on the sacred Earth, profaned beyond endurance. She’s got her powers back. The temporary magics of enforced submission are being neutralized by the removal of potency from their application. This is happening across the board.

It’s no accident that our leaders have gone mad and worse; become cartoon caricatures of themselves. There is no buffoonery or prancing ignorance, no hubris or public action of repression or greed which they are incapable of. This is for the purposes of demonstration. Thieving bankers, given the colossal ignorance of the times, could have continued indefinitely had they kept their appetites in check. They could have continued to have more than they would ever spend and to socialize with their depraved fellows in their exclusive resorts and watering holes, if they had just had a modicum of restraint but they are being compelled to behave like despicable cads who are proud of their actions and confident in their security.

It is a hard and fixed rule that you do not over-extend yourself and that your grasp does not exceed your reach; that the army does not move beyond all contact with the wagons of supply. This is the built in and intrinsic destiny and death of empires. Meanwhile, they let the barbarians inside the gates and are ultimately caught in that ancient dilemma of no longer being able to wage war abroad and protect themselves domestically at the same time. It’s simple math to me, yet these experts can’t see it. It’s for the purpose of demonstration that the terminally clever among us are brought low by the simplest things.

Any moment now comes the signal moment of irreversible change. Any day now the sun will rise on one world and set upon another, even though it is not the sun that rises and sets but the world which revolves around it. This is another important truth that is still not understood. Too many of us still believe the world is flat because we are in no position to see the curve and do not have the presence of mind to comprehend why the horizon disappears from our view. When we are not clinically blind to the meaning of what surrounds and composes us we are seeing things upside down. It takes a superhuman will to break the spell; to become free of the web, to distinguish the true light from the false light. It requires the active presence of the indwelling self. The true light shows things as they are. The false light shows them otherwise, depending on who is behind the lantern. We huddle in our sympathetic groupings and argue about one lie over another, the authenticity of one illusion over another; the reasonable aspect of a collective insanity simply because we all agree on it. They are all lies. It doesn’t matter if you think yours is the better and more accurate lie. A lie is a lie. We are sawing off the branch on which we sit; deaf to reason and dead to the inner voice.

This is the sole purpose of The Apocalypse. It is the truth pulling aside the curtains, lifting up the skirts of the covering lies and compelling us, forcing us to see by degrees, according to the degree of our intransigence. In this time, the less you have, the better off you are. The less you know, the more correctly informed you are. The more you doubt what you see around you, the more clearly you can view what is within. The more you accept the broadcast of appearances, the more it obscures the witness of them and gives over judgment and vision to the prisoner of circumstance and time. This is one of the varieties of personality and being that we carry around within us and the prisoner must first be shackled from within.

Twitter is a classic example of something created to make humanity look and act stupid and humanity jumps right in, putting on banality like a fashion statement and ‘tweeting’ like the creatures that naturally do but with a much smaller brain. At least the ‘natural’ creatures are not confused about what they are or in pursuit of a greater diminishment. I have no doubt that Twitter was created on purpose for the purpose it provides. Whatever the mass media trumpets and encourages, is certain to be contrary to our greater potential because our greater potential it terminal to our oppressors. This is what reality TV is all about and why it has high end face time in the press. This is why it is now funny and cute to see a father pick up a baby and have the baby take a projectile shit into the father’s mouth. Freud wasn’t about the general public. He was navel gazing on his antecedents, just like Wittgenstein who was taking another kind of projectile shit. People absorb this crap in order to appear intelligent to people who know better and eventually wind up hanging out with people like themselves. This is true above and below, no matter how you slice it. Smart, clever and intelligent have nothing to with wisdom and understanding.

Any moment now, any day now and every direction and intention will be coming into engagement with the real, in the possession or absence of clarity and force.


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