The Curious Nature of the Self Chosen Few

Smoking Mirrors – October 21, 2011

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By this time it should be clearly apparent that the 96% Zionist controlled media lies full time and shapes the perception of events and conditions, according to its narrow agenda of ever greater co-opting and control of the world’s peoples and resources. If you don’t know this and believe them then you are co-opted and controlled, or consciously employed by them for whatever table scraps may fall from above, where they feast upon your fellows.

I must say some things today that will be unappealing to some and difficult for others. I will try to provide trends, circumstances, actions and sundry that will allow the reader to come to their own conclusions, rather than to simply declare how things look to me. I’m providing no links because I have provided the links already many times and if you can’t go and find these things on your own, through any search engine, then you are incompetent or don’t want to. In that case you are only the mulch for the fertile fields of the future. The leaves beneath us are nameless. There is no need for their recognition beyond their genus and type and that too is forgotten, in the time it takes for them to be reunited with their associates into common earth. We are seldom remembered for our capacity to acquire and consume and when we are it is due to the singular, outrageous evidence of the degree we took it to.

Hilarious Clinton laughs at the alleged death of Khadaffi. Howdy Doody, Hilarious and the rest, preened at the zombie death of Bin Laden and the sheer amount of lies in recent times are so great that it is impossible to list them. They continue apace. We have no real proof of the death of Khadaffi. Please be aware of that. It’s one thing for the Zionist media to trumpet it, for whatever gain they believe it will bring them, in their efforts to consolidate all of the world banks under their power; which is why they also want Iran but, for the alternative media to immediately begin acknowledging it as well is something else. I’m not saying he isn’t dead. I’m saying these people lie like they breathe. It’s what they do.

A black teacher in LA was fired for calling attention to Zionist control. They control the education system through their forced political correctness programs. Her firing is proof positive of this. The Zionist Israelis were behind 9/11 and that also accounts for the firing of college professors and anyone else who calls attention to this domestic terror attack on American soil by dual nationals and compromised intelligence agencies. Let’s explore some related features which I will simply state. I’m not in the mood to argue them. I don’t argue. I state. If you disagree then do the research. It is easy to come by. If you don’t do the research then reread the second paragraph.

Jewish merchants were the major players in the slave trade that brought black people in chains to The New World and other places. They later became the slum lords and business owners in the black community. They co-opted the civil rights movement and as can be seen by those running the Southern Poverty Law Center, they have created the perfect disinfo operations for the present day. The ADL was created on the back of a horrific rape/murder and the attendant vigilante justice that came after the perpetrator, Leo Frank. The facts here are easily found. Investigate or continue to pick your nose, while you watch the porn they created. They also run that industry. They almost exclusively control all alternative sex organizations. Check the board of directors for every major operation. None of this is accidental. It is intentional. Why am I bringing this up? Look at the sudden appearance of Jewish presence throughout the Occupy Wall Street movement. Look at the ludicrous creation of Jewish stupas at various locations. Even though it is their fellows who are primarily behind the corruptions of Wall Street and the big banks, they now seek to give the impression that they are the agents of change. This is known as controlled opposition. Go to any of the large alternative news gathering sites and read about the infiltration of these people into the organizational structure ad nauseum.

I realize this is probably anti-Semitic, mostly because it’s true and also because they don’t want to hear it and they don’t want you to hear it but you had better recognize it because they are doing what they always do; what they did in the civil rights organizations when they are not about civil rights. They are about personal privilege and power and exceptionalism, as the whole chosen people motif makes perfectly clear.

I have long terms friends of all colors and creeds. It is why I don’t wholesale entire peoples for the crimes of their fellows. I actually catch a lot of shit for this because there are any numbers of people who want to convince me that every single Jew is a dangerous parasite. I haven’t had that experience. Some of them at the protests are well meaning, I am sure, but others are not. They’re playing the same game they always play, seeking to control the result and direction of mass uprisings and global change for their own profit. If the facts of history, both real and distorted by them are not enough to convince you, then you are a fool.

The whole war against the Muslim people is being orchestrated by Israel and their ignorant slaves of the Christian fundamentalist movement, turned into Zio-clones, due to distortions in their holy book that twists scripture to the advantage of their deceivers. They literally control the American government and its economy through their central banks, which provided them the money to buy all of the media, publishing, entertainment and a host of other enterprises that grant them such an excessive control of the culture of the west. This is outrageously out of proportion to their numbers, which somehow increased from the beginning of WW 2 and into the aftermath. Explain that if you can. This is also easy to prove. Do so, if it interests you. They do not want their water cut off or their power compromised. Unfortunately for them this is coming. This is The Apocalypse and the grand summing up. Judgment is coming.

Nations and cultures that caught on to what they do over the centuries, often forbade them to engage in certain professions, or expelled them for good reason. They have not been picked on for no reason. They have been picked on for what they have been caught out at time after time. They cry out in pain when they strike you. They hate the Muslims because Muslim banks are not usurers. They also hate them because of their relative moral incorruptibility; this is not to say I approve of Sharia or any number of Muslim fundamentalist ignorance. I don’t. Their fundies are like any other fundies. They are fundamentally stupid; all of them. Think people!

Look at the names of nearly every neo-con. Look at how many are dual nationals. Look at the wars they have created and fought with the blood and bodies of the dupes they have used as canon fodder in the countries they have taken control of, with their manipulation of financial systems and corruptions of the political processes. It should be as plain as the nose on your face but you don’t want to say it because ‘they’ will come after you. Their power fails now. The end is nigh and we see the turmoil that attends it.

The truth protects its own so, for those few with the faith to believe this to be true, there is nothing they can do to you, especially now. Very shortly they are going to do a few things that are going to not only transform the world through temporary appearance but also seal their fate. There’s nothing accidental in the cosmos. There is only the appearance of it and… appearances lie. The fundamental delusion of existence is the belief in appearances and this goes deeper than I can effectively state. It’s possible I am saying a lot of things here that I am not saying.

Not all Masons are evil. Not all Jews belong to the Synagogue of Satan. Very few Jews are Semitic. This is the ugly irony of the blatant truth so many of us refuse to accept. The very people they are genociding, in the lands they stole, for the purpose of creating a world wide criminal empire, are the people they claim to be and are seeking to replace with themselves. This is why they make an art of distorting history, disfiguring the past, destroying artifacts and seeking to prove about themselves what is untrue entirely. These things are true of others… their victims. The truth is a lonely citadel surrounded by intricate, Byzantine lies. It is the temple of immortality. One only needs to brush away the cobwebs and climb the ancient steps. The light before you is surrounded by the darkness that you enter when you turn away from it, as most everyone has, for the purpose of death and rebirth, only to return again to the agonizing search because that is all there is of lasting value to the entirety and eternity of life.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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