My Brother’s Keeper

I briefly spoke to my brother on the phone a few days ago, and told him I thought “we” were going to nuke Iran. Immediately…and without drawing a breath, he responded, “Yeah, we have to”.

“We have to?” I questioned in my head, before remembering that I was talking to one of the true believers…….but he was my brother, and I wanted him to understand the truth about the twisted chain of events that was bringing us to the eve of destruction, so I told him, I thought that the collapse of the Twin Towers was a “put up” deal.

“It’s on tape! I saw the plane crash into it!”

“I know. I know.” I quickly came back. “I’m not saying that. I’m saying, the way the towers came down so neatly. It looked like they were professionally blown.”

“I don’t believe that!” he snapped back. “The jet fuel melted the beams.”

“There’s also some tape out there that looks like HE (high explosive) detonations, well below the fires.”

“Well, you can believe what you want to believe.” he shoved back at me, sounding more like he meant to say, “You can believe what you want to believe… crazy sum-bitch,” and then quickly changed the subject.

And so goes America…….or at least, a good portion of it that still believes in the administration’s myth of fighting infidel terrorists who hate us for our freedom. Although the neo-con’s plan of controlling the Middle Eastern oil reserves has been in the making for decades, our countrymen seem to be either marginalizing the ominous risk we are taking, as if this was to be just another “cold war” sideshow…or they are embracing the ideology, be it for “national security”, money or a misguided religious belief that God wants us to kill these infidels. Just as the world ignored Adolf Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, which laid out der Furher’s “road map for peace”, in Europe…many of our countrymen have ignored the true intentions of our “War on Terror”.

Most of the country is now focused on the debate over bringing our troops home…and when? They do not seem to realize that the war in Iraq, important as it seems at the moment, is nothing compared to where we’re going to be, in a very short time. While the networks are dazzling us with politicians like Senator Hagel (R)Nebraska, labeling the war another Viet Nam, up against General Schoomaker’s latest comments of keeping a hundred thousand troops in Iraq, for the next four years , war planners have been preparing for our next move.

Most sane people would assume that the administration already has it’s hands full, wrestling with the ever-worsening insurgency in Iraq, while trying to stamp out the fires of the growing war protest at home…and is certainly in no shape to take on the Persian Empire! We could stop now and try to solidify our defense of the North and Western Persian Gulf oil fields, guaranteeing our “fair share” of the remaining reserves and preventing any threat of boycott, as we saw in the 70s…but the strategy has never been to simply supply and protect the United States and it’s oil fueled economy. The strategy is to control virtually all Middle Eastern reserves and thereby, control our global competitors, such as China and Japan…but to accomplish this, we must also control Iran’s vast oil and gas reserves. Without that, we have no creditable monopoly.

To make matters worse, our “nouveau oil rich”, Asian friends and former Soviet satellite states are beginning to jump ship on the Bush government. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Krygyzia and Tajikistan joined other Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Iran, in calling for the U.S. to vacate the bases “seized” in the aftermath of 9/11 (Uzbekistan, in particular, asked us to leave, supposedly because we criticized them for violently putting down an anti-government demonstration…but of course, the U.S. is well known for provoking such rebellions, with selfish hopes of gaining control over the host country).

Now, Russia and China have begun running joint military maneuvers, after shaking hands on an anti-globalization pact, and the Chinese have sent senior military attaches to Iran to discuss cooperation between their armed forces, as the two countries have just signed a preliminary accord worth $70 billion to $100 billion, by which China will purchase Iranian oil and gas and help develop Iran’s Yadavaran oil field near the Iraqi border. Earlier this year, China also agreed to buy $20 billion in liquefied natural gas from Iran over a quarter-century.

With the fiasco of Iraq bearing down harder on the administration each day…and the slow starting but finally moving war protest, sparked by Cindy Sheehan, the neo-cons must now move forward with all haste. They are on the clock and they will be forced to act soon…or they, themselves, will be sacrificed by the “powers that be”. But the question remains, how can they possibly attack Iran, with the military already so extended in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Of course, we first have to have a “legitimate” reason to commence hostilities. With Iran’s refusal to stop enriching uranium, we could go to the U.N. Security Council but that would take forever and China would probably veto any war resolution…..and as we know, from the last time we went to the U.N., the Security Council has their timetable…and Bush has his.

Some think we will immediately retaliate for a “false flag” attack, which many claim happened on 9/11 in the United States and on 7/7 in the U.K. If that’s the case, the only ones who will believe it at this point are the terminally ignorant Bush believers…but unfortunately, they still make up a sizable portion of this country, and, as long as they remain “believers”, the neo-cons cannot be forced out of power.

Another possibility is the U.S. Navy blockading the Straits of Hormuz, cutting the supply of oil going out of Iran, and therefore, the amount of money coming in. That sanction could be justified by Iran’s refusal to stop processing uranium and their assistance to the insurgency in Iraq. Blockades are still considered acts of war, and I feel sure this would bring a swift and violent response from Teheran, upon our military in the region, and targets here at home, escalating the situation, tit for tat, into total war between the two parties.

Israel could also incite the war, as they too, have a great stake in stopping Iran from producing the bomb. They could attack Iran’s bunkers, using American built F-15s, with either nuclear or conventional warheads, as they did at Osirak in 1981. Some have suggested that this would take the heat off of the U.S., giving us plausible deniability. Iran, of course, would retaliate with any and all possible means, making little distinction between the Israelis and their U.S. allies.

Whatever the provocation, we will attack with a massive bombing campaign throughout the country, hitting military command and control, radar and air-defense systems, troop concentrations, and bunkers deep within the ground that are said to contain Iran’s nuclear research and production. Although we have conventional bunker busters, totally capable of “closing down” those sites down, it seems we will be using mini-nukes, just to show the world that we can…and will…use them. Although the Pentagon first tried to advertise the new “mini-nukes” as low-yield, safe below the ground weapons, Congressional studies show that the radiation contamination would be no less than that of the same kilo-tonage burst at ground level. In other words, these mini-nukes will not only destroy anything or anyone within the bunker and the immediate area…but will also kill hundreds of thousands, down wind, with widespread contamination.

Not only do we not have to use these nuclear weapons to close down the bunkers, buried deep below the Persian dessert, we would not have to occupy Iran…but only a little piece of it, to capture the reserves. There ain’t much oil in downtown Teheran…, why go downtown? The historically Arab province of Khuzeatan (Most Iranian Arabs live in the province capitol of Ahwaz or along the coast of the Persian Gulf), where most of Iran’s oil reserves are located, recently held demonstrations for independence from “Persian” Iran, and is the same area that Saddam tried to “liberate”, during the 1980’s, Iran-Iraq War. With the province’s common border with Iraq and the U.S. military close at hand, we could support the uprising by recognizing Khuzeatan’s independence and rushing in forces to protect our new “friend”…and their oil.

The cold, hard facts are, it doesn’t really matter how this all will begin nor what justification will be used to set it off. If we strike Iran with nuclear weapons, then other nuclear powers will use this precedent to justify their own use of the bomb, against their own “terrorists”. Russia could use them against the Chechnyans and China might use them against Taiwan. Tit for tat, ally for ally, the entire world will, once again, stumble their way into global war. Only this time, we have the power to kill virtually every living thing on Earth.

My brother, we have kept the “genie” in the bottle for sixty years. You have lived your life, I have lived mine…but our children have not lived theirs. If we do not stop these mad men…and stop them, now……. World War III has already begun.