Disinfo Agents, Oprah Graduates and Whatever May Be True

Visible Origami – October 20, 2011

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to the beginning of the end of the world. Perhaps it is the end of the beginning. Much that is old and familiar is soon going to be young and new because you can’t have the end of the world without the beginning of the world. Spring follows winter or it always used to. As has been stated here many times and other places a number of times, this is not just the end and beginning of an ordinary age. This is the end and beginning of a grand cycle of around 26,000 years. You’re either looking at ‘cool, clear water’ or a relatively brief, ‘hot time in the old town tonight’. You’re looking at something, one way or another, or you’re not seeing anything at all. I turn and sing the lines, “What’s it all about Alfie”? Alfie’s our one-eyed dog, rescued from the streets of Cisternino, Italy. He had begun following Susanne around during one of her rare visits there; infection fluids leaking from his recently injured eye. He’s the smartest of all the dogs and that’s clear, if only that he had the good sense to follow the right person at the right time. He’s also the only one that will just push open a door if it can be pushed open. I tend not to mention things idly.

The long awaited, uncertain of occurrence; transitions, dimensional portals, shape-shifting of worlds, crashing of systems, grand summing up, cosmic judgments and whatever you’ve itemized according to wishes, prognostications, computations and the like are now looking in at us through a glass darkly. Dates arise here and there, 11-11-11 and 12-21-12 and all of the Nostrildamian-like projections being made by all and sundry. How real is real? How false is false and how uncertain everything that lies between? We’ll find out.

The Occupy Wall Street Crowd; that un-co-opted portion of the entity, are unerringly hitting all of the necessary pedals and cylinders most appropriate to the heart of desirable change. It’s uncanny how they are hitting all the right buttons and engaging in constantly shifting spokes-organs and representatives. Vested interests and bloated caricatures are being pushed to the sidelines or generally ignored. When they do get a moment here and there they look like what they are, while being lit by surreal lights. The Michael Moore’s; Geraldo Rivera’s, Move-on dot orgs, and the rest of the seedy bunch, who purport to reveal truth, while avoiding the important aspects are looking like what they are.

My disappointment with Michael Moore has increased at about the same rate as his waistline; all the things he could have said but didn’t. There were all those important realities that were the serious things that he just bypassed like a true disinfo guy; focusing on the peripheral, while ignoring the inescapable. You may disagree with this but those who have hurt us the most are those most in a position to help who did otherwise. It’s like pointing out that McDonald’s has too much salt in their food, while skirting the fact of the armed gunmen in the parking lot or the bomb in the restroom.

Okay, it is Origami and I’ve had the habit, of late, in getting too temporal when there are already blogs for that. However, the truth is that physics and metaphysics meet at the hairline and the temporal and the spiritual are just two states of being that interplay thru every day, depending on your focus. You can see one or the other but they are both the same, only you are different. That probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but then you should investigate the essential, relative and absolute difference between energy and matter.

There are a lot of things I consider priorities that I seldom, make that never, see mentioned in the temporal or the spiritual sense such as the nature, force and relative importance of Love to all of the other desirable potencies and qualities. In my viewscreen spectrum, they all emerge from Love and are varying, limited expressions of it. Then there is the relative importance of the various qualities and whether some still further emerge from each other. This has critical importance in respect of what you go after first. The same is true in the manifest sense with the ordinary qualities that all of us have some portion or lack of.

I’ve read many books on the subject of what is unseen and how that relates to what you can see. I’ve seen thousands of books that I haven’t and won’t read, which promise me the answer. I encounter endless expressions of someone’s new modality/religion/scam that guarantee me some form of liberation that usually results in one’s liberation from their finances, reason or property. I come across web sites and individuals with endless package deals for the cruise ship to godhead, stopping off in various ports on the way and providing whatever duty free acquisitions they figure you’ll be wanting.

I used to walk into new-age/spiritual bookstores and it wasn’t long before I was laughing out loud and often acting out, if I happened to be accompanied by a foil/companion because I felt like I had to. I documented an event of this sort in my book “The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World” happening in an upcountry Maui bookstore. It was relatively accurate.

I’ve seen all kinds of trinkets, amulets, visualization and fortune telling cards of various bullshit provenances. I’ve seen men and women dressed in all white or all black; sometimes they were kung fu outfits that operated in lieu of actual experience at kung fu. I’ve listened to one Oprah graduate who drones on like a hive of low frequency bees and who has nearly put me to sleep each time. I listened to him more than once because I still can’t figure out why people write me to recommend this hack, who repeats everything I’ve already heard from people who said it better, pretty much across the board. I’ve seen him charging 50 dollars a pop AND UP to drone on and on to people. I haven’t gotten an original thought out of the cat yet and if I sounded and spoke like he does, I wouldn’t. All I can figure is that he has some kind of a destiny thing that makes the hollow ring like it contains something besides empty, numbing rhetoric. I am actually being kind here. Earlier in the day I would have been much more cutting but it’s not early days any more.

I understand having your airfare covered if you are going somewhere for people to hear you talk- but then driving, taking a train or a bus to other locations, to amortize the expense- and charging a token admission and writing books or producing anything that people might want because it does them some good; at least in their minds …but there’s a limit, in my mind, to what’s fair. I can understand Springsteen tickets costing hundreds of dollars because that many people want to get in. I figure that means, or for me it would, a certain amount of free concerts and surprise, small venue, appearances to balance it out but, that’s just me and I’m not The Bruce, or The Boss as the case may be.

I always figured you did things for free and the universe would figure out a way to take care of you and maybe even reward you, if you deserved it, later on. I’m going to be doing some speaking tours and related things soon so I have to think about that; about what’s fair and reasonable and how much faith to put in the all knowing, all doing, all being, instead of letting ambitious people decide that for me, or possibly even worse, deciding it myself.

The thing is that the lid and the protective blankets are coming off everyone and everything and it’s the best of times to actually want to do the right thing and be a genuinely good human being. How many of us accomplish that?

A few years ago, I had a mind-blowing insight (my take on the matter) where I saw that everything was a matter of degrees. It’s the degrees that make all the difference. Right and wrong and all the other polarities are relative and often not even what they claim to be in a true sense but only exist under those titles for our satisfaction, justification and profit. Things are not what they seem. We’ve all heard that but it’s mostly an intellectual take that we have and not a visceral awareness. First we lie to ourselves as a matter of self-interest and then we lie to others and the universe enables us as a feature of our destiny toward epiphany regarding this. I think that’s where I want to end this at today.

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