Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement Being Led Astray?

Rixon Stewart – October 19, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement appears to have captured the mood of the times and what started out as spontaneous protests against corporate greed has quickly developed a momentum all of its own. However, like so many things that start with good intentions it’s in danger of being led astray.

The first warning signs appeared in London last week when protesters marched through the city’s financial district to the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral where they were addressed by Julian Assange.

Significantly, Assange first appeared wearing a mask, a gesture that seems true to form: as there is an element of theatricality in it that helps conceal his true intention.

For as others have pointed out, there is far more to Assange than is apparent. Apart from being one of founders of Wikileaks, he is also suspected of being a double agent of influence. A media activist who captures public attention and then subtly manipulates it in accordance with his master’s wishes.

For not only has Assange has been linked to Israeli intelligence, he has even employed the services of lawyer Mark Stephens, whose law firm acts as legal advisor to the Rothschild’s Waddenson Trust.

While the Occupy Wall Street protests may have started off with the best of intentions, good intentions alone are not enough to ensure it stays true to its original aims. I’m reminded of those gullible white liberals who supported Obama on the basis of his colour and his professed desire for “change”.

It is now obvious that Obama hasn’t brought any change. In fact in most of his policies he’s only continued where his predecessors left off. Yet the very people who voted for him did so because they opposed his predecessor and wanted change.

Talk about being naive and taken for suckers! Significantly however, these are now the same sort of people who actively support the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Still empty slogans are always more effective when aided by a compliant media. So when reports appeared linking financier George Soros to a Canadian group behind some of the first OWS protests they were quickly rewritten; with a new headline that read Soros: not a funder of Wall Street protests.

If the object was to exploit human gullibility it did so with the utmost cynicism. For after a wave of popular protests against corporate greed we now see the very forces people are protesting about trying to harness this wave of popular anger against them for their own purposes.

Clever, one might even say diabolically clever.

Will they succeed? I’ll reserve judgement on that because we are all individuals and it is for each one of us to make a difference. And therein lies the rub. For the Powers That Be hate the individual; their power resides in the collective, which they can manipulate through its lowest impulses.

Look at how they have manipulated Jews with endless tales of how they suffered “as a people” from “anti-Semitism”.

Yet the Holocaust is only one example. The constant harping on racial persecution of one type or another merely reinforces the collective identity of that race and its sense vulnerability, which can then be manipulated.

For although the elite’s power resides in the mob it ends with the individual and if enough genuine individuals emerge the elite’s power will be contained. 

Of course this does not apply to the entire Occupy Wall Street movement. There are many sincere individuals involved but each day more questionable cases emerge. Cases where the authorities seem to be trying to subvert or undermine the movement.

Two examples serve to illustrate this.

Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were all recently tried in Iran on charges of spying and acting on behalf of Western intelligence. I’ll reserve judgement on whether the three, all Jews, strayed into Iran by mistake while hiking. Or whether they were on a covert mission for Mossad or the CIA.

Despite opposition from conservatives in Iran, Ahmadinejad’s generous gesture in freeing the three has been predictably overlooked by the corporate media. It didn’t overlook their participation in Occupy protests in Oakland recently though. Nor did it question why in only their second public appearance since their release they chose to lend support to protests not ostensibly linked to Iran.

While I’ll reserve judgement on whether the three were operating on behalf of a covert agency in Iran, I’ll ask you to consider: if they were, have they now been ordered to help subvert the Occupy Wall Street movement?

The latest example of questionable involvement in the Occupy Wall Street protests comes courtesy Paul Joseph Watson who highlighted the involvement of Ahmed Maher. Formerly involved in “Arab Spring” the Egyptian activist is now advising protesters in the Occupy Wall Street movement – with financial assistance provided courtesy the U.S. State Department.  

So what exactly is a State Dept funded activist formerly involved in the “Arab Spring” now doing advising Occupy Wall Street protesters? Like they say, go figure.

Let me be clear: I’m NOT saying that communists are leading the Occupy Wall Street protests, or that the CIA has orchestrated the demonstrations. They haven’t but certain covert agencies are in the process of trying to exploit the protests for their own purposes.

To prevent this happening protesters just have to BE AWARE. 

Finally the End of the American Dream recently ran an investigative article into the movement that raise still more questions:

One more thing about the Occupy Wall Street protests….

It is curious that approximately three months ago a high level CIA operative began working inside the New York Police Department.

Nobody seems to know exactly why he is there.

His job title with the NYPD is “special assistant to the deputy commissioner of intelligence“.

The timing of all of this is more than a little unusual.

Does this have any connection to the Occupy Wall Street protests?

Did the CIA know that the protests were coming? 

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